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1. What is auto repair software?

Auto repair software helps repair shop owners handle their large inventory, bill for different types of services, and keep a record of the thousands of parts for all sorts of automobiles. It streamlines the unorganized workflows and offers complete visibility into shop operations, including service operations, inventory, labour and job scheduling, and billing. It’s used by a variety of automobile shops such as collision repair, car paint, and automobile retailers.

The best free accounting software is easy to use and enables you to see how well you're doing and who owes you money. Mac, iPad and Android. The free accounting software is really just a.

The software offers many features to schedule customer appointments, raise service tickets, assign job orders, bill customers, and track of the service history. It also keeps a tab on the parts inventory to ensure that items aren’t used without being billed.

Some advanced solutions offer built-in CRM functionality to create and manage a customer database as well as engage with repeat customers through promotions and service offers.

2. The benefits of auto repair software

  • Enhance your customer’s experience: Improve your customers’ experience by speeding up the service, from when they bring their automobile until they take it back. Inform them of the approximate costs and waiting time in advance. The software will also make it easy to serve a repeat customer, as it will store their personal information, car details, service history, and even details of possible issues. This helps mechanics repair automobiles faster and reduce the turnaround time.
  • Track the shop’s performance: While manually managing a small shop may be relatively easier, things get complicated when it’s a large shop or multi-franchise. In this case, auto repair software will help you keep track of your operations and workflows in all locations. This saves time and cost, streamlines the flow of information between various shops, and helps owners to manage multiple stores from a single screen.

3. Typical features of auto repair software

  • Quotes/Estimates: Access the database of labour and parts so that you can estimate the final service cost. You can also send and receive quotations for parts and services.
  • Billing and invoicing: Generate bills and invoices for the repairing job and services you provide. Also, process the payments you receive from customers.
  • Work order management: Create and schedule work orders, distribute work orders among your mechanics, follow-up with your team, and bill customers when you complete a work order.
  • CRM: Create an in-house customer database so that you build cordial relationships with your repeat, new and even potential customers.
  • Service history tracking: Maintain customer service records so that you can look up their previous service details in the next visit.
  • Labor rates: Set varying rates for different types of services and accordingly, charge customers for the service they choose.

4. The cost of auto repair software

Most products in the market are priced on a “per month” basis and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price.

Price ranges*:

  • $25 - $49
  • $49 - $100
  • $100+

*The pricing included in this list is for the entry-level/lowest priced offering that was found on vendor websites on February 11, 2019. These ranges correspond to the 25th, 75th, and 100th percentile of the pricing information gathered from vendor websites of sample products.

This list summarizes pricing of the base plans of most products. An enterprise, or premium product, which is priced higher, may include some additional features such as unlimited invoices, multi-channel communications, management reporting, and third-party integrations.

5. Considerations when purchasing auto repair software

  • Deployment options: Most auto repair solutions are offered as traditional on-premise software, where a raw setup file is installed on local computers. The software’s functioning completely depends on the end user’s IT infrastructure and equipment. However, a few new vendors have started to offer cloud-based solutions, which don’t need huge IT investment—they just need an active Internet connection. Buyers must evaluate their current IT setup to choose a deployment type so that you can decide whether you want to host data on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Pricing: Auto repair software can be purchased upfront or paid in monthly usage fees. If you own a small auto repair shop, opt for a monthly pricing model that fits your budget and avoid long-term software contracts. Do check about any hidden fees, such as termination costs or support and service fees, before making a purchase. Alternatively, check some of the free software in the market to meet your small shop’s basic needs.

6. Relevant auto repair software trends

According to a survey by V12, 75% of the aftermarket auto repair jobs are performed by independent auto repair shops, while 25% of the business is with dealerships. This has led to a series of innovations in auto repair shops such as the following:

  • Mobility in auto shops: Upcoming auto repair shop software vendors are also offering mobile apps in their solutions. These apps can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets, which allows you to walk around the shop while managing key tasks such as engaging customers, accepting work orders, executing payments, and updating service records.
  • IoT improves car maintenance and repairs: IoT-integrated cars have been in the news for some time and the trend is expected to grow. Business Insider predicts that there will be more than 94 millions interconnected cars across the globe by 2021. An IoT-enabled car makes repairs and services easy as it shows you the full information about faulty parts, driving behaviors, oil changes etc. Some vendors, such as Tantalum and Openbay, are working on automotive repair and maintenance solutions that will automatically notify drivers of critical problems in their vehicle for immediate servicing. The software will also direct drivers to the nearest service station.


