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  1. Mac Emulator For Windows 10

10 Best Android Emulators For Windows 10 and Mac PC by Rajkumar Maurya / Last Updated: April 21, 2018 / Tools / 1 Comment / If you are looking for the best Android emulator for PC then there are dozens of Android emulator software available online. Above all is the third-party (Non-apple) Top best iOS Emulator for PC, Windows running on Windows 10 in 2018 list.

10 Best Windows Emulator For Mac 1 – Parallels Desktop. Parallels Desktop is a paid emulator which is the best in this field! You can get this emulator at a price of $53.97 on your Mac OS. This emulator allows you to run windows application smoothly on a Mac OS. Top 23 Best MAC Emulator for Windows O.S. (Operating System) PC [GUIDE] 23. Yabause (GNU General Public License) –Yabause is a Sega Saturn Emulator for the Windows, MAC OS X, and the Linux. 12+ Best Android Emulators For Windows PC & Mac 2018 (Updated) If you are an Android fanboy, then you might have thought of getting some of the best android emulators for your PC to try out new apps or even some development works as well.

Did you know that with the necessary software crutches, modern day PCs and Macs can easily emulate Android. Well, of course you did! While we doubt that many are actually fans of running the touch-optimized Android OS on their much more capable computers, it's still worthy the explore what options you have.
While you might think that there are tons of Android emulators for desktop PCs and Macs out there, the reality of the situation is that the majority are either super-shady ones or don't function as intended at all. Thus, instead of going for quantity in this piece right here, we chose the other path and opted for quality instead. Hence, don't expect 10 or 15 Android emulators, but merely a few. The difference here is that all of the emulators you'll see below have been tried and proven extensively by us, for both light productivity and the occasional gaming sesh during lunchtime hours.


Bluestacks is without a doubt one of the very best Android emulators available for either Windows PCs and Mac computers. While it would certainly appear as the most-bloated one, Bluestacks is simultaneously one of the most feature-rich Android emulators. It's also one of the better-performing ones, but as all emulators do, it requires a better-than-average hardware in order to run acceptably. While the majority of regular Android emulator look and function just like any older Android tablet, Bluestacks boasts a much more modern interface that puts the Android apps and games front and first, which is a big plus in our book. Customization-wise, Bluestacks allows you to tamper with various display and performance settings. If you succeed to overlook the couple of bloat-y features here and there, Bluestacks is the Emulator with capital 'E'!


Nox Player

Nox Player is an excellent Android emulator for either macOS or Windows-powered PCs. The feature-rich program runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat, but that's just enough for most games and apps to run as intended. Nox supports direct drag and drop from your file explorer directly to multimedia and social media apps for easier content sharing, allows the user to with either keyboard + mouse or a gamepad, and finally, has a trove of performance settings that allow you to customize the cores of your virtual Android machine, the available RAM, display resolution, as well as choose between OpenGL and DirectX rendering. The app comes with five themes and is a self-contained package that requires almost zero input from you during the installation process. However, performance may greatly vary depending on your hardware, and a standalone graphics card is definitely a requirement if you want hassle-free 60fps gameplay.
Nox Player

MEmu Play

While it's unavailable on Mac devices, MEmu Play is a great, no-frills Android emulator exclusive to Windows PCs. It features the good ol' tablet interface that most Android emulators flaunt and allows you to easily log in with your Google account and freely download any app or game from the Play Store. The trove of features and customization options available make it rather easy to tailor the interface and the performance of the emulator to suit your needs. The developers of the emulator tend to heavily advertise it as one of the easiest and simultaneously best means to play PUBG Mobile on your computer, so have it it mind if you're fan of the battle royale sensation.
MEmu Play




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No love for Linux? :')

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Here's another 2:- Koplayer (almost like nox clone, but less bloatware)- Android emulator (Probably the oldest of all, and it use the latest android version available, yes it's the one inside Android Studio or Android SDK :v )

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how can I do this?

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Could anyone recommend an emulator with little lag? I have nox installed in my laptop and it tends to lag my game from time to time and it's cpu heavy. Help is much appreciated.

posted on May 14, 2018, 7:40 AM

posted on May 14, 2018, 7:46 AM

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why use an emulator vs a android virtual machine

posted on May 14, 2018, 9:09 AM 0



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why use an emulator vs a android virtual machine

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Emulators generally cause a lot of lag if the internet is slow. But I have used Bluestacks 3 and its great with little lag.

