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LogicKeyboard Keyboard Cover for Avid Pro Tools - Before 2016 Macbook Pro Keyboard Cover Confirm country below.

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Whether you want to believe it or not your MacBook Pro keyboard is likely going to get dirty. From the oil your hands to the dust in the air, you'll need to spend some time every few weeks cleaning your keyboard. If you don't, you risk gunk and grime getting into sensitive parts of the hardware, which in turn, could cost you money to repair. If you want to avoid repairs and keep your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro looking clean and tidy, here are some useful products that will help you out!


NOTE: Before using any cleaning product on your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro, make sure you have powered down the laptop.

Wipe it down: Microfiber cloths 12-pack

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Microfiber cloths are great for cleaning a ton of different surfaces around your house, and they can even help you with your Mac. If you lightly dampen a microfiber cloth and gently wipe your MacBook Pro keyboard, you should be able to remove a decent amount of grime from the keys. You can also eliminate smudges on the screen.

$13 at Amazon

Cleaning slime: Cyber Clean

This bright yellow slime is just as fun as it is useful. Cyber Clean makes getting dirt, dust, and grime from around your keys easy. It may seem kind of silly, but grab some slime and gently press it down in and around the keys on your keyboard and you'll be amazed at how much dirt and dust it picks up. Cyber Clean will even pick up small particulates that you may not have even noticed.

$11 at Amazon

Clean under your keys: Compressed air

A pretty simple product that Apple suggests you use to remove dust and dirt from underneath the MacBook Pro keys if you find the keyboard to be unresponsive. The key to using compressed air on your MacBook Pro is holding the laptop at an angle. Spray the air in a zig-zagged pattern and that you don't spray the air too close. If you put the nozzle too close to the keys, you could get liquid into them. That's the opposite of helping.

$17 at Amazon

Keep your keyboard clean: UPPERCASE Ghost Cover for MacBook Pro

Instead of looking for products that can clean your keyboard, why not focusing on keeping it clean in the first place? This extremely thin, clear, and soft cover fits right over your MacBook Pro's keyboard and is easily removable when you need to clean it. It even covers up the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro. It also doesn't interfere with the sensitivity, so you can rest assured no grime is getting anywhere it shouldn't.

$13 at Amazon

A few cleaning tips

Apple recommends the only type of cloth you use to clean your Mac laptops is lint-free, soft Microfiber cloths. They really are the must-have cleaning tool in your arsenal. Make sure when you use them, you only get the cloth lightly damp and do your best to keep moisture away from any ports.

Of course, keeping your keyboard clean is of the utmost importance. The butterfly keyboards on Mac laptops have been known to have issues with crumbs getting underneath the switches. Compressed air is some of the best stuff to use to blow out unwanted dirt and dust from your keyboard keys. Apple has a handy guide to using compressed air on your Mac laptop. The real key is to make sure you don't use the compressed air too close to the device.

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Take a monitor on the go with one of these options for your Mac

For work or play, consider one of these portal solutions for your favorite Mac.

Comprehensive list of Pro Tools shortcuts can be found in 'Pro Tools Shortcuts Guide' (part of Pro Tools documentation).

1. File Menu
Ctrl+NNew session...
Ctrl+OOpen session...
Ctrl+Shift+OOpen recent
Ctrl+Shift+WClose session
Ctrl+Alt+BBounce to - Disk...
Alt+Shift+IImport - Session data...
Ctrl+Shift+IImport - Audio...
Ctrl+Alt+IImport - MIDI...
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+IImport - Video...
Ctrl+PPrint score...

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2. Edit Menu
Ctrl+Alt+ZRestore last selection
Start+Shift+XCut special - Cut clip gain
Start+Shift+CCopy special - Copy clip gain
Alt+MPaste special - Merge
Ctrl+Alt+VPaste special - Repeat to fill selection
Ctrl+Start+VPaste special - To current automation type
Start+Shift+BClear special - Clear clip gain
Ctrl+ASelect all
Alt+Shift+5Selection - Change timeline to match edit
Alt+Shift+6Selection - Change edit to match timeline
Alt+[Selection - Play edit
Alt+]Selection - Play timeline
Ctrl+Shift+EInsert silence
Ctrl+TTrim clip - To selection
Alt+Shift+7Trim clip - Start to selection
Alt+Shift+8Trim clip - End to selection
Ctrl+ESeparate clip - At selection
Ctrl+HHeal separation
Alt+Shift+3Consolidate clip
Ctrl+MMute clips
Ctrl+UStrip silence
Alt+Shift+UTCE edit to timeline selection
Ctrl+Alt+HAutomation - Copy to send...
Ctrl+Alt+TAutomation - Thin
Ctrl+/Automation - Write to current
Ctrl+Alt+/Automation - Write to all enabled
Ctrl+Shift+/Automation - Trim to current
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+/Automation - Trim to all enabled
Alt+/Automation - Glide to current
Alt+Shift+/Automation - Glide to all enabled
Ctrl+FFades - Create...
Alt+DFades - Fade to start
Alt+GFades - Fade to end

