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DVD from VIDEO_TS folder. Discussion in 'UK Macs' started by D.M. Procida, Jul 31, 2010. The VIDEO_TS folder must be placed at the top level of the DVD, and thre. It is actually the folder in which DVD-Audio content would go, but it is normally empty for a DVD-Video.

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous is curious about the structure of DVDs. He or she writes:

A friend has a DVD that he needs to turn into a QuickTime movie. He’s used a program that copies the contents of the DVD to a folder on his Mac. Inside this folder are VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders. The audio folder is empty, though. Does that mean that the converted movie won’t have audio?

No, it doesn’t. The original DVD standard didn’t include an AUDIO_TS folder. All content was intended to be found within the VIDEO_TS folder. (In case you’re curious, the TS stands for title set.) This includes video as well as the audio that accompanies that video.

The AUDIO_TS folder was added as an option after the standard was established. This folder was created for standalone audio files much like the audio tracks on a CD. The idea was that DVDs would replace CDs as audio media. It never caught on but the folder remains, even though it's invariably empty.

Why? The very earliest DVD players required the AUDIO_TS folder. Without it, the DVD wouldn’t play. Players haven’t required the thing for years, yet disc manufacturers continue to include it on most DVDs—perhaps as a courtesy to those using ancient hardware or because that’s just the way their replication software works.

Now to your implied question: How do you now turn this content into a QuickTime-compatible movie? The answer remains HandBrake. This free utility lets you convert the content within a VIDEO_TS folder into a movie playable on computers and mobile devices. Simply launch HandBrake, click the Source button, navigate to the VIDEO_TS folder, allow HandBrake to look for the main title, and from the application’s sidebar, choose an appropriate output preset.

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For more information on the process, see Jonathan Seff’s How to Rip a DVD With HandBrake.

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Actually, there are still many other DVD ripping tools for Mac/Windows claiming the best like Handbrake, Mac The Ripper, Open DVD Ripper and more. The above mentioned three software are just based on customers feedback, tests and editorial reviews. If you pay much attention on speed and output options, then MacX DVD Ripper Pro is superior to the others. In case you focus on the decryption ability, MacX DVD Ripper Pro and DVD Decrypter edge out. Given that you care more about input options, MacX and Magic are more favorable. It's just up to you to take one as your best DVD copy software in 2019. For a detailed guide about DVD rips, please scroll down.

Step 1: Free download the program on your computer (you can also get the Windows version on PC), install and run it. Hit the 'DVD Disc' or 'DVD Path' button to import the DVD, ISO image or DVD folder. For a protected DVD, this DVD copier will automatically choose the right title for you.

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Step 2: Select the output format you desire once a drop-down window pops up. You are allowed to copy DVD to ISO, MKV, MPEG2 and rip DVD to MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV, iTunes, and more. The preset profiles are ready for you to directly convert DVD to iPhone, iPad, Android, Game consoles, etc at your fingertip.

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Best Dvd Ripper For Mac + Ts Folders

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Step 3: Click the 'Browse' button and choose the destination folder to save your ripped file.

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Step 4: Click 'RUN' to start ripping DVD to your hard drive.

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