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  3. Eclipse For Mac
  1. Java remains one of the most popular programming languages in the world, a position fostered by the language's simplicity as well as the robust ecosystem of integrated development environments on the market that support both general and specific coding objectives.
  2. In our view, the Toshiba Portege Z30-C-138 is the best laptop for programming, as it features a fast processor, a large SSD and hefty 16GB of RAM.

Coda is perhaps one of the most loved web development and programming editor for Mac. It is famous for its ridiculously good looking interface, and smart powerful features. It allows you to edit local or remote files, manage projects, work on multiple files at once with easy switching between tabs.

This page is intended to list all current compilers, compiler generators, interpreters, translators, tool foundations, assemblers, automatable command line interfaces (shells), etc.

Ada compilers[edit]

Compiler puskiAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense type
PTC ObjectAdaPTC, Inc.YesYesYesProprietary
GNU ProjectYesYesYesGPLv3+
GreenHills Ada Optimizing CompilerGreen Hills SoftwareYesYesNoProprietary
PTC ApexAdaPTC, Inc.NoYesYesProprietary
SCORE AdaDDC-IYesYesYesProprietary

ALGOL 60 compilers[edit]

CompilerAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense type
ALGOL 60RHA (Minisystems) LtdNoNoDOS, CP/MFree for personal use
Persistent S-algolPaul CockshottYesNoDOSCopyright only

ALGOL 68 compilers[edit]

cf. ALGOL 68s specification and implementation timeline

NameYearPurposeStateDescriptionTarget CPULicensingImplementation Language
ALGOL 68r01968StandardIntlIFIP WG 2.1 Final ReportSpecification - AugustACM
ALGOL 68-RR1970MilitaryUKICL 1900ALGOL 60
EPOS ALGOLE1971Scientific
ALGOL 68RSRS1972MilitaryUKPortable compiler systemICL 2900/Series 39, Multics, VMS & C generator (1993)Crown CopyrightALGOL 68RS
Mini ALGOL 681973ResearchNL'An interpreter for simple Algol 68 Programs'Portable interpreterMathematisch CentrumALGOL 60
ALGOL 68CC1975ScientificUKCambridge Algol 68ICL, IBM 360, PDP 10 & Unix, Telefunken, Tesla & Z80(1980)[1]CambridgeALGOL 68C
ALGOL 68 Revised Reportr11975StandardIntlIFIP WG 2.1 Revised ReportSpecificationACM
Odra Algol 681976practical usesUSSR/PolandOdra 1204/ILSovietALGOL 60
FLACCF1977Multi-purposeCARevised Report complete implementation with debug featuresSystem/370lease, Chion CorporationAssembler
Leningrad ALGOL 68L1980TelecommunicationsUSSRFull Language + ModulesIBM, DEC, CAMCOH, PS 1001 & PCSoviet
Interactive ALGOL 68I1983UKIncremental compilationPCNoncommercial shareware
ALGOL 68SS1985ScientificIntlSun version of ALGOL 68Sun-3, Sun SPARC (under SunOS 4.1 & Solaris 2), Atari ST (under GEMDOS), Acorn Archimedes (under RISC OS), VAX-11 under Ultrix-32
Algol68toC[2] (ctrans)1985ElectronicsUKctrans from ELLAALGOL 68RSPortable C generator Open Sourced & Public Domained 1995ALGOL 68RS
Algol 68 GenieG2001Full LanguageNLIncludes standard collateral clausePortable interpreterGPLC

Assemblers (Intel *86)[edit]

AssemblerAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense type
Turbo AssemblerBorlandYesNoNoProprietary
A86 assemblerEric IsaacsonYesNoNoProprietary
Microsoft Macro AssemblerMicrosoftYesNoNoProprietary
Netwide AssemblerSimon Tatham and Julian HallYesYesYesBSD

Assemblers (Motorola 68*)[edit]

AssemblerAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense type

Assemblers (Zilog Z80)[edit]

AssemblerAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense type
Zeus AssemblerNeil Mottershead, Simon BrattelNoNoYesProprietary

Assemblers (other)[edit]

AssemblerAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense type
TMS 9900 AssemblerTexas InstrumentsYesNoNoProprietary

BASIC Compilers[edit]

CompilerAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense type
BlitzMaxBlitz ResearchYesYes (Linux, OS X)Nozlib License
DarkBASICThe Game CreatorsYesNoNoProprietary
FreeBASICFreeBASIC Development TeamYesYesDOSGPLv2+
GambasBenoît MinisiniNoYesNoGPLv2+
PowerBASICPowerBASIC, Inc.YesNoDOSProprietary
PureBasicFantaisie SoftwareYesYesYesProprietary
Xojo (formerly REALbasic)Xojo Inc. (formerly Real Software)YesYesYesProprietary
True BASICTrue BASICYesNoNoProprietary

BASIC interpreters[edit]

InterpreterAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense type
Liberty BASICShoptalk SystemsYesNoNoProprietary
Chipmunk BasicRonald H. Nicholson, Jr.YesYesYesFreeware
TI BasicTexas InstrumentsNoNoTI-99/4AProprietary
TI Extended BasicTexas InstrumentsNoNoTI-99/4AProprietary
Rocky Mountain BASIC[Trans Era]YesNoHP 9000Proprietary

Batch compilers[edit]

C compilers[edit]

CompilerAuthorMicrosoft WindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense typeStandard conformance
AMD Optimizing C/C++ Compiler (AOCC)AMDNoYesNoUIUC license????
Aztec CManx Software SystemsNoNoCP/M, CP/M-86, DOS, Classic Mac OSProprietary????
Amsterdam Compiler KitAndrew Tanenbaum and Ceriel JacobsNoYesYesBSD????
BDS CBD SoftwareNoNoCP/MPublic domain????
C++BuilderEmbarcaderoYesYes (iOS, Android)NoProprietaryYesYesPartial?
ChSoftIntegration, IncYesOS X, FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, QnxYesFreewareYesYesNo?
ClangLLVM ProjectYesYesYesUoI/NCSAYesYesPartialPartial
CompCertINRIAYesYesNoFreeware (source code available for non-commercial use) or GPLYesPartialNo?
Digital MarsDigital MarsYesNoNoProprietary????
Digital Research C[3]Digital Research??CP/M, DOSProprietary????
Edison Design GroupEdison Design GroupYesYesYesProprietaryYesYesNo?
GCC CGNU ProjectMinGW, CygwinYesIBM mainframe, AmigaOS, VAX/VMS, RTEMS, DOS[4]GPLYesPartial[i]Partial[i]Partial[i]
IAR C/C++ CompilersIAR SystemsYesNoNoProprietaryYesYesYesYes
Intel C++ Compiler
IntelYesLinux, macOSNoProprietary (Freeware for most non-commercial applications)YesPartialPartial?
Interactive CKISS Institute for Practical RoboticsYesUnix, OS X, Linux, IRIX, Solaris, SunOSNoFreewarePartialNoNo?
keil C/C++ CompilersKeil (company)YesYesNoProprietary????
Lattice CLifeboat AssociatesNoYesDOS, OS/2, Commodore, Amiga, Atari ST, Sinclair QLProprietary????
lccChris Fraser and David HansonYesYesYesFreeware (source code available for non-commercial use)YesNoNo?
Mark Williams CMark Williams CompanyYesCoherentYesProprietary - Coherent Compiler 3-clause BSD[clarification needed]????
MikroC CompilerMikroelektronikaYesYesYesProprietary????
MPW CAppleNoNoClassic Mac OSProprietary????
Open64AMDSGIGoogleHPIntelNvidiaPathScaleTsinghua University and othersNoYesYesGPL????
Pacific CHi-tech softwareNoNoDOSFreeware[5]????
Pelles CPelle OriniusYesNoNoFreeware????
Personal C Compiler (PCC)DeSmetNoNoDOSOpensource[6]????
PGCCThe Portland GroupYesYesUnknownProprietary????
Portable C CompilerStephen C. Johnson, Anders Magnusson and othersYesYesYesBSDYesPartialNo?
Ritchie C Compiler (PDP-11)Dennis Ritchie and John Reiser; converted to cross-compiler by Doug GwynYesYesYesFreeware????
SAS/CSAS InstituteYesYesYes IBM mainframe, AmigaOS, 68K, 88KProprietary????
sccsuckless.orgNoYesNoISC License????
SCORE C (tcc)DDC-IYesYesYesProprietary????
Small-CRon Caine, James E. Hendrix, Byte magazineYesYesCP/M, DOSPublic domainPartialNoNo?
Small Device C CompilerSandeep Dutta and othersYesYesUnknownGPL????
TaskingAltiumYesLinux, MacOSNoProprietary????
THINK C, Lightspeed CTHINK TechnologiesNoNoClassic Mac OSProprietary????
Tiny C CompilerFabrice BellardYesYesNoLGPLYesPartialPartial?
(Borland) Turbo CEmbarcaderoYesNoYesProprietary - V 2.01 freely available????
VBCCVolker BarthelmannYesYesYesFreeware (source code available, modification not allowed)YesPartialNo?
Visual C++ ExpressMicrosoftYesNoNoFreewareYesPartialPartial?
Watcom C/C++,
Open Watcom C/C++
WatcomYesexperimentalDOS, OS/2Sybase Open Watcom Public LicenseYesPartialNo?
Wind River (Diab) CompilerWind River SystemsYesYesYesProprietary????
XL CIBMNoAIX, LinuxNoProprietaryYesYesPartial?