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There are a lot of valid reasons why someone would want to run Android emulators on their PC. App developers may be trying to test their application before shipping it out. Gamers may want to use a mouse and keyboard on their games. Maybe you just want it there to have it. In any case, Android emulation on PC is possible and we’re going to take a look at the best Android emulators for PC. Please note, the process is rarely easy and some of these require some technical knowledge. Also note that many of these emulators are made more or less the same way. It’s a matter of finding the one that works for you! Let’s get started.

Android emulators/simulators are largely required to run Android apps & games on PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/10) . However, choosing the correct Android emulator might become a daunting task, as if not selected properly they can really slow down your Computer (e.g Duos M) . So, here we bring you the best 7 Android emulators for your PC – Windows 7/8/8.1/10 which you can use to run android on computer

Let’s go through some of the best Android emulators for Windows PC & MacOS for 2018, these software works fine in Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP. without any further ado let’s dive in!

1. XEPlayer

XePlayer is a best & free Android Emulator for pc that enables all Android games and apps to run smoothly in Windows systems. It built on x86 Architecture, support advanced features like OpenGL & hardware acceleration, run faster, more stability and compatibility than other Android Emulators. XePlayer Android Emulator for pc support video recording, gamepad & keyboard, and internal integrated Google Play store to compatible with all apps, more than 99% apps & games Running perfect on XePlayer.XePlayer Android Emulator is downloadable for Windows 7,8,10,xp and Laptop.

2. Nox App Player

Minimalism at its peak, Nox App player is one of the minimalistic yet best Android emulator available for Windows & Mac. If gaming is your area of interest, then it has your name written on, the efficient game rendering engine makes effective use of your system resource & provides you enough headroom for other multitasking as well.

The full-fledged operating system expands your possibilities even further, you could install apps directly from the Google Play Store or install through apks (make sure you enable installation from unknown sources). If you are a developer, then you could make use of if to test out your apps or games.

After all, the whole package comes for free of cost, which is the notable thing among all. If you need more information about this android emulator, check out our in-depth review here. Currently, it is only available for Windows & MacOS. Linux users, have to wait until they develop one for the platform, which is in the near future.

3. BlueStacks

BlueStacks is the most widely used Android emulator or Android App Player for Windows . It used to be free but now is only in Specific regions

  • Easy One-click installation on the Windows System (Split-online installer as well as offline installer is available).
  • Easily install 3rd party apk’s or android apps by simply double clicking on the apk files.
  • No other-3rd party virtualization required (VirtualBox isn’t required).

4. Ko Player

KO Player is the latest entrant in this list & is a great android emulator especially when it comes to playing Android games on your Computer / PC. KO Player provides a host of great features in its android emulator such as –

  • Keyboard to Touch Mapping
  • Crisp Display on Bigger screens due to HD Resolution
  • Ability directly record your Android emulation screen & save it as a video. Thus, enabling you to share your Gameplay easily.
  • Besides, you can run multiple accounts of various simultaneously
  • Since, it is made for gaming KO Player does require a good amount of RAM & graphics memory

5. Remix OS Payer

Remix OS player is a Windows-only Android emulator that is easy to use with little to no hiccups. It’s based on the Marshmallow (v6.0.1), which isn’t far behind from Android Oreo. What sets Remix OS apart is its dual booting capability, you could use as a desktop client or install Remix in a separate partition in x86 compatible systems. Follow this guide to install remix OS 3.0 on your computer.

The user interface is easy to use & seems stable throughout our testing, Google Play Store comes by default, so you don’t have to sideload. The team behind Remix OS player touting the games it supports & experience you’ll get. It does perform well in the demanding games but still needs refinement. You could remap the keyboards shortcuts to raise any action you need, and also run multiple games simultaneously, thanks to the effective resource utilization. If you are covered under the recommended system configuration, it is a pleasant experience.

The unavailability of the MacOS & turns off the Apple users, it is not a big deal as the developers claiming this as the Android emulator for Windows PC, not the Mac.

