Best Stealth Monitoring System For Mac With Free Trial Periodc

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  1. Best Stealth Monitoring System For Mac With Free Trial Periodic

After a certain free trial period, you have to pay for this keylogger for Mac. If you want to continue to use it, you will be asked to input a serial number to use it or you get very limited features to use a basic keylogger. WinSpy Software will capture anything the user sees or types on the keyboard. Win-spy will also capture WebCam shots and record surrounding sounds. Now Works behind Firewalls and Routers. New build includes JPG and PDF Remote File and Advanced Android Monitoring.

mSpy cell phone spy has multi-OS support: Android tablets, iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Parents benefit by using mSpy spy cell phone app. They can monitor internet use on their children’s devices. This spyware on cell phones allows them to track bookmarks, browser history, and block sites. Employees can monitor instant messages on their targeted mobile phones. All packages include iMessage, WhatsApp, and Skype messages tracking. If you need any help, you can contact support via email or live chat. It makes this application reliable. mSpy spyware for cell phones price starts from $39.99 for a Basic 3-month package. Additionally, it is $499.95 per 6-month Business subscription, and one can easily pay using a credit card!

No need to jailbreak. It is possible to spy on the kid without jailbreaking and harming the mobile phone: knowing kid’s Apple ID & passcode is enough.

Total control over social media. The app controls the kid’s activity on different social networks: from famous Facebook to Hangouts.

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  1. Advantages: Very secure, functional and easy-to-use monitoring tool. With its expansive set of PC monitoring tools, this powerful and totally stealth computer spy software enables you to record everything your child or your employee does.
  2. Another great option for a free trial VPN, SwitchVPN is a VPN service that offers a 3-day free trial of the service. A free trial with SwitchVPN boasts unlimited bandwidth, gigabit speeds, and tough encryption.

If you have recently downloaded a trial software and want to test it for more than the trial period which is normally 30 days, this article is exactly for you. This article describes different ways to extend the trial period of trial software.

The below methods will not be able to get you complete software. If the trial version of the software runs with limitations, they will still run in limitation as the trial software will always remain in trial using these methods.

Please note that we are suggesting these ways only for people who want to evaluate the software for more than 30 days and then buy the software. It is always recommended to buy a software if you like it. This will help the developers keep the software up to date.

The best way to use the software in extended evaluation is to contact the software vendor and ask them for an extended evaluation time. They will most probably entertain your request and give you some extended evaluation time.

Reinstall the software/Reset Date and Time

The easiest way to reset a trial version of the software is that you can uninstall it and then re-install it again. This will reset the trial version. Most modern software use advanced techniques and will not allow you to reset the trial version of the software even after re-installation.

Best Stealth Monitoring System For Mac With Free Trial Periodic

The other workaround is to play with your system date and time. You can adjust your system clock to a earlier date after installing the software. The software will continue to work as it uses the system date to see if the 30 day trial period is over or not. Most modern software have protection against this method. If these two methods fail, you may see the next method.

Use a third-party uninstaller

Usually trial software will save their licensing information in a registry key or a file on the hard drive. Most third-party uninstaller tools will include a registry monitor and a file monitor. They will save every action performed by the installer of the trial software. You can then uninstall the trial software using the third-party uninstaller which will delete all the registry entries and files created by the trial software.

You may try out some free apps like Revo Uninstaller, Glary Utilities and GeekUninstaller. You may also try out more powerful commercial apps like Total Uninstall or Your Uninstaller. If the trial software uses the Internet to get the licensing info, you may block Internet access for that particular program.

Backup and restore registry

If you haven’t installed the software yet and you’re sure that the software uses the Windows Registry to save its licensing information, you can backup the registry and then restore it when the software is about to expire.

Using Time Stopper software


Time Stopper is a popular software which has been created exactly for the task of freezing the time of trial software. Time Stopper will stop the trial time when it is used. If the trial period has already ended, it is of no use to use Time Stopper as it will not be able to reverse the time.

Using Time Stopper is quite easy. Just browse the executable of the trial software, choose the date that you want to freeze. This date should be within the trial period of the software otherwise it will not work. Then you can open the software on the specified date and time.

Please note that after patching the trial software with Time Stopper, you must always use the Time Stopper utility to open that software otherwise the trial will end instantly.

Please note that Time Stopper installer will try to install other add-on software. You can uncheck these not to be installed.

Using RunAsDate software

RunAsDate is a portable software very similar to Time Stopper. RunAsDate allows you to run a program on the date and time you have specified. The advantage of RunAsDate is that it does not change the system date and time. It will only inject the date and time into the desired application.

Using RunAsDate is quite easy. You will need to browse the application path, specify date and time and hit the Run button to execute the app on the specified date and time. You can also create a desktop shortcut for the frozen app.

There is another software called Trial Reset. It is a special registry cleaner which can remove the licensing information registry keys of many shareware/demo software so that the software can be installed again with full trial time. I haven’t included it in this list as there are many negative review about the software.

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