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If you are looking for TeamViewer alternative software for Windows and Mac in 2018, some of the below tools going work better. They support older versions of Windows or even other Operating Systems like Mac and Linux. We list out the best 8 TeamViewer alternative tools with super cool 2 bonus applications. Some may work on your Mac or Linux computer too.

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What is Remote Desktop Software?

Remote desktop software is a program or operating system features that enable a person to connect its laptop or PC to another PC or server at some different location. It allows the user to run the system remotely by displaying the clients’ desktop screen on his screen. That will make you feel as you are going through the laptop locally.

It is a great invention of this era as it helps to complete the work from your place without going anywhere. Not for personal use, but its applications are used worldwide for business and educational purposes providing the people an opportunity to save their cost and time. Cloud computing also uses the remote desktop phenomenon for different operations. There are multiple applications of remote desktop available in the market for personal and commercial use, manufactured by various software companies. Every software has its principal features and pricing criteria that one can know after some basic research and then can select the best for his needs.

TeamViewer Tool:

TeamViewer is remote desktop software that people use for personal and business purposes. It is one of the widely used desktop applications around the world. It is a great tool to access your files on your laptops from any location without carrying it all the way with you. You can keep in touch with your desktop and can manage from anywhere. Not only your desktop, but it is a great way of helping your friend or colleague solving his problem from your system.

Using remote desktop applications helps you to solve problems while saving time and money. It is a great invention for the developers as well as it speeds up the deployments and maintenance. Also, most of the data centers are now remotely configured with the help of this software.

When you install such software on your systems, the primary focus is to keep your system safe from every type of attacks and malware. Therefore, the choice of the right software is fundamental. Though TeamViewer is efficiently used software, certain things compel people to search for other remote desktop applications. TeamViewer is available in free version just for personal. If anyone wants to use it commercially, then it is necessary to get the paid version. The main issue with this software is that if you do not configure it correctly, then it will put your PC at risk.

Some Teamviewer Alternative Software in 2018

1) Windows Remote Desktop Connection:

Windows remote desktop connection is a product of Microsoft. It is a free built-in feature in the Microsoft Windows operating system. One can access this tool by going to system settings and the control panel. Setting the router of remote PC on port 3389 will direct it to your desktop. This application is suitable for the users that are at the beginning level of using remote desktop and when there is no need of additional software to complete the tasks. Windows remote desktop connection is not capable of controlling multiple PCs at a time.

It supports both Windows and MAC operating systems. Being fast, easy and straightforward to use, it is the best choice for the beginners. Though it already comes with the Microsoft Windows there are also ultimate and business versions available that one can go away.

2) is another remote desktop software developed LogMeIn. It is one of the best remote tools for business use. It allows you to run remote multiple business meetings all around the world. The most important feature of its paid version includes screen sharing among more than 250 participants where they can share their point of views and other points related to meeting with the help of presenter swap. Not only for business but hundreds of universities are using this software for collaboration with students.

The key features of this software include recording, one-click meeting schedule, unlimited audio, presenter swap and involvement of 250 participants. Also, there is also the mobile application of this software. It is compatible with both Windows and MAC operating system.

3) CloudBerry Remote Assistant

CloudBerry Remote assistant is another great alternative for Teamviewer. It is a free product which works currently on Windows OS only. As per their roadmap, Linux and Mac OS X support will be added in future. This tool should be installed on both computers to take and give control over the internet. The connection is well secured with the encryption, also it supports unattended access without the random password. It becomes handy to access the remote computer without someone’s presence at other end.

With the CloudBerry Remote tool, you can get the remote desktop access with another computer securely with the encrypted connection in no time. Text and voice are supported to make the connection interactive. Recommended for personal and small to medium business users, even it is one of the best Teamviewer alternatives for freelancers who provide remote support to clients over the Internet.

4) Chrome Remote Desktop:

Chrome remote desktop is the great tool that we don’t even have to install. It comes as the free Google Chrome extension readily available on the browser irrespective of the operating system. This extension allows us to access the desktop and contents and files of the PC right from the browser.

If you are looking for the application where you don’t even have to leave the browser than Chrome desktop is the best option. With easy set-up and no add-on cost, it is very efficient to use and access the files and manage the desktop. Since it is a browser-based tool, therefore, doesn’t depend on the operating system; Google Chrome is a prerequisite for using this tool. The main advantage of using Chrome remote desktop is that it is secured.

5) WebEx Free:

WebEx is the product of Cisco which is not only for conducting meetings. This tool is free though the premium version is paid. It will allow you to connect with different systems remotely using either a desktop application or mobile application. When the systems are connected to each other through a desktop application, one presenter can pass the control of keyboard to the other candidate.

The key features of this tool include live chatting, sharing files, video conferences, scheduling, face to face live interactions and password protected messages. WebEx is free for a group of three persons. In the case of more candidates, there is a premium version that has different packages. It is the best solution for business with a plus of interaction features.

