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Posted By admin On 16.02.22

OS X already offers a means of capturing screenshots with a few keyboard shortcuts, but if you want to do a little more you have to grab a third-party tool. Of the many available, Skitch is our favorite for its many annotation tools and instant-sharing options.

If you're not familiar with screenshots, read our beginner's guide.

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Here you will Capture Screen or Print Screen as well as any type of image you want to Take Screenshot.And you know friends, there are so many MAC who do not have Print Screen Button, unlike few MAC, can have.




Platform: OS X, Windows, iOS, Android
Price: Free (or $10 for Pro)
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  • Take screenshots of specific areas or the entire screen.
  • Annotate your screenshots/images.
  • Draw on your screenshots/images.
  • Resize, crop, flip, and rotate screenshots/images.
  • Automatic archival of your screenshots/images for later use.
  • Take photos with your built-in webcam.
  • Open and save images in many different formats.
  • Easily share screenshots/images to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Automatically upload your screenshots to the web site or to a location of your choice (e.g. Flickr, an FTP server, etc.).


Where It Excels

Skitch is pretty great. We take a lot of screenshots at Lifehacker, so a good screen capture tool can be invaluable to us. To others it might be less relevant, but seeing as Skitch is free it's a good app to have around even if you only share what's on your screen from time to time. If you need to show tech support a problem on your screen, or your mother where to look for a certain feature in an app, you can take a quick screenshot with Skitch, annotate if necessary, have it automatically upload that screenshot, and leave you with a URL in your clipboard. It's also really handy for designers, because you can make quick notes on images without actually making any destructive edits to that image. You can also use Skitch to mock up changes to live web sites. There are plenty of great uses for the app, and seeing as it costs you nothing it's worth having around even if it is only a semi-regular convenience.


Where It Falls Short

Skitch initially had issues with a somewhat confusing interface due to the many tools it offered, but recent updates have mostly solved that problem. Sharing tools have improved as well. While we appreciate the changes, some users do not. Reviews on the Mac App Store criticize Skitch for becoming too bloated like it's big brother Evernote. Because Evernote owns Skitch, the it favors the notebook app over everything else. While you can export your creations, Skitch makes it easier to work with the Evernote and that can be a little annoying if you don't want to use them together.


The Competition

Grab, the built-in Mac OS X service that captures screenshots, might be sufficient for most people. If you're looking to pair an upload service to it, you can just add the great and free Cloud App. It can automatically upload your screenshots after you taking them. You won't get to annotate, draw on, or do anything fancy to them, but you it's a quick and easy way to share everything on your screen without any features you (potentially) don't need.


Captur (Free) isn't really a full-fledge screenshot tool but adds some extra functionality to the one built-in to Mac OS X. Instead of relying on keyboard shortcuts, you can use Captur to initiate common screenshot tasks from the menubar.

Snagit ($50) was initially only for Windows, and a Lifehacker reader favorite, but now it is available for Mac. It offers a lot of the same functionality as Skitch, yet it costs $50. Why would you pay $50 when you've got an app that does the same thing for free? I don't know.


Hive Five Winner for Best Screen Capture Tool: Snagit

Screen capture applications are handy tools to have around. Sure a simple Print Screen and paste…

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Jing (Free) comes from the same people who make Snagit. It's similar, but with fewer features, and focuses on the online and social aspects of sharing your screen. One big advantage it offers is video capture. If you want images and video and don't want to pay for them, plus some pretty good online sharing options, you'll want to give Jing a look.


LittleSnapper ($40) is a favorite among some, but I've never been able to see how anyone can justify paying $40 for a screenshot tool. To Little Snapper's advantage, it offers a very nice image management tool and integrated web site clipping option. It used to include use of the web app Ember, allowing you to upload anything you snapped or stored in LittleSnapper, but the developers sold Ember to the developers of Cloud App in early 2011. What LittleSnapper offers is, essentially, a pretty good app for organization. Why you'd want to pay $40 to better-organize your screenshots, however, is something I don't entirely understand. (And I say this having used the app for about a month.) Nonetheless, some people do and some people love it. It is a good app, and definitely more attractive. Skitch is just better at the important stuff.

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See Parallels Toolbox in Action

Airplane ModemacOS

Airplane Mode


Quickly and easily turn off all wireless communication: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, and more.




Set an alarm to notify you.

ArchivemacOS & Windows 10


macOS & Windows 10

Compress files with one click to use less storage space. Unarchive any archived files, RAR, zip, and more.

Block CameramacOS & Windows 10

Block Camera

macOS & Windows 10

Block the built-in camera, making it inaccessible to applications.

Break TimeWindows 10

Break Time

Windows 10

Work more productively and use Break Time as a reminder to take regular breaks from your computer. When it’s break time, we encourage users to spend some time looking away from a straining computer screen or exercise.

Capture AreamacOS & Windows 10

Capture Area

macOS & Windows 10

Take a screenshot of part of the screen.

Capture ScreenmacOS & Windows 10

Capture Screen

macOS & Windows 10

Take a screenshot of the entire screen.

Capture WindowmacOS & Windows 10

Capture Window

macOS & Windows 10

Take a screenshot of a single window.

