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Free Mac Screen Recording Software

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Monosnap is a screen capturing and screen recording software which is suitable for use in both windows and Mac OS. It is a free source screencasting tool which you can use with relative ease. Although it does not allow any specific resolution for the screencast video recording but it does not allow full-screen recording. Every Mac computer comes with QuickTime player pre-installed. Usually, you only use this app to play video files on your computer. You can also do screen, webcam, and audio recordings with it. It’s super simple! Just click ‘File’ then choose ‘New Screen Recording.’ A little video app will pop up with a red record button. Best Free Screen Capture & Video Recording Software TinyTake is a free screen capture & video recording software for Microsoft Windows & Mac. With TinyTake, you can capture images and videos of your computer screen, add comments and share them with others in minutes. 8 Best Screen Recording Software for Windows Note: I tried these screen recording software on my HP laptop running Windows 10 Pro and they all worked as you’d expect them to. Most of the screen recorder apps are free, while some have free versions and free trials. One of the widely-used screen recorder for all mac users, Screenflow allows its users to do quality screen recording and even includes editing of desktop videos like cropping, zooming and even panning out that gave this recorder a professional and production like features.

When you need to grab and image of what's on your screen there is no need to use expensive tools when there is free screen capture software that will do the job perfectly. At the most basic end of the scale, you could just hit the Print Screen button paste the contents of you clipboard into your favourite image editor, but there's plenty of free screen capture software that gives you a great deal of control over your screenshots.


Whether you're looking to capture everything you can see on your screen, just a section of it, or you want to grab still from hard-to-capture places such as in games, there is a tool out there for you – there's even one built directly into Windows that you might not know about.


The beauty of free screen capture software is that it can be as simple or advanced as you need. Perhaps you just want to be able to easily annotate your screenshots – not a problem. Or maybe you would like to be able to use a range of keyboard shortcuts to grab different types of screenshot – this is possible too! Take a browse through this roundup of the free screen capture software and see which suits your needs.

Best Free Screen Recording App For Mac

How do I take screen captures on a Mac?

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We've covered Windows apps almost exclusively here, but don't feel left out if you're using a different operating system. On macOS, there's no need for a separate screenshot tool – you can do everything with keyboard shortcuts. [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[3] captures the whole screen, [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[4] captures a region, and there are many other edge cases described on Apple's support pages.