Best Monitor For Editing Video On Mac

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Best Mac For Video Editing

Best Mac monitors & displays 2018. Here are our recommendations for the best monitor for your Mac in 2018. High-resolution displays suitable for 4K video editing, graphics, or gaming.

I have been saving up for a Mac for sometime now and have decided to buy the new Mac Pro when it comes out this December.

I understand that it doesn't come with a monitor so I have been looking into which one would be best to get. I have never had to buy a separate monitor before as I have always had an iMac so maybe there is one that is very popular that most people use that I don't know about. It would mostly be used for video editing on Final Cut and a little bit of Motion and then other general things like music, photos, documents etc.

Ideally 24' or 27' and under £400.

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3 years ago

So one of the biggest factors that often goes unlooked in video editing is the monitor. The monitor is one of the most important pieces to complete the puzzle that is video editing. You have a bad monitor and all of what you do on it will not look the same on another monitor or the big screen. There's actually a guy I know who did all of the color correcting for a short film. It looked beautiful on his workstation. (His home pc) but as soon as he took over to the studio so they could do the sound design and it was all messed up. It looked all yellow and was total garbage. So he had to redo everything all because he didn't have a good monitor to work with.

So the question I pose to you guys is, what is the best video editing monitor? Do you like curved monitors? 4k monitors? 144ghz? 1440p? Ultra wide? 3 monitor setup? 3 monitor setup w/ a TV on the wall behind it? Taking away price what is your ideal monitor setup with what is currently available on the market?