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3. View Menu
Ctrl+Alt+MNarrow mix

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4. Track Menu
Alt+KSet record tracks to input only
Ctrl+Alt+FScroll to track...
Alt+CClear all clip indicators

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5. Clip Menu
Ctrl+LEdit lock/unlock
Alt+Start+LTime lock/unlock
Alt+Shift+BSend to back
Alt+Shift+FBring to front
Ctrl+Alt+Start+NumPad0Rating - None
Ctrl+Alt+Start+NumPad1..5Rating - 1..5
Ctrl+,Identify/Remove sync point
Ctrl+0 (zero)Quantize to grid
Alt+NumPad5Elastic properties

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6. Event Menu
Alt+NumPad1Time operations - Time operations window
Alt+NumPad2Tempo operations - Tempo operations window
Alt+NumPad3Event operations - Event operations window
Alt+0 (zero)Event operations - Quantize...
Alt+PEvent operations - Change duration...
Alt+TEvent operations - Transpose...
Alt+YEvent operations - Select/split notes...
Alt+NumPad4MIDI real-time properties
Ctrl+NumPad8Beat detective
Ctrl+IIdentify beat...
Ctrl+Shift+.All MIDI notes off

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7. Options Menu
Alt+LLoop record
Ctrl+JTransport online
Ctrl+Shift+JVideo track online
Ctrl+Shift+LLoop playback
Ctrl+Start+PDynamic transport
Shift+/Link timeline and edit selection
Ctrl+Alt+PAuto-spot clips
Start+Shift+TEdit/Tool mode keyboard lock

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8. Setup Menu

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9. Window Menu
Ctrl+Alt+JConfigurations - Window configuration list
Ctrl+Alt+Start+WHide all floating windows
Ctrl+WClose window
Start+=MIDI editor
Alt+Start+=Score editor
Alt+=MIDI event list
Alt+NMIDI editors - Bring to front
Alt+Shift+NMIDI editors - Send to back
Alt+'Task manager
Alt+JBrowsers - Bring to front
Alt+Shift+JBrowsers - Send to back
Ctrl+NumPad3Big counter
Ctrl+NumPad5Memory locations
Ctrl+NumPad7Video universe

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10. Misc.
Shift+SpaceHalf-speed playback
Ctrl+Shift+Space, Shift+F12Half-speed record

Best Macbook For Pro Tools

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11. Numeric Keypad Shortcuts
NumPad4Loop Playback toggle
NumPad5Loop Record toggle
NumPad6Quick Punch toggle
NumPad7Metronome toggle
NumPad8Countoff toggle
NumPad9MIDI Merge
NumPadEnterAdd Memory Location
NumPad*Main Counter Select
NumPad/Selection Counter Select
NumPad+Nudge Forward
NumPad-Nudge Backward
CtrlNumPad2Session Setup
CtrlNumPad3Main Counter
CtrlNumPad4Automation Enable
CtrlNumPad5Memory Locations
CtrlNumPad6Machine Track Arming
CtrlNumPad7Video Universe
CtrlNumPad8Beat Detective
AltNumPad0Quantize (in Event Operations window)
AltNumPad1Time Operations
AltNumPad2Tempo Operations
AltNumPad3Event Operations
AltNumPad4Real-Time Properties
AltNumPad5Elastic Properties
ShiftNumPad/Link Timeline and Edit Selection
NumPad.(Number).Recall Memory Location
NumPad.+Add Windows Configuration
NumPad.(Number)+Add Windows Configuration (specific number)
NumPad.(Number)*Recall Windows Configuration

Best Pro Tools Cover For Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

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