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A talented media converter Mac always plays a great role on your Mac computer since Mac isn't so compatible as Windows PC for various formats. For example, Mac default media player QuickTime excluding AVI, MKV, FLV has been an issue left over by history. What's worse, though you download and install other Mac video players like VLC player, MPlayer, GOM Player, the video playback process is still full of hardship. Some Mac users give feedback on forums that VLC player won't play MKV, VLC plays videos with subtitles/audio out of sync, full screen MPlayer problems, etc. Quite off-putting, right?

After all setting is completed, hit the 'Convert' button at the right bottom of the main interface to begin the conversion process from WMV to compatible file formats for better QuickTime playback, iOS devices viewing or NLE software editing. Software & Apps. A document converter is a type of file converter that converts one kind of document file (like a PDF, XLSX, DOCX, TIF, TXT, etc.) into another type. If you're unable to open or edit a document because no program you have supports the format it's in, free document converter software can help. Image converter software converts one kind of photo or graphics file into another. The best image converters support hundreds of common and rare image formats, but almost all of them can convert BMP, EMF, GIF, ICO, JPG, PCX, PDF, PNG, PSD, RAW, TIF, WMF, and several others. Freemake is a powerful yet useful one of the best video converter software for Windows which you can avail without spending an extra penny. It not only convert files from your hard drive to almost any format, it can also be used to download and convert online videos from the likes of YouTube.

So, comparatively speaking, you'd better to convert AVI MKV FLV WMV AVCHD 4K video to Mac accepted video MP4 MOV M4V format with the best media file converter for Mac. Thus, you can play any video with Mac default yet far more stable QuickTime player, away from various annoying issues. Better still, you can even sync videos from Mac to iPhone iPad Android for on-the-go playback under the help of best Mac video converter.

Seen a particular video you'd like to convert on Mac like a breeze? The free converter software will do the job.

File Conversion Software Pdf

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It's the era of digital video. From the first camcorders shown at the CES in 1981, to video cameras in the form of smartphone dated from 2000, to the YouTube empire begun in 2005, and the stunning 4K resolution in full swing, digital videos undergo a tremendous progress and are made ubiquitous nowadays. Accordingly, new trends emerge: 93% of younger Americans watch videos on their phone to prevent boredom; 42% of Americans aged 18-34 years had created and shared live streaming videos on social media. The video playback and creation prevalence gives birth to video-related software, such as video converter - I mean the Mac-specific video converting software, which I'd like to say a word or two in the post.

100% Free and Secure Video Transcoder for Mac

Conversion Software File Formats

MacX Video Converter is built in over 370 video/audio codecs that give you full control over whatever video decoding and encoding jobs. It is able to transcode 4K, MKV, MP4, MOV, HEVC, H.264 and more and make then playable on TVs, mobile phones, tablets, computers, and more without format issue.