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Mac apps have been around for decades. They've included the giants of the industry like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, the best of the best of indie software developers like Bungie and Omni Group, and of course Apple's own apps like iWork and iLife, and pro apps like Final Cut, Logic, and Aperture. Traditionally they were sold on floppy disks and later CDs and DVDs. Now we're in the age of downloads. Traditionally they were sold on a company by company basis. Now we're in the age of the Mac App Store. All that history, all that diversity, all that power can make Mac apps even more complicated to choose between. There aren't as many Mac apps as there are iOS apps, but there's just as much variety and maybe more. If you're new to the Mac, how do you figure out which OS X apps you need to download immediately? If you're a seasoned Mac pro but are looking for something specific for work or for play, for school or for fun, how do you know which app is the very best?

In short — you look here. Based on years of experience and countless tests and comparisons, these are the apps and games we consider must-haves and recommend you download now. These are the best apps for the Mac.

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  1. The Mac App Store has over 100o apps when it was first launched. Many apps are coming in Mac App store as developers are submitting their apps every single day. Its becoming easier for users to download and install the app in just a matter of clicks. And even updates of your installed apps are taken care by Mac App Store.
  2. The Mac App Store doesn’t hold a candle to the same store used by iPhone and iPad users to guzzle apps, games and in-app purchases. On a Mac, you’re not limited to one store, and if you’re into gaming you should take full advantage of that privilege.

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In the App Store on your Mac, click or your photo in the lower-left corner of the window, then click View Information. (You might be asked to sigin in with your Apple ID.) From the Account Information screen, you can update your payment information and view, change, or cancel your subscriptions. This is one of the best horror games on the Mac App Store. It looks amazing and plays smoothly thanks to Feral Interactive ‘s fine job with the macOS version. That’s great, but good looks usually mean demanding games. Open the App Store on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to browse apps. Tap Today to see featured stories and apps. Tap Games or Apps to see new releases, top charts, or browse by category. Tap Search to use a keyword to find an app. When you find an app that you want, download it to your device: Tap on the app to view the app's product page.