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Posted By admin On 15.02.22
  1. Best Macbook For Your Money
But when she looked at the prices, she almost passed out. I told her PCs are cheaper, because macs are better, but it's still alot for her. Anybody have any recommendations on a refurb? Does apple sell refurbs at all? I know they are all over ebay, but buying something that expensive on ebay makes me nervous. She doesn't need a dvd burner, or a huge hard drive. She does pics, internet, itunes and games. She's just sick and tired of the viruses on her pc laptop.
Thanks! Kelly

Today in this surprising my mom video, I decided to get her a brand new apple macbook! I love surprising my mom with different designer gifts, which you guys may have seen before, but this a. Best Answer: So the best way is to work and pay for it yourself, then your dad can't say anything because he didn't pay for it. But at the same time while you work, you will realize how much even base model MacBook costs. That is one of the reason why most parent won't buy a MacBook.

Best Macbook For Your Money


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