Best Settings For Obs On Mac

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Best obs settings for macbook air

Affordable Cars. (Windows users should download the latest version of OBS, while Mac and Linux users should download OBS. Twitch streaming from your PC guide: Setting up a video. Open Broadcaster Software, more commonly known as OBS, is a video streaming and recording program. It's free, open source, and fully cross platform — Mac, Windows and Linux.

Best settings for obs on minecraft
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Best Settings For Obs On Minecraft


Best Settings For Obs Radeon Amd Drivers

Hi i've been searching all over the internet for the answers to this seemingly impossible question. I use the elgato hd60 (not pro) with a fairly decent computer I would say ( My problem is that the quality of the video doesn't quite stack up to that of some of the CoD youtubers I watch. I understand that their computers are probably better because they have the money and dedicated GPUs and stuff but I still think my videos should be better. I try finding good Sony Vegas render settings and experimenting but nothing has worked for me. The main issue is the colour I think. The frame rates are fine and my computer keeps up with the encoding decently, its just the colour that needs to be corrected I think and I really don't know how to get the better colour for these videos. In terms of sources in OBS itself I use the Elgato obviously plus a webcam and a simple overlay. If anyone has ANY tips whatsoever I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Best Settings For Obs Youtube