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Flight Simulator For Mac

Ever since I started PC-Gaming I always enjoyed some good submarine games.

Super Submarine 3D, feel inside a combat submarine, like a submarine simulator it were, stunning background images in 3D.Ideal to decorate your desktopA submarine is a special type of ship capable of sailing on the. Download and install 3D Submarine Car Simulator in PC and you can install 3D Submarine Car Simulator 1.6 in your Windows PC and Mac OS. 3D Submarine Car Simulator is developed by MobileGames and listed under GAME_SIMULATION.

It all started with 688 I Hunter/Killer, at first I had no fucking clue what was even going on and I simply rammed the first sonar contact I got. My borther and me just laughthed our asses off.

One day though, I dug up the ingame manual and actually read myself into the game. I was very young at the time and reading was not my strong suit. Understandably it took me quite some time to learn how to do certain things. In the end I was a confident Hunter.

A few years After that I discovered the Silent Hunter series with Silent Hunter IV, seeing as I was still around 12 at the time and I had absolutly no money to buy anything for a long time I just stuk with it. I got very good and enjoyed just sailing across the pacific. The game was bugridden though and not very beautiful for the time.

As time went on and I began hearing about Silent Hunter 5 (by accident ,was looking up Silent Hunter 4 and only got results about Silent Hunter 5). I managed to save some money and went out to buy it. Silent Hunter 5 was the very first game I ever bought myself. Sadly it was also the very first game that I ever encountered that used U-Play, and the very first I ever had to deal with true dissapointment.

Submarine simulator 2017

Submarine Simulator Online

Best Submarine Simulator For Iphone

I saved up for quite some time to play a game that promised so much, and yet delivered so little.

After many years of trying to move on I recently rewatched 'Hunt for Red October' and rediscovered my love for subnautical activities.

After googeling a little bit I did not find anyting too promising, so why do you think there are no truly good submarine games around in the stlye of 688(I)Hunter/Killer or Silent Hunter?

Submarine Simulator 2017