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Here are the Best Free Music Production Software Programs online for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Ubuntu.

These free Digital Audio Workstations will allow you to make professional music without spending any money.

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Free Music Production Software

1.Audacity – Record & Edit Audio

Audacity is a free open source software for recording and editing sounds.

  • Record live audio.
  • Record computer playback on any Windows Vista or later machine.
  • Convert tapes and records into digital recordings or CDs.
  • Edit WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP2, MP3 or Ogg Vorbis sound files.
  • Cut, copy, splice or mix sounds together.
  • Change the speed or pitch of a recording
  • Platform: Windows, Mac, GNU/Linux

2.Ardour – Free Digital Audio Workstation

Ardour is a fully-featured digital audio workstation, similar to other software like ProTools, Nuendo, Sonar and Logic, and capable of replacing analog or digital tape systems.

Ardour DAW Features

  • Audio and MIDI Multi-Track Recording and Editing – Free DAW
  • Plugins with Full Sample Accurate Automation
  • Transport Sync and External Control Surfaces
  • Powerful Anywhere-to-Anywhere Signal Routing
  • Video Timeline
  • Platform: Linux and OS X

Music Editing in Ardour

3.LMMS – Free Music Production Software

LMMS is a free cross-platform digital audio workstation software which allows you to produce music with your computer. This covers creating melodies and beats, synthesizing and mixing sounds and arranging samples. You can have fun with your MIDI keyboard and much more.

LMMS Free DAW Features

  • Song-Editor for composing songs
  • A Beat+Bassline-Editor for creating beats and baselines
  • An easy-to-use Piano-Roll for editing patterns and melodies
  • An FX mixer with 64 FX channels and an arbitrary number of effects allow unlimited mixing possibilities
  • Many powerful instrument and effect plugins out of the box
  • Full user-defined track-based automation and computer-controlled automation sources
  • Compatible with many standards such as SoundFont2, VST(i), LADSPA, GUS Patches, and MIDI
  • Import of MIDI files, Hydrogen project files, and FL Studio ® project files
  • Works on Windows, Mac, Linux

LMMS Demo – Sound like Deadmau5 w/ LMMS in Under 10 Minutes

Also, check out Learn How To Produce Your Own Music In LMMS

4.DarkWave Studio – Free Music Creation Software For Windows

DarkWave Studio is a real-time sound editor with a tabbed interface that lets you compose your own music with the assistance of your computer.

DarkWave Studio Features

  • VST Plug-in Support – Limitlessly Expandable With Instrument and Effects Plugins.
  • Multi-Core / Multi CPU Support.
  • Full 64-bit Double Precision Floating Point Audio Processing.
  • Low Latency ASIO And DirectSound Audio Output Support.
  • Platform Support: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Walk-through Demo


The orDrumbox is a free drum machine software.

orDrumbox Features

  • Pattern-oriented – You can create songs by assembling various patterns. It’s up to you to determine the number of beats in each pattern (16 or 32 or whatever).
  • Automatic composer and arpeggiator
  • Automatic sound assignations
  • Drum Kits – You can import, create, modify and save drum kits. It’s a “sound library” in one single file.
  • Soft Synth – A soft synth with available and can generate sounds using an analog synth emulation: two VCO generator, FM modulation, envelope ADSR controller, low pass / hi pass filters.
  • Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

orDrumbox Preview

6.Temper – MIDI & Audio Sequencer

Temper is a MIDI and Audio sequencer with an emphasis on MIDI. Easily integrate Temper with your other software via basic drag-and-drop behavior, more advanced sync functionality, or seamlessly as a VST.

Temper Features

  • Sophisticated event routing and manipulation
  • Powerful MIDI editing environment
  • Interactive algorithmic composition tools
  • Perform time
  • Multiple takes per track
  • Simultaneous multitrack editing
  • Tool chaining
  • Unified MIDI controllers+VST automation
  • Multicore audio engine


Mixxx has everything you need to start making DJ mixes in a tight, integrated package. Whether you’re DJing your next house party, spinning at a club, or broadcasting as a radio DJ, Mixxx has what you need to do it right.

Mixxx Features

  • iTunes Integration
  • DJ MIDI Controller Support
  • Powerful Mixing Engine
  • BPM Detection and Sync
  • Platform: Mac, Windows

Mixxx Overview


Hydrogen is an advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux. Its main goal is to bring professional yet simple and intuitive pattern-based drum programming.

Hydrogen Features

  • Sample-based stereo audio engine, with the import of sound samples in Wav, .au and .aiff formats.
  • Pattern-based sequencer, with an unlimited number of patterns and ability to chain patterns into a song.
  • Up to 192 ticks per pattern with individual level per event and variable pattern length.
  • Unlimited instrument tracks with volume, mute, solo, pan capabilities.
  • Multi-layer support for instruments (up to 16 samples for each instrument).
  • Sample Editor, with basic cut and loop functions.
  • Platform: Linux

Hydrogen Drum Sequencer Demo


Rosegarden is a music composition and editing environment based on a MIDI sequencer that features a rich understanding of music notation and includes basic support for digital audio.