6) Mikogo:

Mikogo is the premium, browser-based remote application. It is one of the best tools for not only business needs but also for individuals who have some commercial purposes. Though it is an expensive software, the features are amazing that no other software offers. There is no need for software or installation of a plug-in for this is a browser-based tool. It is the best choice for business meetings and other remote purposes.

Some of the main features of the Mikogo are sharing documents, swap presenter, video conferences, chatting, file transfers, and multi-user whiteboard. Many other applications and tools have premium versions, but Mikogo is outstanding among all of them. However, it is relatively expensive, but great things cost more obviously. The most important feature of this tool is VoIP chat protocol that provides you the data security. Without installing, just open it and start working.

7) LogMeIn:

LogMeIn is another remote desktop solution suitable for both personal and business purposes. Firstly it was launched as a free version and become favorite of many people, but recently it is no longer free. In spite of terminating the free version, it hasn’t lost its value among people and still counts as one of the best alternatives of TeamViewer.

The features like file transfers, full remote access to file transfers, audio & video streaming, printing documents by accessing local printers are what makes this tool as one of the best premium alternatives of TeamViewer. It offers more features than any of its kind and less expensive than other tools including TeamViewer. That’s what makes its best choice for people who are looking for TeamViewer alternatives. Also, it is available for both MAC and Windows operating system.

8) Real VNC:

Real VNC is the remote desktop application based on the VNC framework. VNC is the open source technology mostly used in networking domain. It can be a bit tricky when it comes to installation; however, it is known to provide the secure and reliable connection. This tool helps the users to connect to other’s PCs individually through IP address. You can also connect to multiple PC’s through the public IP address.

Although it ‘s hard to set up in starting you can’t underestimate its fabulous features like VNC authentication, encryption, file transfer, cross-platform remote control access, and chatting. Looking for the secure software, Real VNC is the most suitable choice as it is not only compatible with windows but also MAC, Linux, UNIX, Ubuntu, and Raspberry Pi.

Bonus – Teamviewer Alternative Software in 2018

Best Software For Mac Problems

These two tools are great lightweight TeamViewer alternative software in 2018. These tools will work without installation and the executable file is very small. If you need to give remote desktop connection of your Windows 10 or other Operating Systems to someone through the Internet so quickly, these two tools are for you.

8) AnyDesk

Best Software For Mac Problems

10) AMMYY Admin

Conclusion on Selecting and Using the TeamViewer Alternative Software

The software applications mentioned above are the best TeamViewer alternative tools that are not only for individuals but the organization and business as well. One can opt one out of this software depending on the need and resources as there are some free and some premium tools. Some of the Anti-virus, firewall, and network protection tools might find these tools as vulnerable since these remote connection tools create external network connectivity. You may need to disable the protection or exclude the connectivity of these tools from the protection software.

Ever since it blossomed to life in the 1970s, Karaoke has become the buzzword at parties, bars and pubs for most people since it serves as one of their main sources of entertainment. In the olden days, karaoke machines were the norm accompanied by a microphone and rolling lyrics, but they were very weighty and expensive. Now, you can recreate the same experience in your home with a Windows or Mac system. But, the trouble is you need to download a good professional karaoke software or app, and there are countless programs on the internet that are costly and those that are free seem dicey as hell. Some programs market themselves as the best free karaoke software for Windows and make it even more confusing for you!

So, how will you choose a decent karaoke software package with professional credentials to liven up your party? By going through our list of the best free karaoke software for Mac and Windows, of course!

Note: This compilation is not based on importance or number of features each software has. You can pick or download the full version of any one out of these best free karaoke software for Mac and Windows.

1) Kanto Karaoke (Windows PC & Mac)

Perhaps one of the most popular karaoke players out there, Kanto is without a doubt the best free karaoke software for Windows and Mac. The reason being it supports multimedia and video formats of all hues. Besides, it also allows users to record their voice and listen to it later just like a DAW, apart from providing you with super karaoke fare to sing your heart out. Also, there’s a CD+G player that comes bundled in Kanto Karaoke which converts your Mac into a professional karaoke device.

What else makes Kanto the best free karaoke software for Mac and Windows? You can create unlimited playlists, do playlist and live performance management, as well as edit audio settings, all of which are done in a nifty full-screen mode.

2) Siglos Karaoke Professional (Windows)

True to its name, Siglos Karaoke Professional is a feature-ridden karaoke software package available online which provides you with the ultimate karaoke experience. Plus, you can also have unlimited fun whilst working with it. How? Siglos Karaoke Professional relieves you of the burden of carrying heaps of CDs for karaoke because it is available with a two screen display.