Clean DrivemacOS & Windows 10

Clean Drive

macOS & Windows 10

Keep your Mac clutter-free and running at max speed. Scans, detects, and lets you choose what to delete.

Clipboard HistorymacOS

Clipboard History


Forget having to choose only one item to copy and paste. Automatically collect multiple copied items to easily paste what you want, when you need it.

Convert VideomacOS & Windows 10

Convert Video

macOS & Windows 10

Free Video Capture For Mac

Optimize your home movie or television shows for iPad® or iPhone®.

Date CountdownmacOS

Date Countdown


Count down to a date you specify.

Do Not DisturbmacOS & Windows 10

Do Not Disturb

macOS & Windows 10

Avoid distractions so you can focus on the task at hand. When activated, all notifications and the Dock app animations are disabled.

Do Not SleepmacOS & Windows 10

Do Not Sleep

macOS & Windows 10

Prevent your computer from going to sleep and your display from dimming. Ensure a task or presentation won’t be interrupted by disabling settings that would allow the computer to go to sleep.

Download AudiomacOS & Windows 10

Download Audio

macOS & Windows 10

Download audio files from the Internet to your computer. Works with up to 30 tracks and detects multiple tracks automatically.

Download VideomacOS & Windows 10

Download Video

macOS & Windows 10

Download your favorite videos from the Internet: Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and many more.

Eject VolumesmacOS & Windows 10

Eject Volumes

macOS & Windows 10

Eject all volumes mounted on your desktop, including local removable volumes like external hard drives and memory cards, network volumes, and mounted disk images.

Energy SavermacOS & Windows 10

Energy Saver

macOS & Windows 10

Use Energy Saver to extend your battery life. This tool automatically detects when your computer is not plugged into a power source and several energy-saving settings that are usually hidden deep inside the operating system. Use settings to customize to your own preferences and easily one-click to extend your charge!

Find DuplicatesmacOS & Windows 10

Find Duplicates

macOS & Windows 10

Search any drive or folder to quickly find identical files (even with different names) and free up disc space.

Free MemorymacOS

Free Memory


Free up unused computer memory.

Hidden FilesmacOS

Hidden Files


Show or conceal hidden files or folders on your computer.

Hide DesktopmacOS & Windows 10

Hide Desktop

macOS & Windows 10

Hide all the files, folders, and other icons on your desktop when you’re doing a presentation, sharing or recording your screen, or taking screenshots.

Hide Menu ItemsmacOS

Hide Menu Items


Personalize and hide your Finder menu bar for a minimalistic look and feel.

LaunchmacOS & Windows 10


macOS & Windows 10

Open any collection of applications, documents, or other files simultaneously with just one click.

Lock ScreenmacOS & Windows 10

Lock Screen

macOS & Windows 10

Immediately lock your screen to prevent unauthorized access to your computer—no need to wait until the password-protected screen saver kicks in.

Make GIFmacOS

Make GIF


Easily create and customize animated GIFs from videos. Adjust start and end points, add captions, choose frame rate and size, and save instantly on your desktop.

Mute MicrophonemacOS & Windows 10

Mute Microphone

macOS & Windows 10

Prevent unauthorized or unwanted listening by other applications.

Presentation ModemacOS & Windows 10

Presentation Mode

macOS & Windows 10

Disable distractions for a better presentation experience. The Presentation Mode tool can automatically detect external displays and turn itself on.

Record AreamacOS & Windows 10

Record Area

macOS & Windows 10

Record video from a selected area on your screen.

Record AudiomacOS & Windows 10

Record Audio

macOS & Windows 10

Use your computer’s built-in microphone and record audio with a single click. You can record from an external microphone if it’s selected as the input source in System Preferences › Sound.

Record ScreenmacOS & Windows 10

Record Screen

macOS & Windows 10

Record video of the entire screen.

Record WindowmacOS & Windows 10

Record Window

macOS & Windows 10

Record video from a single window.

Resize ImagesmacOS & Windows 10

Resize Images

macOS & Windows 10

Resize one—or multiple—images, and convert images between various formats.

Screenshot PagemacOS

Screenshot Page


Take screenshots of any webpage, no matter how long, as a single image file. Option to add to Safari toolbar button.

Sleep TimermacOS & Windows 10

Sleep Timer

macOS & Windows 10

Count down from a specified time to send the computer to sleep, or shut it down.




Measure elapsed time.

Switch ResolutionmacOS & Windows 10

Switch Resolution

macOS & Windows 10

Quickly switch screen resolution. This tool is especially useful to those who find the macOS® resolution settings a bit too limited.

Take PhotomacOS & Windows 10

Take Photo

macOS & Windows 10

Take an instant photo using the computer’s camera.

Take VideomacOS & Windows 10

Take Video

macOS & Windows 10

Take an instant video using the computer’s camera.




Count down time to zero.

UnarchivemacOS & Windows 10


macOS & Windows 10

Unpacks various file archive formats.

Uninstall AppsmacOS

Uninstall Apps


Remove applications and their files from your Mac. Or, detect and remove files from applications that have already been uninstalled.

World TimemacOS

World Time


Best Screen Capture For Mac 2018

See the local time in cities arould the world right in the menu bar. Shows the time difference from your current location, and a daytime/nighttime icon for easy reference.