Best System Cleaner For Mac

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MacKeeper is the best and most popular Mac system utility on the current market. It's easy to use, effective, and feature-packed, also comes with excellent product support. Great Mac cleanup app which is dedicated to comprehensive Mac computer cleaning. It's super easy to use and high effective. Support Communities / Mac OS & System Software / OS X Mountain Lion. Announcement: Upgrade to macOS Mojave With features like Dark Mode, Stacks, and four new built-in apps, macOS Mojave helps you get more out of every click.

Mac's don't need defragging as OS X automatically writes 2Gb or below sized files to one contiguous space on the drive. There are certain cases where's it's needed to free up a large spaces on the drive, but not something everyone has to do.

Far as other Mac maintainence, there really isn't any except to backup one's files regularly. Keeping Software Updated and run a web browser check to make sure the plug-ins are current.

For Safari and Flash, this check is more accurate

Best System Cleaner For Mac

Most of those cleaning programs are junk, especially MacKeeper.

If your friend got onto your computer and visited a bunch of adult sites, then I would recommend something like OnyX, doing ALL the cleaning and maintenance aspects and rebooting, perhaps followed by a Disk Utility Erase free space.

Best Macbook Cleaner Software

CCleaner beta is out for OS X, used on PC's and combines cleaning and scrubbing of the drive if setup correctly.

If your interested in performance, read my post here

There is a fairly efficient Mac memory management tool that provides quick load of applications and good performance. MAC also cache things in free RAM of the system in order to quick load them from memory than hard disk for fast response.

There are times that when your Mac can slow down as more stuff is running in your system and your RAM is cluttering up. When you find Mac RAM is filling up due to increased workload on the OS X then the time for a Mac memory clean tool. By using MAC Memory Clean Apps, you can get free up inactive memory for other tasks.

In addition to memory loss, you may be experiencing our hard disk running out of memory and getting popup error messages. Here is the list of Best MAC Hard Disk Cleaner Apps to get Back Lost Space.

Most users don’t even bother to take a look at the apps that are heavy RAM gobblers, sucking large amount of Mac system memory. You can keep an eye on the memory usage of Mac and monitor it with the help of the Memory clean tools listed below.


A simple application for Mac memory clean, simply hit the ‘Optimize memory’ to free memory. iCleanMemory starts automatically at login and is easy to use. You can hide the dock icon if you want to avoid seeing all the time.

There are several shortcuts available to give you the best results and optimized memory to ensure that there is nothing posing as a barrier. Wipe out the memory eating tasks with ease from the help of the tool easily.

Memory Monitor

Formerly known as Memory Diag this tool aids the user to monitor as well as optimize the usage of memory. With the memory pressure meter, you can easily acknowledge the load on the memory and get the list of apps with the memory used by them.

Enhance the look of the tool with customizable tools and increase productivity with the dynamic menu bar. It also comes with a secondary information menu that shows the number of memory slots the system has.

Memory Clean

Memory Clean is a small tool assisting in cleaning the Mac RAM memory and showcasing how much you have to access.

It stays in your menu bar and allows you to view the memory statistics. All the features offered by the tool are accessible easily without any sort of trouble due to its smooth interface. Avoid the memory hogging done by large applications like Photoshop and etc.

Memory Booster – RAM Optimizer

Free inactive memory and perform optimization of the much needed RAM to do work with a clean performance. Know the current memory information with the easy to understand graphical interface, to perform immediate optimization.

With the tool monitor your daily usage to know how much memory is taken up by the applications. The Auto-refresh feature of the tool allows you to set time intervals to refresh the RAM. Set the threshold level after which the tool will automatically clean the memory.


True to its word, MemoryFreer gives what it says free memory. The tool also works as memory usage monitor showing the current memory usage in form of a pie chart. Just click on ‘Free memory‘ option to clean Mac’s memory and see the magic in the terms of performance.

Avoid the degradation in performance with the memory eating applications such as Photoshop, Office and iWork. It is a great tool to make sure apps are not eating away the memory compromising the performance.

Memory Purge


Want a simple user interface in a tool to speed your Mac and stop the memory leakage, then choose Memory Purge. An easy to use memory clearing app accessible by both novices and experts. The tool uses no CPU time and almost the least of the resources available.

Get the instant look on the apps that is using the significant amount of memory. With the extreme clean option, you can do harder cleaning of the system.

Memory Cleaner X

Monitor the usage of Mac memory and clean them up with a click by using Memory Cleaner X. The memory cleaning tool shows the memory used by the system and applications as well as the amount of memory currently available.

You can various titles in the menu bar of the tool. Set the frequency to automatically free up the memory if the CPU usage and memory is less than fixed limit. The app will run in the background to provide uninterrupted working to the user.

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Mac OS has a good management system for memory, but the working and the results given is not perfect. Not all Mac users need these tools, but the power users and the one who need as well as demand heavy memory will undoubtedly see that how good are these Mac Memory Clean Tools.