Rosegarden Features

  • Editing – Intuitive ways to record and edit notes.
  • MIDI – Managing your MIDI ports, banks, programs, and controllers without having to remember any numbers.
  • Notation – Entering, editing, and printing score.
  • Audio – Recording, mixing and using samples and effects.
  • Synths – Playing your MIDI tracks through hosted synths, for more accurate control.

10.Qtractor – Free Music Production Software

Qtractor is an Audio/MIDI multi-track free music production software.

Qtractor DAW Features

  • Multi-track audio and MIDI sequencing and recording.
  • Traditional multi-track tape recorder control paradigm.
  • Audio file formats support OGG (via libvorbis), MP3 (via libmad, playback only), WAV, FLAC, AIFF and many, many more (via libsndfile).
  • Standard MIDI files support (format 0 and 1).
  • Non-destructive, non-linear editing.
  • An unlimited number of tracks per session/project.
  • An unlimited number of overlapping clips per track.
  • Platform: Linux

Qtractor Demo


MusE is a MIDI/Audio sequencer with recording and editing. MusE aims to be a complete multitrack virtual studio for Linux.

MusE Features

  • Realtime Record/Playback several mono/stereo inputs/outputs.
  • Graphical editing of automation
  • Several types of audio tracks: Audio inputs, Audio outputs, Wave tracks, Group tracks, Aux outputs
  • Standardized plugin formats: LADSPA, DSSI, VST
  • Drag and drop import and arranging of: Plugins and plugin presets, Parts, Midi files, Audio files, Aux outputs
  • Platform: Linux

12.Linux Sampler

The LinuxSampler is an open source audio sampler with high stability, efficiency, and very low latency, providing professional grade features, comparable to both hardware and commercial Windows/Mac software samplers.

Platform: Windows / Mac

13.Spek – Acoustic Spectrum Analyser

Spek helps to analyze your audio files by showing their spectrogram.

Spek Features

  • Supports all popular lossy and lossless audio file formats thanks to the FFmpeg libraries.
  • Ultra-fast signal processing uses multiple threads to further speed up the analysis.
  • Shows the codec name and the audio signal parameters.
  • Allows saving the spectrogram as an image file.
  • Drag-and-drop support; associates with common audio file formats.
  • Auto-fitting time, frequency and spectral density rulers.
  • Adjustable spectral density range.
  • Translated into 19 languages.
  • Platform: Unix, Windows and Mac OS X.

14.MuLab – Free Limited Version

MuLab 6.0 features an enhanced look and feel and a rich collection of new and improved features throughout the app that all together seriously increase the creativity, comfort, and productivity of MuLab.

MuLab DAW Features

  • Create, record, edit and play multi-track audio & music.
  • Flexible tracks and sub-tracks support audio, MIDI and automation parts.
  • Easy modular architecture.
  • Top-quality uncompromised sound engine.
  • Super-fat oscillators with 300 selected waveforms + support for user waveforms.
  • Multi-core CPU support.
  • Automatic mono/stereo handling.
  • Advanced integration between composer and sound engine.
  • Automation parts let you easily automate any parameter in the modular tree structure, even the deepest nested ones.
  • Platform: Mac, Windows

MuLab 6 Intro


GarageBand is the easiest way to create a great-sounding song on your Mac. Add realistic, impeccably produced and performed drum grooves to your song with Drummer.

Garageband Features

  • Add a virtual session drummer to your song that takes direction and plays realistic beats
  • Create a song with up to 255 tracks
  • Quickly change the timing of an audio recording using Flex Time
  • Use your iPad and Multi-Touch gestures to wirelessly play any GarageBand instrument on your Mac
  • Choose your best performance with multi-take recording
  • Platform: Free with Mac OS

Software Example – New Trap Beat on Garageband

Suggested Music Equipment

Here are the most popular and top rated music production products online.

MIDI Drum Controllers

MIDI Keyboard

USB Audio Interfaces

Studio Monitors

I hope you guys find this software to be helpful.

If you are looking for more software options make sure you check out 8 Popular Music Software Programs.

Did I miss any other free music production software programs?

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There are quite a few different audio editing programs that will work to edit podcasts, but we’re just going to focus on the best podcast recording and editing programs.

That just means they’re either easier to use or focus more on spoken audio editing versus music production.

Most software for podcast editing works on both macOS and Windows, but there are a couple that are Apple only because they created the software.

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Free Recording Software For Mac Osx


  • Podcast Recording Software For macOS
  • Podcast Recording Software For Windows & macOS
  • Helpful Podcast Software

Podcast Recording Software For macOS


GarageBand is a free DAW (digital audio workstation) if you have a Mac. This is a great choice for first-time and even experienced podcasters.