6 – Andyroid – Andy OS

AndyRoid is one of its own kind Android Emulator for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 . It supports some unique features which aren’t supported by any other android emulators out there such as –

Using your phone as remote control while playing games!.
ARM support, You can directly install apps in your andy emulator through your host’s desktop browser!.
As Andy is based upon VirtualBox , It doesn’t require any dedicated Graphics card to function smoothly and works well even on Intel HD Graphics.Andyroid is very similar and may be classified as an advanced alternative to Genymotion as both of them require VirtualBox to be installed on the system.

7. GenyMotion

If you are an app developer or one who tests lots of apps, then you should give Genymotion a shot which is one of the self-claimed developer suits. It is a complete package for developers that’s is compatible with Android SDK tools, Eclipse and Android Studio. Further, you can go ahead & install Genymotion plugins on your Android Studio for quick access (you should also install Genymotion). Deploying multiple instances, testing your websites through various browsers – user agents, try your location permission required apps, battery status & pretty everything.

Further, you can also automate your app testing through Genymotion’s Java API. It manipulates the sensor values of the specified app & tests it in the different locations & scenarios. Changing the device’s name, IMEI, MEID is seamless, you can even emulate the fake SMS/calls to know how your app reacts to that situation. And other geeky stuff!

It takes advantage of the OpenGL compatible graphics cards, which slightly makes it faster & more responsive when performing any graphics-oriented tasks. It is power packed with the developers, Genymotion Cloud is something exciting, you could get Android emulator online using Genymotion Cloud, which resides in the cloud & you could browse your internet browser. Team collaboration & seamless integration is something Genymotion Cloud advertises about.

It is a paid android emulator, which turns off many. Many of the features are only available for the paid version, although there is a free version available to download, you are only limited to use few basic features for non-commercial purpose only. If you are app developer professionally, then you should get your paid version without any doubt, nothing comes to it. Also, compatibility isn’t an issue, it is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux & Cloud based as well.

8. MEmu

MEmu is a light-weight Android emulator for Windows PCs comes in few kernels that support Android Jellybean, KitKat & Lollipop, as they tout it will get Marshmallow & Nougat soon. Being a freeware, it has got most of the things like it’s contenders. It supports both Intel & AMD Systems also the dedicated & integrated graphics, in most of the popular games. It is a flexible emulator, means the user can configure CPU, ram, device model & other settings.

You can also create multiple instances & perform a sort of multitasking within the emulator, which sounds cool though. And it supports full-screen support in some popular games, you can play using keyboard, mouse & even joysticks. Other features including drag-and-drop to install apk files, faster loading times, keyboard mapping, easy file sharing between Android & windows and bunch of others.

9. Youwave

Youwave is elder among all the Android emulators for PC available, it has not updated for years.It has got two different versions, Free & Premium versions. If you are booted into free software, you’ll be greeted with Android ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) with some advertisements. Premium has got nothing but Android Lollipop as the OS & no ads that’s what it is. The major drawback being the lack of apps support, apps require any sensor information and apps which use closed APIs might not work in Youwave.

Unlike most of its competitors, it doesn’t need high-end system configuration because it runs Android ICS which is not a demanding OS at all. It brings nothing new to the table, but if you are looking for a basic software to emulate the Android apps and does light gaming then you can check Youwave. But anything above this requirement you have better options. It is available only available for Windows, no MacOS or Linux version out there.

10. VirtualBox

VirtualBox is not an Android emulator specifically, it is a software that installs other operating systems as Guest OS on your computer. You have to download VirtualBox & Android iOS to get this going, it is quite time-consuming & tedious to set up. Once, you have grounded yourself with the setup, you could play around with Android like you do on a physical device. Even, few Android emulators like Andyroid are based on the VirtualBox & VMware software.

This is powered by Android x86 project, which is one of the unofficial initiatives to bring the Android to the desktop & workstation grade platform running Intel & AMD chipsets. Thanks to the Android’s open source nature, they tweaked few things and made it run on desktops.

Mac Emulator For Windows 10

You need to create a new instance in VirtualBox & make change settings, add the downloaded Android iOS as disk image you are good to go. If you still unable to get through this step, follow this guide by howtogeek. Though you could up & running Android in few minutes we don’t recommend this for most of the consumers. Better go with an android emulator for your computers, rather than downloading iso and setting up the instance.