Products evaluated for the pricing calculation were taken from Capterra’s Most Reviewed page. The pricing ranges exclude freemium versions of the products. The features highlighted were identified based on their relevance and the percentage of products in Capterra’s directory that offer them.

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It can be difficult to keep on top of busy accounting tasks if you lose track of your payments. That’s why, in today’s business environment, more and more businesses have embraced digital accounting software to make their lives easier. For businesses looking to manage their finances, there are a wealth of accounting software packages on the market to make this task easy and cost-effective. Given the variety of packages on the market it’s important to do your research to find the right software for your business. Below, we take a look at the best accounting software for Mac (including macOS 10.14 high sierra). for small and medium business.

Best 5 Accounting Software for Mac

1. FreshBooks

For small and medium sized businesses or personal users that are seeking a seamless solution for their payment, invoicing and payroll management needs, FreshBooks is one of the best and simplest solutions. This accounting software package is suitable both for on-premises accounting applications and cloud-based versions of business’s accounting functions. It has many web-based features including electronic payment, remote payroll facilitation, online banking and reconciliation, and mapping features. The versions from 2008 onwards also allow you to import data to Excel spreadsheets so you can generate custom reports more easily.


  • Includes basic functions
  • Low Cost
  • Easy to use interface
  • Flexible with third party applications


  • Lack of advanced business-specific features
  • Double entries and keying errors
  • File size issues
Try Freshbooks for Free >>>

2. FreeAgent

FreeAgent is a particularly handy software that enables SME’s to set up recurring invoices and automated reminders to keep on track of accounts ‘hands-free’. The expense tracking feature helps users to track their spending by taking pictures of their receipts and uploading them to FreeAgent so they can be automatically processed. This means that you don’t have to put in the legwork of processing receipts yourself. Likewise, near tax time, sole traders and limited company directors can submit tax returns in a single click. In addition, SMEs will benefit from the overhead view of their accounts and automatic bank feeds, enabling users to import bank transactions directly.


  • Simple and effective dashboard system
  • Automated Receipt Processing
  • Fast one click tax returns
  • Real time view of cash flow


  • Core functionality is limited
  • Inventory tracking is confusing
  • Doesn’t have the capacity to support larger businesses
Download FreeAgent>>

3. Xero

Best free accounting software for mac 2017

Xero is now a well-known name among Mac accounting software, due to its great interface and richness of functionalities. Functional on both PC as well as Mac, what makes it widely preferred is its ease of use. Xero doesn’t compromise on features even on the Mac version. A great thing about it is that there is no binding contract and the user can cancel their subscription at any time.


  • Real-time account monitoring available on mobile
  • Multiple third-party apps included
  • Simple layout


  • No way to add a digital signature
  • Can’t create new business documents
Download Xero>>

4. ZohoBooks

The user interface makes it easy to send professional invoices to clients from day one, whether you’re on a desktop or iPhone. Automated banking allows you to connect Zoho to your bank account for a real-time update on your transactions. Organizations are able to track inventory in real-time. The Client Portal allows you to share recent transactions, accept bulk payments and process customer feedback. One particularly useful feature is the ability to attach expense receipts. Zoho Books allows you to capture all your receipts in one place (You can also take a picture of your receipts to upload them onto the system).


  • Competitive price
  • Professional invoices are easy to send
  • Automated banking allows you to stay on top of your accounts


  • Can’t complete a payroll
  • Receipts can feel disorganized
  • Can’t create PDF files
Download ZohoBooks>>

5. WaveAccounting

With Wave Accounting, a free accounting software mac, users can create and send professional invoices and receipts. The invoice system is particularly quick, with most client invoices cleared within 2 days. Payroll enables business owners to pay their workforce easily, with direct deposits and online pay stubs to save you leg work. Whether payments are by the hour or by salary, payments can be made every week, every two weeks, or monthly.


