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The Best Webcams. (on Windows only) a background replacement feature that simulates a green-screen effect. Everything we recommend. Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 Best webcam for most people. The same apps (Logitech Webcam Controller for Windows and Logitech Camera Settings for Mac) work with the C615 if you want manual. Our webcam software, YouCam, integrates seamlessly into your favorite video chat apps like Skype & U, as well as Facebook & YouTube Live broadcasting services. Apply webcam effects like real-time skin enhancements to ensure that you always look great online or use one of over 200 fun effects for video chats and recordings. Magic Camera is a must-have webcam enhancing program for webcam chat & webcam effects. It works for all Cameras including (HD) Webcams, Digital Cameras, TV/Video Capture Cards, Camcorders, IP Cameras (Directshow). 8 Best Webcam for Live Streaming 1. Logitech C922 Pro Stream: Resolution: 720p with 60fps frame rate. Features: Auto Focus, SkyPe calling supported This camera is recommended for Skype video call recording needs.

Every Mac that comes with an iSight is loaded with Photo Booth. When I was Mac-less, I used to frequent Apple stores and somehow Photo Booth seemed to appeal to me then. Sadly, after I bought a Mac for myself, the attraction didn’t last very long and later, I sort of forgot about this nifty application which attracted me in the first place.

Best Mac Webcams For Skype iChat Messenger FaceTime & YouTube Review and Compare the best UVC compatible Mac web cameras from Logitech, Creative Labs, RocketFish, Ipevo, Microsoft, Hercules and others. External Mac webcams tested and known to Just-Work on MacOS Mojave, Sierra, OSX El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion, Lepoard and Tiger.

To bring back the romance, I went on a search to see if I could add more effects to Photo Booth. There were only a few interesting pre-packaged ones and most of them had something to do with image distortion (squeeze, bulge, dent, mirror etc.). That was fun for a while but I need the “Wow” factor back desperately.

In my search, I managed to uncover a few sites that offer a good collection of free Photo Booth effects.

From B-L-A-C-K-O-P, I found CatEye, which is a collection of 5 sets of effects. Each set has its own theme:

  • RetroPixels – adaptation of 60’s and 70’s video effects.
  • Love For 80s – bringing back Space Invaders, Pong and VHS (yes, that’s video tape quality, ladies and gentlemen!).
  • Bent Pels – optical image distortion with a twist.
  • BoobToob – a set of TV screen effects.
  • Mac

    Best Webcam Ratings

  • FewTile – tiled-images effect.
  • I especially like the BoobToob set, it makes me feel like I’m on television. If you’re sick or bored with the default Photo Booth effects, this will definitely bring back some fun.

    CatEye will only work on Leopard and is free (direct download link)

    Best Webcam Software For Mac

    From another site called Macpoupou Factory, I found a collection of Mac Photobooth effects which has been around for quite some time: MoreIchatEffects. After adding these effects, I realised that I have been missing out on a lot of fun! The effects are incredibly awesome beyond the ones Apple provide, especially Hologram – if you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll love this one. It’s strangely uncanny.

    More iChat Effects 2.0.3 (direct download link)

    Besides that, several other effects like ASCII art and Line Overlay are pretty cool.

    Best Webcams For Mac

    MoreIchatEffects bundles 48 different effects and will only work on Leopard.

    UPDATE: This effects bundle crashes when running on Snow Leopard in 64-bit mode. More information here.

    I can’t remember how I managed to find this next site but it offers 4 Photo Booth effects (Leopard only), from which I only like one. Visit the site and guess which one it is and let me now in the comments. (Hint: Did you know that Photo Booth has the ability to record video? You can ask Bush what he thought about the shoe).

    Finally, a Photo Booth effect that must not be left out: Obamafy. Following in the footsteps of President-Elect Barack Obama, you can now quickly and simply create your “Hope” posters. Remember, Leopard only.

    UPDATE: Obamafy crashes Photo Booth on Snow Leopard. At the time of writing, it worked on Leopard. Save the effect in /Users/{your username}/Library/Compositions.

    Best Ptz Webcam

    In order to remove unwanted effects, just delete them from the appropriate folder. Keep in mind that if you add a lot of new effects at once, Photo Booth will crash while loading them. It’s best to add one set at a time.

    Also, these effects will work with iChat! So, you can fool your friends into thinking that something’s gone wonky with your iSight or that they’re really seeing you through a hologram.