Source-to-source compilers[edit]

This list is incomplete. A more extensive list of source-to-source compilers can be found here.

CompilerAuthorTarget InputTarget OutputAuto-ParallelizerWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense typeFramework?
DMS Software Reengineering ToolkitSemantic DesignsC/C++, COBOL, PL/I, many othersArbitrary languagesNoYesYesYesProprietaryYes
EDG Front EndEdison Design GroupC/C++, Java, FortranCNoYesYesYesProprietaryYes
ROSELawrence Livermore National LaboratoryC, Fortran, and moreC, Fortran, and moreYesNoYesYesBSDYes
PIPS Parallélisation interprocédurale de programmes scientifiquesMines ParisTechC, FortranC, FortranYesNoYesYesGPLYes

C++ compilers[edit]

CompilerAuthorOperating System[i]License typeIDEStandard conformance
AMD Optimizing C/C++ Compiler (AOCC)AMDNoYesNoUIUC licenseNo???
C++Builder (classic Borland, bcc*)Embarcadero (CodeGear)Yes (bcc32)macOS (bccosx)[7]NoProprietaryYesYes[8][9]NoNo
C++Builder (modern, bcc*c)Embarcadero (LLVM)[10]Yes (bcc32c,bcc64)⟨iOS⟩ (bccios*), ⟨Android⟩ (bcca*)[7]NoProprietaryYesYes[ii][8][9]Yes [11]Yes [12]
Turbo C++ (tcc)Borland (CodeGear)NoNoDOSProprietary (Freeware)YesNoNoNo
CINTCERNYesYesBeBox, DOS, etc.X11/MITYesNoNoNo
Clang (clang++)LLVM ProjectYesYesYesUoI/NCSAXcode, QtCreator (optional)Yes[ii][13][14][9]YesYes
Comeau C/C++Comeau ComputingYesYesYesProprietaryNoNo[iii]NoNo
Cray C/C++ (CC)CrayNoYesNoProprietaryNoYes[iv][15][16]Yes[iv]No
Digital Mars C/C++ (dmc)Digital MarsYesNoDOSProprietaryNoSome[17][9]NoNo
EDG C++ Front End (eccp, edgcpfe)Edison Design GroupYesYesYesProprietaryNoYes[iii][18][9]YesPartial
EKOPath(pathCC)PathScale and othersNoYesYesMixed (Proprietary,
Open–source & GPL)
GCC (g++)GNU ProjectMinGW, MSYS2,
Cygwin, Windows Subsystem
YesYesGPLv3QtCreator, Kdevelop, Eclipse,
NetBeans, Code::Blocks, Geany
HP aC++ (aCC)Hewlett-PackardNoHP-UXNoProprietaryNoPartial[22][9]NoNo
IAR C/C++ Compilers (icc*)IAR SystemsYesNo⟨Yes⟩ProprietaryIAR Embedded WorkbenchYes[23]YesPartial
Intel C++ Compiler (icc)IntelYesLinux, macOS, FreeBSD; ⟨Android (x86)⟩NoProprietary (Freeware)[24]Visual Studio, Eclipse, XcodeYes[iii][25][9]Yes[26]Partial[27]
KAI C++ (KCC)Kuck & Associates, Inc.
⟨subsumed by Intel⟩
NoTOPS-20, Digital Unix, HP-UX, Linux (x86),
Irix 5.3 & 6.x, Solaris 2.x, UNICOS
Microtec C/C++ (mcc)Mentor ⟨Siemens⟩YesYesYesProprietaryEDGE Developer SuiteNoNoNo
