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With its latest release, Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault has leapt into the winner's circle, with a full set of advanced features, a sleek and elegant user interface, and support for every. Best password managers for Mac Being hacked can have disastrous results. One way to make it much harder for would-be attackers is to use a password manager on your devices. The App Factor is your #1 source for keeping up to date with the very best iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps, tips, and troubleshooting help. Contact General: [email protected]. These are the best free password managers that can help you keep track of strong, unique passwords for every secure site you use. A password like '123456' may be easy to remember, but it's also.

Are there any (preferably free/cheap) solutions for syncing and accessing encrypted passwords on a Mac, a PC and an iPhone?

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Runs on virtually anything, and has awesome security. Not the prettiest, but the best features for the price.

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It's great and syncs on the iOS platform, and has a beta for Windows too now. :)

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I use KeePassX, which does the job, although it isn't as polished as 1Password the price is right. It does also work pretty well storing the file in DropBox and accessing the same file from KeePass for windows.


I've used, it's a bit different than the other solutions but it works well.


I've used PasswordWallet to synchronize my Mac with my mobile device -- first a Palm Pilot, then the Treo, now the iPhone. Very nice, I couldn't manage without it.

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Best Password App For Mac Ipad And Iphone

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Best Password Keeper For Ipad

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