    Got more effects to share? Know about other ways to bring back the fun to Photo Booth? Share with us in your comments. Lastly, if you’d like to use your iSight for something more productive, check out my article on Gawker and EyesightDo More With Your Webcam Using Gawker & Eyesight [Mac Only]Do More With Your Webcam Using Gawker & Eyesight [Mac Only]Read More.

    UPDATE: I strongly advise you to install each set of effects individually. Remember to quit Photo Booth before installing. To uninstall, empty the ~/Library/Compositions or /Library/Compositions folder.

    If Photo Booth becomes unresponsive, Force Quit the application and delete the effects from the Compositions folder.

    Explore more about: Image Editor, Photobooth, Photography.

    1. What a stupid article.

    2. cool effects but.... HOW DO I DOWNLOAD 'EM!!!!!

    3. Cool stuff, thanks!!!

    4. my mac is extremly slow now, What the hell, thanks alot, u should have warnd us!!!

    5. Dont get them! Screwed up my computer! Photobooth is really slow now!

      DONT GET!

    6. HOW DO U GET THEM???

    7. how can i delete specific effects cause i have way to many and now my photobooth crashes, i dont know how to delete

    8. still don't understand how to find /Library/composition file to delete downloaded effects.
      can you help me?

    9. hey dude thanks these effects are awesome! i coldnt jump through squares for a while but once it crahshes if u report it it kinda works better, most of them when i tae a pic they come out with the color distorted and stuff... can u help?

    10. this site sucks

    11. how do you even download the effects

    12. Do you know any effects for those with Snow Leopard, or is there another similar article on make use of? By the way, awesome site, my favorite.

    13. your effects fvcked up mai comupTureeR,

    14. I downloaded the Cat Eye ones
      I found that they were really slow and after a few minutes they would just go blank on the screen, I went to the finder they weren't in the Compositions but under devices it had them listed so I dragged them to the trash and emptied that. I couldn't find them stored anywhere on my account other than where I deleted them from.

      I went back to Photobooth and they were still there!!!!!! I dont know what I am doing wrong, I dont want to download them again I just want them gone!! Im really upset and just want them gone... please help me!!!!!!

    15. Hey I uploaded this photo effects then later found apple got these effects and i want to delete the other effects but it is asking me for a password for my admin account on the computer. But for some reason it wont delete and then it says it sent a message to the creater of the effects for making up passwords when i didn't AND I JUST WANT TO DELETE IT!

    16. How do you uninstall CatEye?

    17. hihi um how do you download it? (very confuzzled)

    18. okay, so the effects are great, but how do you download them?

    19. Does this work if you have a macbook?

    20. Hey i want these but how do i download them onto my photobooth?

    21. How do you get them?!!! wheres the download button????

    22. I am having the same problem with the 'open in 32 bit mode' and 'open using rosetta.' I just bought my macbook about two days ago and even the sales associate told me to download these effects but that it was mandatory to change it to 32 bit mode. however, when I pull up the 'get info' window for photobooth and ichat, there is no checkbox for 32 bit mode. the effects are working, but I have noticed that my computer runs slower and I don't want it to crash. please help.

    23. Can somebody post the .qtz files for the ones that require an install? I'm using my school MacBook, so I can't install them without the administrator password. Thanks.

    24. I am having the same problem. I have hit get info and the only box to check in open in rossetta. My ichat and photo booth dont even run anymore. Any help would be highly appericated.

    25. just leopard? sucks i have snow one

    26. how can i download the effects?

    27. why is my camera on photobooth so slow

    28. Why is my camera on photo booth so slow

    29. How can I get rid of this? i cant open photo booth and take a picture without it shutting down now...

    30. how do you download them!!!?

    31. how do you downlaod them

    32. thank u soo muchh

    33. uhh i dont think it works on snowleopard

    34. were the heck do you go to get them??

    35. ive deleted the effects in the composition folder but it still has the effects that say demo and stuff. how do i COMPLETELY delete all the effects and start with the basic photo booth.
      this fucked up my comp

      • Im having the same problem.. did you ever find a solution?

    36. Hey, I love these effects...but I'm using a school-issued Macintosh Running Leopard.
      My school blocked any and all installers that edit the Applications folder, so I can't install More iChat Effects.
      Is there any place that has the individual .qtz files for download?

