Best Mac Lipstick For Fair Skin Blue Eyes

Posted By admin On 16.02.22

One of the best lipstick colors for fair skin is bright pink. In fact, it’s highly recommended for girls with pale fair skin like Emma Stone. It has a great combination of femininity and boldness − enough color to light up your face. Mac Whirl Lipstick Pictures On Women With Diffe Skin Tones Glamour Lipstick For Redheads How To Choose The Best Colors Be Beauty Tips How To Choose The Right Hair Color For Olive Skin And Brown Eyes. Best Makeup For Fair Skin Blue Eyes And Red Hair Makeupview Co. MAC Lipstick in Pink Plaid. Fair skin with blue undertones will look best with a blue-pink lipstick, popping you out with a bubblegum or candy look. Nice and sweet with the fairest of the all! Warm skin tones paired with light colored hair and pale blue eyes will also warrant a cooler pink lip.

I know that it may seem like I am on a lipstick kick lately and that’s because I am! I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I feel like I should change my blog name to Lipstick Addicts Anonymous! 🙂

This post has been requested a couple times by my readers but I haven’t written it until today for a few reasons. First, I think it is hard to suggest 10 universal colors — so I geared this post for fair/light skin. Most of these lipsticks would look great on a variety of skin tones though! Secondly, I am very particular when it comes to my Top 10’s and I was never fully satisfied by my picks until today!

If I have done an individual review or lip swatch on a particular lipstick there will be a link below. I plan on reviewing all of them with lip swatches in the future, so keep an eye out for those! Oh, and I was pretty bad at photographing lip swatches back in the day, so no judgments… you live and learn 😉

Best Mac Lipstick For Fair Skin Blue Eyes

Best Lipsticks For Fair Skin

(l-r) Hue, Shy Girl, Crème Cup, Fanfare, Viva Glam V

HUE (Glaze) — a sheer pinky nude that looks beautiful with a smokey eye. I think Hue works on just about anyone!

SHY GIRL (Cremesheen) — a mostly opaque peachy nude that has become a new favorite of my mine! I typically can’t pull off lipsticks with much orange to them, but Shy Girl is the exception! Like Hue, this lipstick looks great on a variety of different skin tones.

CREME CUP (Cremesheen) — a semi opaque light slightly cool toned pink. Crème Cup looks great with a smokey, neutral, or natural look! Definitely a must have!

FANFARE (Cremesheen) — a semi opaque warm midtone pink. This was suggested to me by one of my readers, and I have loved it since the day we met! Fanfare looks beautiful on very fair to very tan yellow toned skin. My current #1 favorite!

VIVA GLAM V (Lustre) — a sheer dusty, pearly, pink with a slight brown undertone. This is the perfect MLBB lipstick that is a “throw it on and go” kind of color. It goes with anything and is appropriate for any situation. Cult status for a reason!

(l-r) Lovelorn, Chatterbox, Craving, Impassioned, Ruby Woo
Best Mac Lipstick For Fair Skin Blue Eyes

LOVELORN (Lustre) — a semi sheer cool mid-tone pink. Lovelorn was one of my first MAC lipsticks so it will always have a place in my heart. I feel like this one is a very basic color that would suit ladies with cool complexions best.

CHATTERBOX (Amplified) — a fully opaque quintessential pink — bright but not neon. If I want to be a little daring but I’m not in the mood to go for something way out there I always pick Chatterbox. It’s perfect!

CRAVING (Amplified) — a fully opaque plummy pink. Craving is gorgeous for Fall!

IMPASSIONED (Amplified) — a fully opaque, neon watermelon pink. This looks great with winged eye liner and is definitely a statement lippy. Impassioned is one of those colors that would look beautiful on ANY skin color!

RUBY WOO (Retro Matte) — a bright neutral red. Even though Ruby Woo is incredibly dry to apply, it is the most universally flattering, true red that I have found.

Well ladies… that’s it for my Top 10 MAC lipsticks! I hope you found this helpful 🙂

Would any of my picks make your list?

Much love,