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Millions of players are currently connected to Minecraft gaming platform. No matter whether you are a professional gamer or are just entering inside the gaming world, we all love to record and share interesting game moments on internet. But in order to ensure great content quality during recording process, one needs to choose high performance recording tool that never causes losses for video quality. If you are also searching for such recording tools then the article below is really useful for you. Here we have provided reviews for top minecraft screen recorder software programs that work on iPhone, Android, Mac and Window platform.

Minecraft Screen Recorder for PC and Mac:

Filmora scrn

Bandicam (Windows):

One of the top recommended software tools for recording Minecraft videos is Bandicam. In the capture mode, users can make selections for recording particular areas of screen as well as it can record the whole screen without losing the content quality. During recording mode, Bandicam keep on displaying frame rating on the screen at top left corner but users can make settings to hide it if not required.


  • Recorded videos can be saved with MP4 and AVI extension.
  • Customized recording screen adjustments.


  • Available only for Windows.

ShadowPlay (Windows):

No matter whether you want to enjoy live streams, wish to capture screen shots or record high quality videos for your Minecraft game; ShadowPlay can offer you great content quality. This software tool can automatically record all videos on background and when your press the hotkey for recording then it saved last 30 seconds of game record to specific memory location.


  • It offers 4K recording facility that is best idea for minecraft players.
  • Does not affect system performance.


  • Need higher bandwidth for broadcasting.

Game DVR (Windows 10):

Game DVR is best Xbox App that works on Window 10 platform and offers crisp and high quality video recording facility for games. Users can access the Game Bar pop up on their device screen by simply pressing Win+ G shortcut keys. It can be used to record game videos with 1080p resolution settings as well as 720p setting.


  • It can capture videos as well as screenshots.
  • Hotkeys can be used to improve performance.
  • You will not face any lag in recording process.


  • Lack of advanced features that are easily available in other competitors.

OBS (Windows and Mac):

This classic screen recorder tool works on Windows, Mac as well as Linux platform. OBS is available as an open source tool that is available for free without any restriction. OBS studio offers easy recording, streaming and editing options with its interactive and user friendly interface.


  • Available for free so anyone can access it to record Minecraft.
  • It never poses any restriction on length of videos.


  • Leads to higher compression of recorded videos.

Screenflick (Mac):

This screen recorder tool focuses on Mac environment with high performance service while capturing audios as well and game videos to easy sharing. ScreenFlick is commonly used by professionals foe various video chats, training sessions and for capturing all latest 3D style games.


  • Offers user friendly and highly streamlined interface.
  • One click audio controls.


  • Users cannot adjust quality of recorded video files.

ScreenFlow (Mac):

ScreenFlow offers great recording service for Minecraft with its ability to capture audio from computer, from multi channel type audio devices, external microphone, iOS device and video camera.


  • Useful for professional Minecraft players due to its efficient editing tools, animations, text, music and tranisions.
  • Supports all popular file formats and allows easy sharing on popular social media platforms.


  • Missing built in templates.
  • You need to make very high payment to gain access to all features of this software.

Minecraft Screen Recorder for Android:

Mobizen Screen Recorder:

It is much easier to record minecraft on Android platform with its easy to use tools. Mobizen can be accessed for free with all great features that make recording task much easier. You will be glad to know that Mobizen also allows users to remove watermarks from videos and screenshots for free.


  • Easy to use with free record, edit and capture abilities.
  • Lots of customization options.
  • Supports 1080p resolution level with 60fps frame rate and 12 Mbps setting.


  • Not yet found.

AZ Screen Recorder:

AZ Screen Recorder offers efficient recording service for minecraft players with its ad free environment. It can be used for free even without any restriction over time limit and it not even leaves any water mark for recorded videos. AZ Screen recorder does not demand root access to your device.


  • It can record videos with HD and Full HD resolution settings.
  • Provides support to audio recording with clear sound effects.


  • Annoying crashes reported.

Minecraft Screen Recorder for iOS:


AirShou is popularly used screen recording application that works perfectly on all iOS devices. This application is loaded with lots of advanced features and can record fast moving action games without losing video quality. All settings are pretty straightforward and they allow easy controls for stream adjustments.


  • It allows direct streaming to
  • Great customization options.


  • People do not like its red bar that stays on top portion of the screen during recording process.


Dr.Fone can offer you smoothest game recording service on iOS platform. It is 100% secure and efficiently fast with easy to use features. You will be glad to know that using Dr.Frone you can enjoy HD mirroring in real time without suffering any lag for Minecraft recording. It can also capture audio signals and the one click start option allows easy recording.


  • Lots of customization settings to improve recording performance.
  • Supports wireless mirroring service.
  • Smooth recording service with safe, simple and fast work performance.


  • You need to pay to use its all quality features.

Easy-to-use and powerful video editor for all creators.

Bring up your video to a professional level with straightforward tools.

  • Choosing Video Editing Software
  • Video Editing Tips

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4 ()






Yes (64)

Data value

dec: 260 hex: 104 bin: 100000100



This article is about the natural food item. For the rarer, more beneficial food item, see Golden Apple.

Apples restore two full points of hunger. But WAIT! They can also be crafted with gold into golden apples – which heal the same amount of hunger but give you health regeneration and absorption buffs on top. Horses like apples too, and feeding one to a baby horse will help it grow up big and strong.

Duncan Geere[1]

Apples are food items that can be eaten by the player.