      • Okay, I think I figured out part of the problem.
        The installer skips past the destination select, no matter what I do. So, it's installing for all users, which I can't do, because one of the users is 'admin' so, obviously, I'd need the admin password.

        Any way to get the installer to install it for just lil' old me?

    37. Gosh you people are really stupid, just read everything above and stop asking every 5 seconds how to!! >.<

      Jackson Chung you saved my boring photo booth, thanks man :D

    38. how do we make a new page for effects? cuz i downloaded all of the effects on this page, but i dont know how to make a new page so that i can add them all to photobooth :(

    39. i cant delete the ones with the 80's and all that. ( I did the whole library/compositions/ thing and it is not working on my computer and the application keeps closing automatically. this computer is brand new so i am not sure what to do.

    40. open finder, then go to macintosh HD, then applications. find Photo Booth. right click and select get info. there should be a check box that says open in 32 bit mode. it should be there.

      • I have the same 'issue' as ee, I have followed the instructions and have no option to click to run in 32-bit, just 'Open in Rosetta'. Does anyone have any further advice for those in this position? Thank you in advance.

        And thank you so very much for this article and the links.

    41. i cant find ' run in 32 bit mode' cos i only see 'open in rosetta'
      wht should i do?

    42. this might help some of you, my photo booth started crashing also after i added in the new effects. but after i went into the 'get info' option on photo booth and checked 'run in 32-bit mode' it started to work fine :)

    43. dont download. these effects make photo booth really slow

    44. Hello, how to Delete the Blackop, cat eye? can tell Me?

    45. party

    46. hey !

      thanks, but how do you download that second set ? with the hollagram and stuff ? there is no download button !!!

      thankyouuh in advance !


    47. i dont understand ! how do i get it and what is the leopard thing ?!

    48. How do you download them? I really want them but I don't know how to download them. Help me please!

    49. Question,

      Is the any way I CAN use this great effects in my sony video cam? Thanks

      • If you don't buy a mac that has the inbuilt camera, you can still download an app that is almost identical to photo booth but with a few little differences, and it will take photos with your plug-in webcam or camera. Here is the link to the web site where you can download it:

        hope this helps in any way.

    50. hey Jackson Chung! there isnt anything in my compositions folder! its empty! :[ what should i do?!

    51. i dont know how to download the effects
      HELP ME PLZ!!!

    52. how do you download them?
      i cant find the button. lol

    53. i need to delete the effects but it keeps on saying that it is a (code-61) what do i do

      • mine does the same thing

    54. is this a virus?!

    55. How do i download them

    56. Hey, guys I've downloaded both, cat eye and the other one.Cat eye works great but some of the other ones are divided by a green bar.. that sucks does anyone knoe how to delete the green bar?

    57. The CatEye Effects do not show up in the compositions folder with the rest of the effects, nor can i find them anywhere on my mac, and yet they show up in photobooth and make it crash and the like. so how then can i delete them if they are not with the other effects or anywhere else?

    58. how do you delete them from your photobooth

    59. Hi, I followed the instruction to go to macinotsh HD/library/compositions. But there doest seem to be a compositions folder and I dont know what do. Could I please get some help with this.

    60. yay ok so i found out how to delete the old stupid effects
      now how do download urs ONLY THE GOOD ONES
      and make it easy please

    61. help i dont know how to do anyof this
      first how do delete old one and how do i get to that library thingy u are talking about
      then how do i download urs because they look awsome

    62. help!
      i dont know how do download them, and i have one annoying one from a nother stuid download how do i get ride of it and how do i even get to the library help and go so slow a 3 year old can understand

    63. how do you delete these stupid effects...they make my computer go so slow and then freeze and exit.


    65. hi can u reply to this question i have downloaded it but i dont no how to put them on photo booth i can only make them a background


    66. how do i download these?

    67. I wan't photo booth !!! But i don't have macbook !!! Can photo booth install in a laptop ??

      • the link will get you to the web site where you can download an app that only requires your computer to be a mac, whether you have an in-built camera or not :)
        Just buy a plug-in webcam, and it should allow you to take photos using it

        hope this helps :D

    68. how do u put on photo booth???

    69. will this slow down my computer/make it crash/do anything harmfull to it???????????????????????????? because i REALLY want them but im afraid something bad will happen to my computer. and that would be bad because its a brand new computer and i share it with the rest of my family so everyone would get mad if i ruin the computer. please answer!!!!

    70. i like these effects but how can i delete them?

