What Is The Best External Blu Ray Burner For Mac

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This external Blu-ray burner is compatible with Mac system only. The drive supply package includes two USB cables: one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 cable. The above options are 2017 best external hard drive for macOS, if you handle with Blu-ray discs a lot, Pioneer is a good choice. As the external BD drive for Mac, Windows and Linux, it accepts BDXL, Blu-ray, DVD, and CD media with speeds up to 6x DVD disc burning and ripping.

  1. What Is The Best External Blu Ray Burner For Macbook
  2. Blue Ray Burner For Mac

This time it’s a Pioneer’s external Blu-ray drive which is perfect for Mac users also, and it shouldn’t disappoint you as it has got support for reading and writing of most of the old and new disc formats. As such, the best Blu-ray burner applications let you compress the content on commercial Blu-rays to fit onto less-expensive, smaller-capacity blank discs or even onto DVDs. We burned multiple Blu-ray discs and DVDs using the programs’ various compression options. This external Blu-Ray burner drive supports Blu-Ray burning at the speed of 12x maximally. In fact, it takes about 11 minutes to burn a BD-R SL. The technology used in designing this disc (OTS technology) enables it to perform a test burn prior to burning a disc.

Converting Blu-ray videos to DVD format will allow you to play those videos on a regular DVD player. If you are trying to play the Blu-ray videos on DVD player directly without converting them first, nothing will happen because the standalone home DVD players do not support Blu-rays. The best work-around this issue is to the Blu-ray into the regular DVD format before you burn it to a blank DVD disc. By doing so, you will be able to play the disc on a regular DVD player without any problem. Here we share top 5 best external Blu ray DVD burner to help you to burn Blu-ray DVD for playing on DVD player.

What Is The Best External Blu Ray Burner For Macbook

Top 5 Best External Blu Ray DVD Burner

1. Asus Slim External Drive

This blu ray DVD burner external drive has a friendly only three simple to use to burn your Blu-ray discs. It is capable of 8X speeds that allow you to burn your discs very fast. It features a disc tray where the disc is inserted. The tray opens quietly without any irritating sound because the drive does not have any wobbly parts It also includes a 2.0 port that you will find very useful when transferring files and an E-Green engine that provides the best optical storage. On the front of the device, there is a LED that indicates its activity. You will not be disappointed by it at all.

2. Samsung Ultra-Portable Slim DVD+/-RW USB External Drive

Whether you have a Mac or Windows PC, you will find this external Blu-ray DVD burner from Samsung to be very useful. It is made of plastic that makes it fairly lightweight. It connects to electronic devices via USB cable. You will not need to worry about using an external adapter because it draws its power through the main's battery of the device. Until you take it out of the box, you will not realize how small it really is. It also goes at a pocket friendly price. You will not break your bank account to buy it.

3. Pioneer Slim External Blu Ray Writer BDR-XD05B

This is one of the smallest external Blu-ray DVD burners you will ever come across. It has support for bleeding edge formats that most DVD burners do not support. It features a clamshell design and comes with Cyberlink software that is very easy to use. It uses USB 2.0 technology. It can be supported on any modern operating without the need for using a third party driver. It operates quietly and is very responsive. If you have tried external Blu-ray DVD burners but they have disappointed you, this one will not disappoint you at all. It has everything you need to from a burner.

4. LG Electronics 8X USB 2.0 Ultra Slim Portable DVD Rewriter, External Drive with M-DISC Support

One of the things that you will love about this blu ray DVD drive from LG is its portability. You can easily carry it with you when traveling. It burns and plays everything. It supports M-Discs that very durable and will last longer than that the traditional discs. It also has excellent looks. It burns very fast and is pretty quiet. You will not need to have an external adapter to be able to use it. It features a solid construction that will last for long if you observe proper care and maintenance on it. You will aslo like the fact that is aesthetically pleasing.

5. Apple USB Superdrive

If you are a Mac user, this Apple USB super drive will be a great choice of external Blu-ray DVD burner. It is incredibly thin and features a superb design. You can play and burn CDs and DVDs with it conveniently from your office, home or when you are on the road. It is slightly bigger than a CD case, so carrying it when you are traveling should not be a problem at all. The Best Blu Ray DVD Burner. you will never have to worry about lost cables when you are using it because it connects to your computer with Retina display. Whether your computer is running on battery power or plugged in, it will still work because it does not require a separate power adapter.

If you want to burn Blu-ray videos to DVD with ease, you should consider using iSkysoft DVD Creator for Windows. It will not disappoint you at all. You can also use it to create DVD movies from the videos that you have downloaded online or those that you have on your computer with ease. Additionally, you can use this application to make slide shows from your photos and insert background music. It comes with a good number of custom DVD templates that you will find to be very useful when burning discs. Its interface is very simple. Even a newbie can navigate around it very easily make DVDs with it very fast. Another notable feature that it has is the preview ability that will allow you to check the menu style and make sure that it alright. It also makes it very easy for you to create replicate DVDs from the ones and share them with your friends and family very easily. Not forgetting the ability to add background music to your DVD project in order to make it more interesting.