  • This accounting software mac is very cost effective
  • Solid invoicing, accounting, and receipt scanning features
  • Flexible Payroll features enable you to pay staff as you need


  • Pay-as-you-go service can be an inconvenience
  • Advertisements are distracting
  • Limited customer service
Download WaveAccounting>>

Unlock the Full Potential of Accounting Software for Mac

As Mac computers have evolved, they’ve solved many day-to-day business problems, reducing the time and resources needed to achieve business goals. This applies to your accounting problems as well. Accounting software for Mac computers has made business accounting much simpler and more effective. But while this software has resolved many problems it doesn’t come without limitations. Processes like transitioning from hard copy to digital documentation, or making work more flexible and collaborative are not issues that are easily solved.

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Offering a complete solution to fill the gaps in accounting processes, PDFelement is a valuable addition to your software inventory. All accounting documentation becomes flexible and open to collaboration with this simple, effective software program. Transform all file types into editable PDFs in minutes and collaborate on documents (commenting, annotating and redacting) all within one interface. Create fillable forms, combine multiple documents, and extract data for analysis. This will reduce the time needed to complete projects in-house and deal with external clients. PDFelement is your toolkit for complete accounting success.

Personal Accounting Software For Mac

Export data into an analysis-ready format

Manually extracting and exporting data has always been one of the biggest headaches for accountants. Hours and hours of valuable working time are wasted each year copying and analyzing data from paper forms, or manually inputting that data into digital programs. It also leads to mistakes due to human error. Leave this issue in the past with PDFelement which allows you to extract and export data at the click of a button.

To simplify the process following data extraction, all data can be exported as analysis-ready files for Excel so that that data can be further analyzed and worked into financial reporting. With full customization of data forms and batch exporting available, PDFelement massively reduces the resources needed when working with financial data.

Best Free Personal Accounting Software For Mac

Automatic form field recognition on PDFs

Filling out forms, and processing them, is a central part of accounting work. This is always a very time consuming task – manually printing, filling out and sending forms wastes hours of accounting effort. Most accounting programs for Mac haven’t been able to solve this problem, but using PDFelement alongside your accounting program will massively reduce the time spent working with forms in your accounting workflow.

Preserve industry-standard PDF files accurately

High documentation standards are required within the accounting industry. When creating, or converting other documents to PDF, PDFelement will ensure all files adhere to the International Standards Organization (ISO) standards for both PDF and PDF/A documents.

This means that all your documents can be saved, shared and sent across all platforms to any colleague or client with complete peace of mind. PDFelement makes this simple, efficient, and safe by ensuring that the highest standards are always maintained.

Create fillable and editable forms from scratch

PDFelement offers simple drag and drop functionality to create fillable, interactive forms from scratch. This is something that has traditionally taken a lot of time, effort and skill to complete.

The specific ‘form’ section in the program’s editing interface offers all the elements needed to create every type of form including creating form fields, tick boxes, buttons, combination boxes, and digital signature boxes. All the other editing and creation tools work effortlessly alongside the form creation features so you can create robust and user friendly forms for all your accounting requirements.

Secure confidential accounting files with password protection

Security is an ongoing issue with accounting documents that can cause major issues when mistakes are made. Controlling access to your accounting files is essential in the digital age and PDFelement, again, is the best solution for this problem.

Simply add passwords to encrypted files and manage and change multiple passwords all within the ‘Protect’ tab of PDFelement’s software. This offers complete control of your accounting documents and lets you limit who can open and view sensitive data in a manner that traditional accounting software for Mac cannot.

Protect specific, sensitive content with the redaction function

Document protection doesn’t always just mean restrictions over the whole document. Increasingly, different members of staff, or clients, need to view different content within the same file, and be restricted from others. PDFelement can help you solve this problem in minutes!

PDFelement’s ‘Protect’ tab also offers a simple tool to redact specific sections of a document, either with block redaction or redacting specific words throughout the whole document via an intuitive search function.

Several different redacted files can be created within minutes.

Use OCR to create quality, editable, digital files from paper documents

Paperless working is a goal of most modern businesses, and accounting is no different. A paperless office can have a huge positive impact on the day to day success of an accounting department.

When wondering how to effectively convert thousands of paper documents into a digital format, many businesses have often found this a difficult issue to solve. Advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a feature within PDFelement, detecting exact characters and letters on scanned documents and converting them to make the scanned files editable and searchable once they are saved to your systems. Thousands of hours can be saved when converting documents and managing all files will become easier with PDFelement.

If you are a Windows user, you can check out Top 5 Accounting Software for Windows. For those who are searching for online or cloud solution, please check out Online Accounting Software here.

Wave Accounting

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now! Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!