    71. After reading comments and/or complaints I (speaking for myself of course) would use some UNIX comands to get rid of unwanted files and/or
      apps ! At times the old way MIGHT BE THE ONLY WAY.


    72. were is my obamayfy i dont see

    73. were is my obamayfy i dont have it i installed all of them

    74. omgg thank you SO MUCH!!

    75. HELP! i dont have a compositions folder in my library? what do i do?

    76. how do I donwload this themes?

    77. awesome thnx

    78. I want to uninstall the effects, because they are making my macbook extremely slow. I have deleted everything off of my computer, and the effects are no longer (nor ever were) in my compositions folder but they are still showing up. Any advice?

    79. there's a lot of green lines on each effect for me how do i get rid of them

    80. ii dont like know hot to download it. like its confusinng. aha. well i meaan i like installed it but nothing happened to photobooth...? maybee im doing something wronng. idk!

    81. question.

      how do i UNINSTALL the effects of what you mentioned down below? i no longer want them on my macbook anymore. how do you uninstall them??

      '# RetroPixels - adaptation of 60’s and 70’s video effects.
      # Love For 80s - bringing back Space Invaders, Pong and VHS (yes, that’s video tape quality, ladies and gentlemen!).
      # Bent Pels - optical image distortion with a twist.
      # BoobToob - a set of TV screen effects.
      # FewTile - tiled-images effect.

      I especially like the BoobToob set, it makes me feel like I’m on television. If you’re sick or bored with the default Photo Booth effects, this will definitely bring back some fun.'

    82. I do not know how 2 do it! How do u do it. I cannot download it! :C help!

    83. Hi. What do you think about stockfreephoto.eu

    84. heeey!
      ok, so i downloaded these effects and i really like them, but there are a few that i downloaded a while ago that i wanna get rid of the, how can i do that?
      its making my photo booth SLOWW
      pleaseeee help mee

      • Razan how did you download it....
        what did you press where is the writing download??? i really wanna download these effects but how!?!?!?!?!?

    85. When i what to remove it i go to library and check after Compositions but i don't got that folder, how the f*** am i suposed to remove them now eh?

      i downloted it and then they are all just in a folder what do i do now?
      where do i bring it?
      HELPP ?

    87. What do you think about http://www.stockfreephoto.eu

    88. how do i download only thr obamify one??

      and i dont know how to delete it!
      i tried the compositions thign but i dontwana delete the originall photo booth effects!
      just thesseee onesss !
      and theseeee ones arnt showing up in composition plllllllllllllllllllllllz plz help asap

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    91. Wow, I never realized more effects could be added to Photo Booth or iChat. Cool stuff.

    92. which should i download if i only want the set with the effect 'Obamafy'. Which set is that? Please let me know thanks

    93. oh haha got it thank u so much. okay so now after i install one set of effect how long of a gap should i have before i start installing the next one?

      i think it was jammed because i download moreichateffects together with cateye. so ya catastrophe!


    94. i have deleted the apps from my mac but it is still in my photobooth how do i get rid of it from my photobooth!!! its making it slow. someone help me. i went to library and everything bt i cant find the application i moved it to trash already but it's still in my photobooth these effects!! i downloaded both the cateye and moreichateffects.

      how do i delete it permanentlt??

    95. i love effects

    96. These are great.... thanks so much for posting these!!!

    97. 'Obamafy???' that's a sad oversight. should be 'Shepardize.'

    98. So will this only work if you have leopard or ichat4?

    99. Having same problem as Bob above me. I now understand how I should have installed it properly, but what do I do now that the damage is done? How can I make photoshop work normally again? Each time I try to use an effect photoshop closes. Thanks!

    100. i am kinda new to this but how do you download the effect?? where do you go to??

    101. They look awesome, but I'm on Leopard yet... did you find any for Tiger?

    102. Now my photo booth crashes incessantly. Thanks!

      • Same here. When you click on the next box for effects it crashes. So use command and the arrow keys to cycle through. it works this way

      • umm how do u uninstall ... i cant use my photobooth anymore! arrrg! It keeps crashing!

    103. thanks man, these are awesome!

    104. cool

    105. Hello, really cool post but not working for me! well the cat eye one isn't anyway. i put the files into library/comp as instructed but my photobooth looks the same, am i doing something wrong?

    106. Thanks!

    107. THANK YOU!! These are great!!

      • how do yu get them ??????????