Key Features of iSKysoft DVD Creator for Windows:

  • It supports burning of all video formats to DVD, including AVI, MKV, MPEG MP4,WMV, just to mention a few.
  • It allows you to create replicates of your existing DVDs and share them your friends very easily.
  • It comes equipped with an array of custom DVD templates to make it easy to find the right one for your DVD project. You can also download templates if you do not find what you are looking for in the custom templates.
  • It features a very simple interface as well as very easy-to-use operation that allows you to create DVDs very fast even if you are new to the program.
  • It has preview ability that lets you check video effect and make sure that the menu style is what you want.

With a huge increase in the trend of making personal computer thinner and thinner, most of the companies nowadays are eliminating one of the most important functions of the computer, and that is none other that the CD/DVD drive itself! Now, the CD/DVD drives are not that thin, as compared to the computer itself and hence, they do not fit in the computer. So, to solve this problem, the best alternative is to buy an external DVD burner for your Mac or Windows PC. But wait, there are way too many external DVD burner or USB DVD burner out there in the market. So, which is the best DVD burner that you should buy? Don't worry, we have listed the top 10 best external DVD burner for Mac as well as for Windows.

Recommended DVD Burner Software for Mac and Windows

iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac (or iSkysoft DVD Creator for Windows) is the highly recommended DVD burner software, which helps you to burn any videos and photos to DVD in high quality. And you can apply free DVD menu for your video to personalize your DVD. Just take a trial.

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Part 1. Top 5 Best External DVD Burner for Mac

#1. The USB Super Drive by Apple

If you are using a Mac, then chances are that you will most of the accessories made by Apple and the USB Super Drive is one of those accessories that is manufactured by Apple. With an incredible design and thin look, this USB Super Drive will never disappoint you. Like the Mac, this USB Super Drive has an aluminium body and will look like it is a part of the Mac. But like all other Apple devices, this will not come at a cheap price. If you buy it, then this device will add to the beauty of the Mac. Also, if you want something that matches the design of the Mac, then this currently the only option.

Price: $79

#2. The Ultra Slim Portable Drive by LG

If you do not want to spend a lot of money behind a DVD drive, then this Ultra Slim portable Drive by LG is the best option for you. This Drive has excellent looks and most importantly, this drive supports M-Discs. M-Discs are nothing but a most durable Disc which lasts way longer than the traditional Discs that we use. So, for those who transfer really important data and cannot change their Discs much, then they can buy an M-Disc and use this drive to use the M-Disc. Remember, not all the DVD drives support M-Disc.

Price: $33

What Is The Best External Blu Ray Burner For Mac

#3. The Ultra Slim DVD Drive by Samsung

This Drive is probably the best substitute for the LG's Ultra Slim Drive. This is also slimmer the LG's DVD Drive and looks excellent. Amazingly, even after being a DVD Drive, this device is only 14mm thick! This DVD drive is the slimmest DVD Drive currently available in the market. But if you are thinking that is drive must be expensive, then you are wrong! This DVD Drive is even cheaper than the LG's DVD Drive.

Price: $25

#4. Slim External Drive by Asus

This DVD drive is a bit different that the others mentioned here. All the other DVD drive has slots in them where you can enter the Disc, kind of like a SIM Card Slot. But this DVD Drive has a Disc Tray where you can put the Disc, and then press the button on the Drive to insert the Disc in the Drive. If you are a fan of this function, then you should definitely buy this Drive but be advised that this DVD Drive is a bit thicker than the other Drives mentioned here.

Price: $33

#5. The Slim Blu Ray Drive by Samsung

If you use a lot of Blu Ray Discs, then this Slim Blu Ray Drive by Samsung is the best option and the biggest advantage of this Drive is that it supports Blu Ray Discs. But don't think that you can get this Drive at a cheap price. Since it supports Blu Ray Discs, it costs similar to the Apple's Super Drive. Also, one of the most amazing features of this DVD Drive is that it consumes a lot less power than the other DVD Drives.

Price: $79

Part 2. Top 5 Best External DVD Burner for Windows

#1. The Smasung Slim External DVD Drive

This DVD Drive is one of the most fastest DVD Drives currently available in the market and moreover, this DVD Drive supports Blu Ray! This has a USB 2.0 interface and also has a Disc Tray and is only 12.7 mm thick. This device is very slim and very attractive.

Price: $79

#2. The Asus External DVD Drive

This DVD Drive is one the most newest DVD drive available in the market and is extremely fast. This DVD Drive also supports Blu Ray and is very much beautiful. If you are looking for something slim and beautiful, then this might be the device that you should buy. This DVD Drive has very high quality and fast burning speed.

Price: $65

#3. The LG Super Multi Drive

This DVD Drive has a unique curved design and is very beautiful. This is very compact and weighs only 380 grams. This DVD Drive is also consumes a lot less power than the other drives and has a USB 2.0 interface.

Price: $24

Blue Ray Burner For Mac

#4. The Samsung External DVD Drive

This DVD Drive is an excellent looking device and has the latest USB interface, that is USB 3.0. This drive also has Disc Tray and has an incredible design. This drive is also extremely thin, only 14mm and is very lightweight.

Price: $25

#5. The Dell External DVD Drive

This DVD Drive is very easy to use and is fairly slim and good looking. It is only 14mm this and weighs around 200 grams. This Drive comes pre loaded with the Cyber Link Media Player and uses very less power.

Price: $30