EDGE C/C++[vi]Mentor ⟨Siemens⟩YesYesYesProprietaryEDGE Developer SuiteNoNoNo
Open64 (openCC)HP, AMD, Tsinghua University and othersNoYesNoModified GPLv2NoNo[v][vii][29]NoNo
PGC++ (pgc++)PGI ⟨Nvidia⟩Unsupported[30]Linux, macOSNoProprietaryEclipse, Xcode, Visual StudioYes[iii][31][9]YesPartial
ProDev WorkShopSilicon GraphicsNoNoYesProprietaryYes???
RealView Compilation Tools (armcc)Keil ⟨Arm⟩YesYes⟨Yes⟩ProprietaryRealView Development SuiteNo[iii][32]NoNo
Arm Compiler (armcc)Keil ⟨Arm⟩YesYes⟨Yes⟩ProprietaryμVision, DS-5Yes[iii][33][34]NoNo
Arm Compiler (armclang)Keil ⟨Arm⟩ (LLVM)YesYes⟨Yes⟩ProprietaryμVision, DS-5Yes[ii][35][36]YesNo
Salford C++ CompilerSilverfrostYesNoNoProprietaryYes???
SAS/C C++SAS InstituteWindows NT/95AIX, Solaris/SunOS, LinuxIBM mainframe, DOSProprietaryNo???
SCORE C++ (tpp)DDC-IYesYesYesProprietaryYesNoNoNo
Oracle C++ Compiler (CC)OracleNoLinux, SolarisNoProprietary (Freeware)Oracle Developer Studio, NetBeansYes[37][38][9]YesNo
TenDRA (tcc)TenDRA ProjectNoYesNoBSDNoNo[39]NoNo
VectorCCodeplayYesNo⟨PS2⟩, ⟨PS3⟩, etc.ProprietaryVisual Studio, CodeWarriorSome[40]NoNo
Visual C++ (cl)MicrosoftYesLinux, macOS; ⟨Android⟩, ⟨iOS⟩NoProprietaryVisual StudioYes[41][42][9]YesPartial
VisualAge C++ (vac++)IBMYesAIX, LinuxOS/2, OS/400, z/OS, VMProprietaryVisualAgeNoNoNo
XL C/C++ (xlc++)IBMNoLinux (POWER), AIXz/OS, VMProprietaryEclipseYes (Linux and AIX), Partial (z/OS)[43][44][45]Yes (AIX), Partial (Linux), No (z/OS)No
Diab Compiler (dcc)Wind River ⟨TPG Capital⟩YesLinux, Solaris⟨VxWorks⟩ProprietaryWind River WorkbenchNo[iii][46]NoNo


  1. ^List of host operating systems and/or ⟨cross-compilation targets⟩.
  2. ^ abcUses a Clang Front End.[13][14]
  3. ^ abcdefghUses an EDG Front End.[18]
  4. ^ abThe Cray C++ Libraries do not support wide characters and only support a single locale.
  5. ^ abcUses a GCC Front End.[20][21]
  6. ^The EDGE C/C++ compiler is based on the Microtec C/C++ compiler.
  7. ^Last Open64 v5.0 uses GCC 4.2 as its Front End, which doesn't support any C++11.[20][21]

C# compilers[edit]

CompilerAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense typeIDE?
Visual C#MicrosoftYesiOSNoProprietaryYes
Visual C# ExpressMicrosoftYesNoNoFreewareYes
Portable.NETDot Gnu ProjectYesYesNoGPLNo
SharpDevelopIC#Code TeamYes??LGPLYes
Roslyn.NET FoundationYesPartialNoApache 2.0[47]No

COBOL compilers[edit]

CompilerAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense typeIDE?
IBM COBOLIBMYesAIXz/OS, z/VMProprietaryEclipse
NetCOBOLFujitsu, GTSoftwareYesYesNoProprietaryYes
GnuCOBOL (formerly OpenCOBOL)Keisuke Nishida, Roger While, Simon SobischYesYesYesGPLOCIDE, HackEdit (alpha)
Visual COBOLMicro FocusYesYesYesProprietaryYes
HP COBOLHewlett-PackardNoNoOpenVMSProprietaryNetBeans
Austec CobolEsmond & David Pitt and Derek Trusler, Austec International Inc.NoYesYesProprietaryNo

Common Lisp compilers[edit]

CompilerAuthorTargetWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense typeIDE?
Allegro Common LispFranz, Inc.Native codeYesYesYesProprietaryYes
Armed Bear Common LispPeter GravesJVMYesYesYesGPLYes
CLISPGNU ProjectBytecodeYesYesYesGPLNo
Clozure CLClozure AssociatesNative codeYesYesNoLGPLYes
CMU Common LispCarnegie Mellon UniversityNative code, BytecodeNoYesNoPublic domainYes
Corman Common LispCorman TechnologiesNative codeYesNoNoMIT licenseYes
Embeddable Common LispJuanjo Garcia-RipollBytecode, CYesYesYesLGPLYes
GNU Common LispGNU ProjectCYesYesNoGPLNo
LispWorksLispWorks LtdNative codeYesYesNoProprietaryYes
moclWukixNative codeNoYesYesProprietaryNo
MovitzFrode V. FjeldNative code, own OSNoNoYesBSDNo
Open GeneraSymbolicsIvory emulator, own OSNoNoYesProprietaryYes
Scieneer Common LispScieneer Pty LtdNative codeNoYesNoProprietaryNo
Steel Bank Common Lispsbcl.orgNative codeYesYesYesPublic domainYes

D compilers[edit]

CompilerAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense typeIDE?
D (DMD)Digital Mars and othersYes32-bit Linux, OS X, FreeBSDNoBoost
D for .NET?YesYes???
LDCLLVMYesYesNomultiple Open Source license depending on moduleNo

DIBOL/DBL compilers[edit]

CompilerAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense typeIDE?
Synergy DBL[48][49][50]SynergexYesYesYesProprietaryYes

ECMAScript interpreters[edit]

Eiffel compilers[edit]

CompilerAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense typeIDE?
EiffelStudioEiffel Software / Community developed (sourceforge)YesYesYesDual GPL / Proprietary
[clarification needed]

Fortran compilers[edit]

CompilerAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense typeIDE?
AMD Optimizing C/C++ Compiler (AOCC)AMDNoYesNoUIUC licenseNo
Oracle Solaris StudioOracle CorporationNoLinux and SolarisNoProprietarySolaris Studio IDE
PGFORTRANThe Portland GroupYesLinux onlyYesProprietaryVisual Studio on Windows
PathScale Compiler SuiteSiCortexNoLinux onlyNoProprietaryYes
Absoft Pro FortranAbsoftYesLinux, OS XYesProprietaryYes
G95Andy VaughtYesYesYesGPLNo
GNU FortranGNU ProjectYesYesYesGPLv3Photran (part of Eclipse), Simply Fortran, Lahey Fortran
Intel Fortran CompilerIntelYesLinux and OS XNoProprietaryYes (plugins), Visual Studio on Windows, Eclipse on Linux, XCode on Mac
Open64Google, HP, Intel, Nvidia, PathScale, Tsinghua University and othersYesYesYesGPLNo
NAG Fortran CompilerNumerical Algorithms GroupYesYesNoProprietaryYes
VS FortranIBMNoNoz/OS and z/VMProprietaryEclipse
XL FortranIBMNoLinux (POWER and Cell) and AIXBlueGeneProprietaryEclipse
sxf90 / sxmpif90NECNoYesSUPER-UXProprietaryYes
Open WatcomSybase and Open Watcom ContributorsYesYesYesSybase Open Watcom Public Licenseon Windows, OS/2

Go compilers[edit]

CompilerWindowsOS XUnix-likeLicense type
GccgoMinGW, CygwinNoYesGPL
LlgoNoNoYesUniversity of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License

Haskell compilers[edit]

CompilerAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense typeActively maintained?
HBCLennart Augustsson
Thomas Johnsson
?YesNoOpen sourceNo
GHCGHCYesYesNoOpen sourceYes
YHCYHCYesYesNoOpen sourceNo
JHCJohn MeachamYesYesNoOpen sourceYes