Software For Mac

All you have to do is to simply load all your favorite songs on it and you are in for a sweet karaoke session. The best part is that Siglos helps you provide a great karaoke experience that can be achieved with an expensive karaoke machine. If you are devoid of money, look no further than Siglos, which is one of the best free karaoke software for windows. Not to mention, it consists of advanced functionality which makes the lyrics look better, and is also super easy to use.

3) iStar (Mac)

If some friends are coming over for a fun-filled karaoke night at your place and you need a decent and professional karaoke software package, then iStar is definitely one of the best free karaoke software for Mac you can have a peep at. For starters, iStar can convert almost all types of files and play them for you instantly.

The process is simple: once you have imported the karaoke file of your choice, all you have to do is to compile all the songs into a list (which can be classified) and play them whenever the need be. Moreover, iStar doesn’t put restrictions on the kind of files you are importing since it supports various kinds of multimedia files from a wide range of sources.

4) Karafun Player (Windows)

KaraFun Player is another hugely popular and perhaps the best free karaoke software for Windows PC which boasts over 21000 songs and provides the option of offline syncing so that users can reap its benefits when even when there is limited connectivity. Karafun Player comes loaded with a dual screen display with a plethora of customizable keys.

Best Software For Mac Problems Starting

What’s more, it allows you to save all your favourite songs instantly. You can always rely on KaraFun Player for any kind of karaoke file that you wanna play, be it MID, KAR, CD+G, or MPEG.

5) Aria (Windows & Mac)

Are you seeking a surreal professional-like karaoke experience and not some childish games? Look no further than Aria which is widely regarded as one of the best free karaoke software for Mac and Windows both. Aria is a great source of producing mesmerizing entertainment when your friends and family come over for a night of fun and good time.

Aria boasts a very simple and hands-on interface that can help you compile all your favorite songs in such a way that selecting and playing them any time becomes a cinch. Plus, you can also choose from a wide array of Aria play modes for an enhanced karaoke experience. Give it a spin if you want an authentic and professional karaoke experience with your Mac or PC.

6) OneKaraoke (Windows)

If you are well-versed in basic Windows management skills, then Onekaraoke is a surefire best free karaoke software for Windows PC that will take care of all your needs. OneKaraoke is very simple to manage since it allows you to organize your songs as you wish and supports a multitude of audio and video file formats such as mp3, mpg, Avi, WMV, DAT, WMA, MOV, kar, mid, et al.

Wait, there’s more goodies. OneKaraoke also offers up multiple options insofar as operation is concerned. No matter if it is keyboards, numeric keyboards or the operational handheld remotes when you want to go mouse-free, OneKaraoke can be operated with all of them.

7) QMIDI V.2.0 (Mac)

Another great entrant on our roundup, QMIDI V2.0 is a lucrative option if you are searching for a karaoke player that plays multiple file formats on your Mac device. With the tools of QMIDI V2.0 at your command, you can not only edit various chords and lyrics of songs that you have loaded onto it, but also have some awesome karaoke fun on the go.

What else propels QMIDI to be a solid contender on our list of the best free karaoke software for Windows PC? It helps you play your favourite songs in a sequential manner and synchronize your playlist.

8) Advanced Karaoke Player (Windows)

It often becomes a painful and hectic chore to assemble all your favourite songs that are scattered all around the house in multiple formats. You need to look into various places for it and the struggle is real. But thanks to Advanced Karaoke Player, you can store all your favorite songs under one solid and single roof for supreme karaoke experience.

Advanced Karaoke Player is a solid Windows karaoke software package that will make you sing your heart out to your favourite tune whenever you feel like giving it a spin. What else can it do? You can manage all kinds of media files through Advanced Karaoke Player and just sit back and enjoy the musical experience.

9) Just Karaoke 2 (Windows)

Just Karaoke is all about karaoke, karaoke and more karaoke. Symbolic of its name, it’s simply one of the best free karaoke software for Windows PC out there. If you are throwing a party and need a karaoke software package that delivers a fully digital performance with rich features, Just Karaoke 2 is your best mate.

Best Free Mac Software

It is loaded with features such as: singer announcement, sound effects, song manager, dual output screen, easy song searches, rotation, a huge list of over 70000 songs, and much more.

10) Kjams (Mac)

The last entrant on our list of the best free Karaoke Software for Mac and Windows, Kjams proffers effortless syncing with iTunes and is perfectly suited for a Mac device. The UI of Kjams resembles iTunes in many ways so you will feel at home.

Best Software For Mac Maintenance

To enjoy a great karaoke night, just add your favourite songs to the system and hit play. Kjams will provide you with an ethereal karaoke experience when set up right. Not to mention, it comes packed with a robust management tool for controlling and tweaking the singing/voice. There is also a duplicate window that provides the lyrics of the songs. If you are ever throwing a big party, Kjams can definitely provide a professional experience.

And…that’s about it! Did you like our carefully handpicked list of the best free karaoke software for Mac and Windows? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to download the full version of your favourite software.

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