Best Email Scraper For Mac

Posted By admin On 16.02.22
Best Email Scraper For Mac From Project Management USA:

Best lead scraper for international websites? Bardmoor 4 years ago in Internet Marketing hi everyone, can you recommend the best software for scraping leads off websites that works well for businesses that are located outside the US? Ive tried Instant Local Leads,. Email Grabber allows you to filter your search by restricting the number levels allowed to search. Specify the web sites you want to visit to allow this email scraper to stay on top of your goal or block web sites you don't want it to visit.

Have you ever wished you had categorized all the client information from your Gmail Account to import into your CRM contact manager or to now send specifically targeted advertising to your clients but as time went on you now have tens of thousands of emails stored away in Gmails inbox and archive? Wish you could not only do this for your clients but do this for clients of yours wishing to pay you for your services as well? NOW YOU CAN!

GmailScraper is an extremely POWERFUL data mining and harvesting software built by Project Management USA to gather valuable data from (your own) Gmail account! Collect Data in both .XLS and .CSV format of your choice and the results will report neatly into categorized rows of such data as but not limited to Contact Information, Fax Numbers, Phone Numbers, images, attachments, Email Address (both by the recipient and others even if CC or BCC) This is a must have utility for anyone with a Gmail account.

Keyword Control: Search by keywords in subject line, body, or both!

We needed this for our own purposes to scrub over 200,000+ client accounts and the only thing available for Gmail data mining was that meant to vaguely at best look for keywords on other peoples accounts. GmailScraper will only work on an account you have access to with a user name and password keeping it legal for your own personal account or clients who give you permission as it should be and is in compliance with CanSpam as you may bulk contact those whom you have had business dealings or communications with in the past. In addition, there was no other software found to scrub such massive lists so we originally built GmailScraper for our own companies private use in 2009.

Best Email Scraper For Mac

Best Email Scraper For Mac

What to we get out of giving such a software away 100% FREE with no advertising? Simple, inevitably there will be companies or private parties who will want software or other programming of their own done and after review of our skill sets, what a better way to advertise than to see the quality of our work for yourself.

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