  • 1Obtaining
  • 2Usage



Oak and dark oak leaves have 0.5% (1200) chance of dropping an apple when decayed or broken. This amounts to approximately 25% (14) chance to get an apple from an oak tree and 60% chance from a dark oak tree. Breaking leaves with a tool enchanted with the Fortune enchantment increases the chances of dropping an apple: 0.556% (1180) with Fortune I, 0.625% (1160) with Fortune II, and 0.833% (1120) with Fortune III.

Natural generation[edit]

Apples can be found in 33.5% of stronghold altar chests, 47.5% of stronghold storeroom chests, 59.8% of village weaponsmith chests, and 70.4% of igloo chests, all in stacks of 1–3; in 74.2% of plains village house chests in stacks of 1–5; and in 83.8% of bonus chests in stacks of 1–2.

In Bedrock Edition they can be found in 32.5% of stronghold altar chests and 40.0% of stronghold storeroom chests in stacks of 1–3, and in all bonus chests in stacks of 1–2.



Apprentice-level farmer villagers have a 50%‌[Bedrock Edition only] or 23[Java Edition only] chance of selling 4 apples as part of their trades.


See also: Hunger management

To eat an apple, press and hold use while it is selected in the hotbar. Eating one restores 4 () and 2.4 hunger saturation.

Crafting ingredient[edit]

NameIngredientsCrafting recipeDescription
Enchanted Golden AppleBlock of Gold +
[Legacy Console Edition only]
Golden AppleGold Ingot +


Placing an apple into a composter has a 65% chance of raising the compost level by 1.


Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Internal ID
HusbandryThe world is full of friends and foodEat anything that can be eaten.minecraft:husbandry/root
A Balanced DietEat everything that is edible, even if it's not good for youA Seedy PlaceEat each of these 38 foods. In Java Edition 1.15‌[upcoming], consuming a honey bottle is also required for the advancement. Other foods are ignored for the advancement.minecraft:husbandry/balanced_diet


Java Edition Indev
0.3120100105Added apples. Are non-functional in this version.
20100111-1Apples are now functional and are edible, restoring 2 hearts. They were intended to replace mushrooms, which were previously edible.
Java Edition Infdev
February 23, 2010At the bottom of a crafting guide they made, a player named JTE jokingly indicated that Notch dropped an apple when killed, and that apples could be crafted into something called a 'golden apple' – this was a joke on the fact that apples were totally unobtainable.[2][3]
20100227Players named 'Notch' now drop an apple when killed.
Apples are now used to craft golden apples.
Java Edition Alpha
v1.0.15With the release of multiplayer, apples can now once again be obtained by killing any player named 'Notch'.
Java Edition Beta
1.8Pre-releaseApples can now found in the new stronghold storeroom chests.
Apples now restore 4 () instead of 4.
Apples are now stackable.
?Killing any player named 'Notch' no longer drops an apple.
Java Edition
1.0.0Beta 1.9 Prerelease 3Apples are now found in the new stronghold altar chests.
1.111w48aOak leaves now have a 1/200 chance of dropping an apple when destroyed.
12w01aApples are now found in the new village blacksmith chests.
1.3.112w16aApples can now be found in the new bonus chests.
12w21aFarmer villagers now sell 5 apples for 1 emerald.
Apples are now used to craft enchanted golden apples.
1.4.212w37a The apple's texture has now been changed: the item sprite no longer has a dark outline and now has a more detailed look.
1.513w09bThe Fortune enchantment now increases the chance of dropping apples.
1.915w43aApples may now be found in igloo basement chests.
15w44aAverage yield of apples has been slightly increased in bonus chests.
Apples can now no longer be used to craft enchanted golden apples.
1.1116w33aFarmer villagers now sell 5–7 apples for 1 emerald.
1.1317w47aPrior to The Flattening, this item's numeral ID was 260.
1.1418w43a Changed the texture of apples.
19w03aPlacing an apple into the new composter has a 50% chance of raising the compost level by 1.
19w05aApples now have a 65% chance of increasing the compost level in a composter by 1.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.4.0 Added apples.
0.8.0build 2 The apple's texture has now been changed: the item sprite no longer has a dark outline and now has a more detailed look.
0.12.1build 1Added apples to the creativeinventory.
Apples are now stackable.
Apples now restore 4 () instead of 4.
The Fortuneenchantment can now be used to increase chance of dropping apples.
Apples can now be used to craft golden apples and enchanted golden apples.
0.15.0build 1Apples can now be used to feed horses.
Pocket Edition
1.0.0alpha can now be found inside igloochests.
1.0.4alpha villagers now sell 5-7 apples for 1 emerald.
Bedrock Edition
1.2.0beta can now no longer be used to craft enchanted golden apples.
Apples can now be found inside bonus chests.
1.10.0beta can now be found in plains village weaponsmith chests and plains house chests.
Changed the texture of apples.
1.11.0beta can now be found in desert, savanna, taiga, and snowy taiga village weaponsmith chests.
Apples can now be used to fill up composters.
beta villagers now sell 4 apples as part of their second tier trades.
Legacy Console Edition
TU1Patch 1 Added apples.
TU5Apples are now stackable.
Apples now restore 4 () instead of 4.
TU121.03 The apple's texture has been changed: the item sprite no longer has a dark outline and now has a more detailed look.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
0.1.0 Added apples.


Issues relating to 'Apple' are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.


  • The sprite of red apples was the same as used in Notch's game Legend of the Chambered.[citation needed]


  • An apple found in a stronghold chest.

  • An apple that dropped from decaying leaves.

  • Obtaining apples via villager trading.

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