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Tf2 Huds For Spy

Made by a sniper main, for sniper mains.(But it's good at other things too.)

The Best Poker HUDs Reviewed. OK, so you’re convinced a HUD can help, or you’re at least open to the decision. We’ve found and reviewed what we believe to be the 4 most popular poker HUDs in the market today. They each have their own features, software and are slightly different in price. Feb 11, 2014  Garm3nhud doesn't work on my mac, apparently. Eve hud does though. Im attempting to use a custom HUD in TF2, but when I search for Application Support in Library, it claims the folder doesnt exist!!

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I made this HUD from the bones of KNHUD during my time as a Sniper in UGC, and decided to share it. Now has derivative elements from eveHUD, rayshud, OMPhud, and Gam3nHUD. The main theme is transparency and lack of backgrounds, with secondary focus on being in the focus area for snipers, at the center of the screen, as well as lots of included customization and easily edited colors.

Installing the HUD


To download the HUD, press the 'Download ZIP' button under the green 'Clone or download' button above.



For the HUD to use proper fonts, you have to install the custom fonts to your computer. Do not worry, the font files are safe and virus free.

To do so, go to kbnhud-master/resource/fonts, and select all the files in there, right click, and click the install option. This is all you need to do, and the HUD should work as intended. This also solves long-existing issues with mac and linux not using proper fonts, and is permanent unless you reinstall your OS.

Where to install:


Navigate to:Program Files(x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/custom

Mac OS

Navigate to:(your home folder)/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/custom

Linux (Ubuntu)

Navigate toHome/steam/steam/SteamApps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/custom

The final file setup should look like this:

Clovervidia's Closed Captions:To make Clovervidia's captions work, you must add the following to your autoexec.cfg (ALL OPERATING SYSTEMS):


While these files can be modified using any text editor, like Notepad, it is highly recommended that you use Notepad++ since it understands code batching and indentation.

Hud_damagedplayer hitmarker centering fix instructions


  1. Go to tf/custom/kbnhud-master/^customizations/_basefiles and open hudlayout.res with a text editor program (eg. Notepad, thought Notepad++ is highly recommended). The first thing yousee should say DefaultHitmarker.

  2. Under that, find xpos and ypos. xpos moves it left or right. ypos moves it up and down. DON'T TOUCH zpos!

  3. Now, open your game and create a normal server. Have hud_reloadscheme ready in console.

  4. Now you'll see the values for both xpos and ypos as c-103. If you increase the value in xpos (eg. c-105) the black circle will move to the left. If you increse the value in ypos (eg. c-105) it will move up.

  5. Adjust both positions untill it seems centered.

  6. EVERY TIME YOU CHANGE THE NUMBER, SAVE THE FILE, THEN ENTER hud_reloadscheme INTO YOUR CONSOLE, UNTIL IT IS CENTERED! (You need to do this to see any changes)

  7. When you have properly centered it around the crosshair, then you have successfully made the HUD work. Congratulations!

HUD Crosshairs instructions

  1. Go to tf/custom/kbnhud-master/scripts and open crosshairs_hudlayout.res with a text editor program (eg. Notepad).

  2. There are 4 individual crosshair code batches. Each one can use one crosshair image.

  3. Using the guide linked below, replace the character next to the labeltext to the character that corresponds with the desired crosshair.

  4. To customize the color, change

to the desired color by using an RGB color picker.

  1. Alignment and centering is not guaranteed to be perfect, and is likely to be quite flawed. Adjust the xpos and ypos values as needed to achieve the best centering for the chosen crosshair. The method is nearly identical to fixing the circle.
  1. You can also change the font line to read KnucklesCrosses for a different set of crosshairs that you can use.

Server Shortcut Buttons

  1. To assign servers to the shortcut buttons, open your autoexec.cfg in Program Files(x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/cfg

  2. Next, copy in this:

replacing 'SERVERIP' with (obviously) the IP of the server you want to assign.

  1. For the other 7 buttons, change ServerShortcut1 to ServerShortcut2, ServerShortcut3 and so on, assigning different IP's as you go.

Changing HUD colors

  1. Go to tf/custom/kbnhud-master/resource/scheme and open colors_clientscheme.res with a text editor program (eg. Notepad, Notepad++ works best though) and there should be a large heading saying COLOR CUSTOMIZATION SECTION, having a online RGB sampler site is recommended.

