Best Mastering Software For Garageband For Mac

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GarageBand for the iPad is an extraordinary piece of software. For a mere $5.99, it offers a remarkable range of accessible musical tools for novices and experts alike. Best Native Mastering Software for OSX Hi all, I'm a recording / mixing engineer not a mastering engineer and whilst I appreciate that most of the professional mastering software is PC-based I'd like to know what you all think is the best native software solution for Mac?

  1. Best Mastering Software For Garageband For Mac Free
  1. Apple includes their entry-level GarageBand music editing app with every new Mac. That means, if you're new to music or a hobbyist, GarageBand is where it's at. GarageBand uses the same Drummer digital session player as Logic Pro X (though to a lesser extent in terms of available sounds) and is the perfect app to help you start creating and mixing songs — especially if you're a super novice.
  2. Let’s be clear, the hardware knob on the microphone has zero gain and the software gain in the Mac settings has 100% gain. You may need to fiddle with the setting to find what works best for you. GarageBand Vocal Options.
  3. Whether you’re an experienced mastering engineer or a beginner, you can use this list as an easy reference for refining your mastering chain. Free Mastering Software List. This is a list of the best freeware effects and tools suitable for use in audio mastering.

Getting started

Even though Apple's GarageBand for Mac has all sorts of built-in instruments (and a smaller complement of audio effects), it has always been expandable by adding Audio Unit (AU) plugins. Besides the vast assortment of commercial plugins, there is also a treasure trove of free synthesizers and effects that will really inspire your creative juices. We've taken the time to sift through the mountains of offerings to locate the gems in the pile.

Some of the plugins include an installer, but for those that don't, you'll need to place the plugin (identified by the .component suffix) into the support folder Macintosh HDLibraryAudioPlug-InsComponents before starting up GarageBand. Power User note: The latest versions of OS X might try to stop you from installing these plugins (it's a long story), but you'll have success if you use this trick: hold down the Control key while clicking on the installer, and select the 'Open' command from the pop-up menu.

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Best Mastering Software For Garageband For Mac Free

Once in GarageBand, you can access your AU plugins by creating a software instrument track, then clicking on the 'Edit' tab in the right-hand Track Info column (see left image). You can choose a custom AU synthesizer at the top of the stack, and there are hardwired slots for the Compressor and Visual EQ effects, plus four remaining slots for your installed Audio Units plugins.

You can reorder them by clicking-dragging them up and down the stack, and the position will have a direct impact on your sound; sounds start at the top and work their way down. You can also use AU effects on any GarageBand track - recorded vocals and guitars, for example - as well as entire songs (the upper right Master Track tab, then the Edit subtab, where you'll find a single AU effects slot).