Best Mac Laptop To Choose For A Developer

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  1. Best Mac Laptop To Choose For A Developers

Best Mac for developers. So in conclusion, the 13in MacBook Pro would be a good option for anyone looking for a Mac to build an iOS or Mac app on. Go to an Apple Store (or authorized retailer) if one is close and try the different models on for size. Lay out your development environments (even by just using Notepad windows) to see how well you would be able to work. Try they keyboards. I have a Retina MacBook and can't code on it because of the different keyboard and missed keystrokes. What is essential for the best laptop for web development? Major requirement SSD Storage. Solid State Drives took the laptop market by storm. They outmatch their older HDD counterparts in nearly every criteria. Any web developer can easily appreciate the main advantage of an SSD – ability to handle a lot of small files. The Apple MMGF2LL/A is one of the best Apple laptops for coding. It comes equipped with a 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor, which features Turbo Boost technology. When an application requires a boost in processing power, the Intel Core i5 CPU can turbo boost up to 2.7GHz.

I have struggled for a past period of time from a bad Laptop .As a normal user my Laptop was quite enough for a lot of things I do,such as browsing the web ,watching videos and playing some popular games etc .But as a developer it was far from what I really needed which has negatively impacted my productivity and added some extra complexity to my daily tasks .Depending on the kind of a developer you are ,you might think that I'm exaggerating .Especially if you are a web developer who is still using the old tools to build simple static or portfolio websites or even web apps .In this case any Laptop can be quite enough for you ,but not at all ,if you are the kind of developer who tend to use modern tools and frameworks .Think of it ,for example a cross platform mobile developer using modern frameworks such as Ionic ,NativeScript or React Native ,needs to use emulators or even virtual machines for different mobile devices .It is more productive than having to debug on different real devices .Also Development IDEs are becoming more powerful but in the same time consume more processor power and memory resources ,a lot of them have even raised their minimum hardware requirements.

Best Mac Laptop To Choose For A Developer

Aside from development tools ,we can consider many other factors when choosing the right Laptop to buy which we can better define by answering these questions

How often you develop ?

Are a freelancer or a digital nomad ?

Do you use a main Desktop development machine ?

Are you a mobile ,web developer or maybe an Indie game developer ? full stack developer ? a cross platform developer ? etc .

By just answering these questions ,you can easily determine the factors you need to consider when buying a new Laptop for development ,such as the two always forgotten factors : Laptop battery life and Agronomy ,but also processor power , memory and you might even consider the hard drive capacity and Graphics card .

If you just think thoroughly about the factors you will come to the unavoidable conclusion ,you are a developer ,you need a powerful Laptop , by powerful I mean a combination of criteria from processor power ,memory ,hard drive capacity ,Graphic card,battery life and Agronomy .

Another thing to mention before heading to the list of best Laptops for developers to buy in 2017 ,is the operating system .While MAC OS is considered the best operating system for designers ,Linux is the most developer friendly OS but even if these facts are true you still need Windows if you are developing apps for the Microsoft ecosystem ,Windows also has one of the best development IDEs in the world which is Visual Studio with power features such as Intellisense for code completion .


I don't pretend to have the best list of Laptop for developers ,I also don't pretend that I have tested all these Laptops myself .It's based on the opinions of some friend developers ,research on online communities and my educated opinion which you can yourself have if you have a good experience with development and different related tools using a Laptop computer .

So now ,lets look at the best Laptops for the year 2017 which are what developers need to buy for a better productivity and agronomy .

The list will be updated and new Laptops will be added as soon as I can get more information .

1 - Acer Aspire E5 : Best laptop for developers on a budget

Acer Aspire E5 is one of the best Laptops for developers who are on a budget .It is quite good for doing the everyday development tasks but also for gaming since it has a very decent set of features ,6th Generation Intel i5-6200U ,Nvidia GeForce 940 MX Graphics card ,8 GB of DDR4 memory and 256GB SSD .For the screen size it's 15.6 inch with a screen resolution of 1920x1080

For the battery life ,it's quite good but it always depends on the tasks you are doing so when executing CPU extensive tasks such as compiling and building apps which is what developers do all the time ,you may definitely experience less battery life as it's promised by the seller which is around 9.5 hours for web surfing over WiFi or even up to 12-hours .

You can find more info about this Laptop Here

2 - Apple MacBook Pro Laptop

If you are a MAC user ,then Apple MacBook Prop Laptop is the right choice for you as a developer ,based on the opinions of a great base of developers .It has a high performance 2.7GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor which is more than enough for a big range of developement tasks .Intel HD Graphics 530 card and a 16GB RAM .

You can find more details about the product here

3 - Dell XPS 13

This Laptop requires more budget than the Acer Aspire E5 so if that's not a problem for you ,you can choose this one especially that it has the best compatibility with Linux and works great with Windows also .It also has the best in class hardware .

Find more product details here

Best Mac Laptop To Choose For A Developers

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