  2. Under that are a bunch of groups of color options. Each name will have an RGBA value on the same line.

  3. Pick the color you want from the sampler site. If you want to change the 'Ammo in Clip' value, which changes the color of the ammo counter from white to red, change the value from '235 235 235 255' to '255 0 0 255'

  4. DO NOT CHANGE THE FOURTH NUMBER IN THE RGBA VALUES UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING! That will change the transparency of the object being colored.

  5. HEADS UP: The First 3 numbers for 'Low Health flash 2' and 'Low Health flash 3' MUST ALWAYS BE THE SAME! If you change the value for 'Low Health flash 2' to '204 204 0 255,' then you must change the value for 'Low health flash 3' to '204 204 0 75,' leaving the last '255' and the last '75' as they are!

Help and support:

This HUD may not work with certain localizations of TF2, because of the custom fonts used in the HUD.

This can help resolve issues:

  • use the command 'hud_reloadscheme' in the console
  • restart TF2 / Steam
  • verify TF2's game cache on steam
  • re-download & re-install the hud

You can submit bug reports & questions via the GitHub issue tracker.You may also Submit a pull request, and that is great for me since you can make your own fixes and I can simply merge them into the master branch, and copy them into the versions stored on my computer.This or simply sending me a ping over on steam or discord are the best ways to let me know something is borked.

Special Thanks

Thanks to: Chippy, Quartz, Garm3n, Sinders, rays GO WATCH HIS TWITCH STREAM, OMP for many many HUD elements and developement help.

Thanks to Clovervidia for the new captions.

Further thanks to Vissol Ltd. for the creation of Maven Pro, the core font of this HUD, and making the font available to all for free. If you want the font for yourself, the files for all of the types are in the HUD fonts folder, alternatively, you can download the font right here.

We all love a game of Team Fortress 2. But do you love the default HUD? It's colourful and fun, sure, but do you think it could be improved? For those players who might find the default slightly distracting we've searched to find you the best alternatives. Read on to find out what they are, where you can find them, and why you should be using them.


PVHUD is by far one of the most popular HUD mods in the community. Mention user-created HUDs in a Steam forum, and it wont be long before someone points you in the direction of this little guy. PVHUD is all about immediacy; the components are pulled towards the centre of the screen, made big and simple, and just tell you how it is.

2. Broeselhud

The Broesel HUD is a nice balance of an immediately recognisable format but made minimal enough as so to be less distracting. It brings the components to the centre of the screen, just below the cross-hairs and removes the character portraits from the health bar. The icons are smaller than those in PVHUD, meaning more of the screen is available to view the game through.

3. Oxide

Download tf2 huds

Oxide is a HUD for those looking for a more competitive edge. The aim of the mod is to reduce the HUD to only the complete necessities. Health, ammo and special abilities counters are reduced to small, unobtrusive icons. The who-killed-who blog is reduced to barley anything. Hell, even the menus are reduced to simple lists. It eliminates the flamboyancy of the original, giving you only what is needed to own like a pro.

4. Flame's TF2 HUD

This HUD is once again a minimalist's HUD, but does it with a significant degree of polish. Where some other HUDs are clearly user made, Flame's is so well designed it looks like an original. Featuring centralised components, a slickly designed objective tracker and maintaining that disticnt 'TF' feel, Flame's TF2 HUD is one for serious consideration.

5. FrankenHUD

Tf2 Huds

Why choose one HUD when you can have them all? That's the philosophy of FrankenHUD , which combines all the great touches of other popular HUDs and combines them into one mega HUD. You've got your minimalist pop-ups, your merged payload objective bar, your Steam avatars in the chat indicator and a snazzy little window to select your class from rather than the line-up screen. Combine that with easy read icons, and you've got a winner on your hands.

Huds For Tf2

Installing a new HUD is simple. Head into your Steam directory (Program Files/ Steam/ steamapps/ [your username/ team fortress 2/ tf2). In the tf2 folder you'll find a small group of folders, two of which will be called 'resource' and 'scripts'. When you download the HUD files, open the file (you may need a RAR extraction tool if you don't have one already). Inside you'll find 'resource' and 'script' folders. Simply replace the ones in your 'tf2' folder with the new ones, and you've set up your new HUD. It's probably a good idea to make a backup of the original 'tf2' folder before you start tinkering with it, so you can revert back to original settings if you change your mind.

Tf2 Best Hud

Which are you favourites? Let us know how you get on in the comments.