You can easily create separate tracks for music, intros and outros, ad spots, and more. Then you can fade them in and out as needed, move them around, adjust levels, you name it.

Best Free Home Recording Software

For each track, you can enable various plug-ins like compression, noise gates, EQ, and more. For many people, this will do more than enough.

Logic Pro

Logic Pro is a full-featured music production and audio editing program.

The main reason I recommend it for podcasters is because the interface matches GarageBand and it’s very easy to upgrade. Even your GarageBand files will open seamlessly in Logic.

You also will have to enable Advanced Tools (it’s just a simple checkbox in the settings) to get the full suite of features. This lets you upgrade without getting overwhelmed.

The ability to link to the Logic Remote App for iPhone or iPad is really cool as well.

The cost for Logic Pro is a one-time purchase of $200.

Podcast Recording Software For Windows & macOS

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition started out as Cool Edit Pro but was acquired by Adobe back in 2003. It is part of the Creative Cloud suite, so if you already have a subscription to the full suite, you have access. You can also get it for $20/month separately.

It is designed for podcast production and editing and has advanced tools just for that. There are a number of noise-reduction capabilities, advanced compression and EQ, and a ton more.

One feature I love is batch processing, where you can apply various effects to one file, save it, then apply those same effects to a “batch” of other files. This saves a ton of time.

I highly recommend Audition for podcasting – and there are a ton of easy-to-follow tutorials online to help you get started.

You can get a 1-year subscription from Amazon here (this is also the only way to purchase it as a gift) or click the button below to sign up directly through Adobe:

P.S. You can also get the full Creative Cloud Suite on Amazon here.


Audacity is a free cross-platform audio editor. It’s commonly used for podcasting and has powerful features. One of the downsides is that it can be confusing to use when first getting started, but once you get the hang of it, it’s great.

Some of the useful Audacity features include Sync-Lock, Truncate Silence, Silence Finder, and Silence. But there are a ton more including saveable EQ, fading, import and export options, and editing and saving chains of effects.

It is regularly updated and should work all the latest versions of macOS and Windows.

Hindenburg Journalist

Hindenburg has several different audio editing programs, with Journalist being their entry-level offering for $95.

It is designed for radio broadcasters and podcasters with a higher production value. If you have a bunch of different clips or interviews that you need to piece together, this might be a great choice.

There is automated levels, loudness, EQ, and a unique clipboard feature for staying organized. It also integrates with certain podcast hosting providers.

Take a look at this 2-minute intro video:

Watch this video on YouTube

There is also Hindenburg Pro that has a built in Skype call recorder, among other upgrades.

Best Recording Software For Windows

Other Audio Editing Software

While the recording and editing software options above are where I would start, there are many more options that will work.

Certain Mackie and Behringer mixers come with tracktion, PreSonus audio interfaces come with StudioOne 3 Artist, Steinberg interfaces come with Cubase AI & LE, and I’m sure there are other similar combos.

If you have one of these, they will work just fine for podcast production, although there might be a higher learning curve.


Helpful Podcast Software

There are few other pieces of software that you may want or need to go with your new podcast recording software. Here are a few of my favorites:


After you record and edit your podcast episode, you need a place to put it so you can make it an official podcast.

My favorite podcast host is Buzzsprout because they have a really easy to use platform, plus some additional sharing features that look great and save a ton of time.

When you follow this link, Buzzsprout will give you a $20 Amazon gift card after you pay for your plan. Check it out!

Ecamm Call Recorder For Skype

If you want to record skype calls, there are a few different add-ons you can get depending on your operating system:

Ecamm Call Recorder is the best option for Mac.

Pamela is a popular choice for Windows.


Alitu is perfect for those that want to make your podcasting process as easy as possible.

It will automatically improve your audio files, lets you add intros and outros, and you can automatically publish to Buzzsprout, Podbean, Blubrry, Libsyn, and more!

It works great whether you want to edit or not – check out this quick walkthrough:


Best Video Recording Software For Mac Free

Auphonic is a magic piece of software that does a ton. It will level your audio, make it the correct volume for podcasting, add ID3 tags, export to YouTube, and a ton more. I love that you can create presets, making it super fast to use after you get it set up.

Music Radio Creative

Music Radio Creative is an amazing website that creates intros, outros, jingles, and more. You can easily preview different voices and you will get extremely high-quality voice-overs to make your podcast sound much more professional.

Start at the Podcast section here.


Another important piece of your podcasting workflow is to get transcriptions. This can help with SEO, but also gives people a way to enjoy your show in places where they can’t listen.

I highly recommend Scribie – they’re fast, have multiple versions of English (US, UK, etc.), and everything is easily accomplished from their web-based dashboard. They’re reasonably priced at $0.75 / minute.


Ringr is a paid option when you’re ready to graduate from lower-quality Skype calls. It records both ends of the conversation locally, so you don’t have to worry about losing an important interview.

Check out more remote interview recording options here.

What do you use? Am I missing your favorite?