Java compilers[edit]

CompilerAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense typeIDE?
Edison Design GroupEdison Design GroupYesYesYesProprietaryNo
gcjGNU ProjectNoYesNoGPLNo
javacSun Microsystems (Owned by Oracle)YesYesYesBCLYes
javac OpenJDKSun Microsystems (Owned by Oracle)YesYesYesGPLYes
ECJ (Eclipse Compiler for Java)Eclipse projectYesYesYesEPLYes
Power J[51]Sybase (Owned by SAP)Yes???Yes

Pascal compilers[edit]

CompilerAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense typeIDE?
Amsterdam Compiler KitAndrew Tanenbaum
Ceriel Jacobs
DelphiEmbarcadero (CodeGear)YesYes (Linux, Mac OS)Yes (iOS, Android)ProprietaryYes
Oxygene (formerly Delphi Prism)RemObjectsYesYesYesProprietaryYes
Free PascalFlorian Paul KlämpflYesYesYes (OS/2, FreeBSD, Solaris, Haiku, Android, DOS, etc.[note 1])GPLFPIDE, Lazarus, Geany (on Ubuntu)
GNU PascalGNU ProjectYesYesYesGPLNo
NoYes (Linux)NoProprietaryYes
Turbo Pascal for WindowsBorland
Yes (3.x)NoNoProprietaryYes
Microsoft PascalMicrosoftNoNoYes (DOS)ProprietaryYes
HP PascalHewlett-PackardNoNoYes (OpenVMS)ProprietaryUnknown
Turbo PascalCodeGear
Vector PascalGlasgow UniversityYesYesNoOpenSourceNo
Virtual PascalVitaly MiryanovYesYesYes (OS/2)FreewareYes

Perl Interpreters[edit]

InterpreterAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense type
ActivePerl interpreterActiveStateYesYesYesFree
Perl interpreterWall/Perl developersYesYesYesDefault functionality of Perl and Unix

PHP compilers[edit]

CompilerAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense typeIDE?
PhalangerDevsenseYesNoPartialApache 2.0Yes
PeachPieiolevelYesYesYesApache 2.0Yes

PL/I compilers[edit]

CompilerAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense typeIDE?
IBM Enterprise PL/I for z/OSIBMNoNoYes (z/OS)ProprietaryNo
IBM PL/I for AIXIBMNoYes (AIX)NoProprietaryNo
IBM PL/I(F)IBMNoNoYes (z/OS)FreeNo
IBM VisualAge PL/I Enterprise for OS/2 and Windows NTIBMYesNoYes (OS/2)ProprietaryNo
Micro Focus Open PL/IMicro FocusYesYesNoProprietaryYes

Python compilers and interpreters[edit]

CompilerAuthorTargetWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense typeIDE?
PsycoArmin Rigo
Christian Tismer
CythonCYesYesYesApache 2.0No
Shed SkinC++YesYesYesGPLv3 and BSDNo
NuitkaKay HayenC, C++YesYesYesApache 2.0No

Scheme compilers and interpreters[edit]

CompilerAuthorTargetWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense typeIDE?
BiglooManuel Serranonative, bytecodeYesYes?GPL (compiler) and LGPL (runtime)No
Chez SchemeR. Kent DybvignativeYesYesNoApache 2.0No
ChickenThe Chicken TeamCYesYes?BSDNo
Common LarcenyWilliam Clinger, Lars HansenCLIYes??Larceny License[52]No
GambitMarc FeeleyCYesYes?LGPLNo
GNU GuileGNU ProjectbytecodeYesYes?LGPLNo
IkarusAbdulaziz GhuloumnativeYesYes?GPLNo
IronSchemeLlewellyn PritchardCLIYesYes?Ms-PLNo
JSchemeKen Anderson, Tim Hickey, Peter NorvigbytecodeJavaJavaJavazlib LicenseNo
KawaPer BothnerbytecodeJavaJavaJavaMITNo
LarcenyWilliam Clinger, Lars HansennativeYesYes?Larceny License[52]No
MIT/GNU SchemeGNU ProjectnativeYesYes?GPLNo
Owl LispAki HelinCYesYes?MITNo
Petit LarcenyWilliam Clinger, Lars HansenC?Yes?Larceny License[52]No
RacketPLT Inc.bytecode + JITYesYesNo[53]LGPLDrRacket
RSchemeDonovan KolblyC, bytecode?Yes?Open sourceNo
Scheme 48Richard Kelsey, Jonathan ReesC, bytecodeYesYes?BSDNo
SCMAubrey JafferCYesYesAmigaOS, Atari ST, Classic Mac OS, DOS, OS/2, NOS/VE, OpenVMSLGPLNo
SISCScott G. Miller, Matthias RadestockbytecodeJavaJavaJavaGPL and MPLNo
StalinJeffrey Mark SiskindC?Yes?LGPLNo
InterpreterAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense typeIDE?
GaucheShiro KawaiYesYes?BSDNo
Petite Chez SchemeR. Kent DybvigYesYesNoApache 2.0No

