Best Mac Lipstick For Green Eyes

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Before we dive in, let’s get this out of the way: Anyone can wear whatever red lipstick they like, full-stop. “The right red is the one that makes you feel good,” Los Angeles-based makeup artist Fiona Stiles (whose clients include Margot Robbie, Gabrielle Union, and Lily Collins) tells Allure. However, you can expedite finding a red lipstick you love by taking your skin tone into account. We asked professional makeup artists to share the shades of red lipstick that flatter each complexion best, along with some product recommendations for you to choose from. If you're worrying that you can’t 'pull off' red, here's our advice: stop. 'If you're having a hard time stepping into red, then tap on the lipstick with your finger for a sheerer, stained, diffused effect,' recommends New York City-based makeup artist Rommy Najor.

Best mac lipstick for blondes with green eyes

It may seem like a The Devil Wears Pradacerulean belt situation at times, but as the experts will tell you, there's a veritable rainbow within red lippies alone. However, armed with the right knowledge (like...this article), finding your perfect shade is easier than you think. 'Red is a neutral and everyone has a red,' explains makeup artist Quinn Murphy. 'It's a much more universal color than you think, but there are a few things that can help to narrow down your search.' Here, we present 26 red lipstick options for every skin tone (including a handful that look amazing on all skin tones), plus makeup artist tips on how to navigate the counters and pick your own rouge hue.

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