Best Dolphin Settings For Low End Mac

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I had a few problems running Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness on my Mac as it crashes. So I downloaded Windows Vista home premium via bootcamp - but the game lags.

In light of the recent Chromebook posts I have decided to experiment with various Dolphin builds and different configurations to squeeze out the best possible performance on lower-end hardware.


All my settings are the same as on my Mac Dolphin Emulator, and I have had no problems playing any other games on my Mac emulator.

What could be causing the lag on my Windows Dolphin Emulator?Pokémon XD runs fine on my mac emulator (speed wise) when I use a previously saved file but will then crash (mac specific issue)

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There are several things that can impact the performance of your computer under Boot Camp.

  • Make sure Boot Camp and it's drivers are up to date. In Mac OS X, you can go to Apple Menu > Software Update… to update your Mac. There should also be a Boot Camp manager in Windows you can use to see if your drivers are up to date on that end.

  • Make sure you have the video card drivers up to date. Many Mac models come with 2 video cards standard, one is a low-end Intel integrated graphics for everyday use and the other is a high-end card for scientific applications, gaming, video/graphics editing and programs where the programmer does't realize they are using a GPU filter instead of a CPU filter. Dolphin may be trying to use the lower end emulator.

  • Make sure Windows is using all of your RAM. Check the properties of My Computer to see if Windows has all the RAM installed on your machine.

  • Finally, this is probably the most important check you can make: Is your Mac a 64 or 32-bit machine? If you have a 64-bit Mac but are running 32-bit Windows you can end up taking a very large performance hit. Ensuring that you are using 64-bit Windows and a 64-bit build of Dolphin on a 64-bit Mac should help with the performance.

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