Smalltalk compilers[edit]

CompilerAuthorTargetWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense typeIDE?
PharoPharo TeamVMYesYesYesMIT LicenseYes
GNU SmalltalkGNU Smalltalk projectbytecode + JITYesYesNoGPLNo
VisualWorksCincom Systems?YesYesYesProprietaryYes
Smalltalk MTObjectConnectnativeYesNoNoProprietaryYes

Tcl Interpreters[edit]

InterpreterAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense type
TclshMKS and many othersYesYesYesProprietary and/or free
WishMKS and many othersYesYesYesProprietary and/or free

VMS Interpreters[edit]

InterpreterAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense type
Default VMSDigitalNoNoYes VAX VMSProprietary

Rexx Interpreters[edit]

InterpreterAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense type
ReginaYesYesYes OS/2Free
Open Object RexxOO OrganisationYesNoNo

CLI compilers[edit]

CompilerAuthorWindowsUnix-likeOther OSsLicense typeIDE?
Visual StudioMicrosoftYesNoNoProprietaryYes
Delphi PrismRemObjectsYesYesYesProprietaryYes
Portable.NETDot Gnu ProjectYesYesNoGPLUnknown

Open source compilers[edit]

Production quality, open source compilers.

  • Amsterdam Compiler Kit (ACK) [C, Pascal, Modula-2, Occam, and BASIC] [Unix-like]
  • FreeBASIC [Basic] [DOS/Linux/Windows]
  • Free Pascal [Pascal] [DOS/Linux/Windows(32/64/CE)/MacOS/NDS/GBA/..(and many more)]
  • GCC: C, C++ (G++), Java (GCJ), Ada (GNAT), Objective-C, Objective-C++, Fortran (GFortran), and Go (GCCGo); also available, but not in standard are: Modula-2, Modula-3, Pascal, PL/I, D, Mercury, VHDL; Linux, the BSDs, OS X, NeXTSTEP, Windows and BeOS, among others
  • Local C compiler [C] [Linux, SPARC, MIPS]
  • The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure which is also frequently used for research
  • Portable C Compiler [C] [Unix-like]
  • Open Watcom [C, C++, and Fortran] [Windows and OS/2, Linux/FreeBSD WIP]
  • TenDRA [C/C++] [Unix-like]
  • Tiny C Compiler [C] [Linux, Windows]
  • Open64, supported by AMD on Linux.
  • XPL PL/I dialect (several systems)

Research compilers[edit]

Research compilers are mostly not robust or complete enough to handle real, large applications. They are used mostly for fast prototyping new language features and new optimizations in research areas.

  • Open64: A popular research compiler. Open64 merges the open source changes from the PathScale compiler mentioned.
  • ROSE: an open source compiler framework to generate source-to-source analyzers and translators for C/C++ and Fortran, developed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • MILEPOST GCC: interactive plugin-based open-source research compiler that combines the strength of GCC and the flexibility of the common Interactive Compilation Interface that transforms production compilers into interactive research toolsets.
  • Interactive Compilation Interface - a plugin system with high-level API to transform production-quality compilers such as GCC into powerful and stable research infrastructure while avoiding developing new research compilers from scratch
  • Edison Design Group: provides production-quality front end compilers for C, C++, and Java (a number of the compilers listed on this page use front end source code from Edison Design Group[54]). Additionally, Edison Design Group makes their proprietary software available for research uses.[55]

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