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As much as we like free Mac cleaner apps, we’re not excluding paid cleaners from this list. Often, paid cleaners come with the best features and the most reliable support. Paying a relatively small amount of money for a Mac cleaner makes a lot of sense if it can extend the life of your Mac computer for another year or two. The developers of CleanMyMac know how Macs work; they also know.

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  1. “Daisy Disk” has been one of the most reliable Mac storage cleaners for long. It provides a visual breakdown of your disk space, thereby making it a bit easier to spot the space wasters. Therefore, capturing and purging the unwanted files becomes pretty straightforward.
  2. If you have numerous hidden files on your Mac, then Ony X is the best disk cleaner at your hand. It silently restores your memory and storage back to its original state. This app simplifies the maintenance of your Mac with its multi-functions.

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In my opinion, only about 20 percent of an app’s features should be considered premium features that users should have to pay for. However, In most cases, users really only need the other 80 percent of features which should be free. But, to get those useful 80 percent of features, users have to dig into their pockets and pay for the 20 percent of features they don’t really need.

For CleanMyMac, a disk cleaner, which part is the 80 percent you should have gotten for free? Is there an app that provides that 80 percent?

Of course, there is. I’d like to recommend Trend Micro’s Dr. Cleaner, a free app that’s comparable with CleanMyMac.

Let’s see what functions CleanMyMac provides to its subscribers that Dr. Cleaner also provides, while pointing out features in CleanMyMac that might create problems or aren’t that necessary for the average user.

1. System Junk

“System” as defined by CleanMyMac includes user cache files, system log files, as well as the application language packs. The latest version of Dr. Cleaner supports the cleanup of user cache and system files, but stops at removing application language packs due to safety considerations: for certain software, there might be program errors once the language pack is removed. Moreover, a single language pack is very small and does not significantly affect the entire disk space

2. Photo Junk

When iPhoto users synchronize their phone camera with the computer terminal, it creates residual cache files that speed up photo browsing for the user, but also increases the burden on disk by using up space.

We can say that this kind of space consumption is a double-edged sword, since browsing is speeded up. But for infrequent iPhoto users, this feature is somewhat superfluous. You get this feature as one of CleanMyMac’s value-added services, while Dr. Cleaner merges this function into the iTunes cache-cleaning function, because this function is too simple to separate out for display.

3. Mail Attachments

When using the Mail app on the Mac, you can accumulate a lot of attachments over time. As you can see, these attachments are located in CleanMyMac, but did you know there is a risk when cleaning mail attachments? Once you have removed a mail attachment and are unable to sync to your mail server, you cannot get them back. In Dr. Cleaner, we designed mail caches into the Junk Files feature which does not affect your mail attachments.

4. Large Files

Large file scanning is a very useful feature. Users tend to ignore what they have downloaded, such as large software installation packages or movies. These large files can account for half of the disposable space of the disk. This function can indeed become a paid-for function, as it is with CleanMyMac, but in exchange for the support of its users, Dr. Cleaner provides this valuable function for free. With Dr. Cleaner, you can also lock some files that you don’t want to remove in case you want to make sure you do not delete important files.

Mac Cleaner For Free

5. Disk Map

We think it is user-friendly to help you manage all the files on your hard disk using a visual map, so we added the Disk Map feature into Dr. Cleaner for free. However, no functions like this can be found in CleanMyMac.

Best Disk Cleaner For Mac

Disk Map quickly scans your drive and builds an amazing visualization of all the files and folders on your computer, allowing you to easily navigate the system and find the content that takes up the most space.

In addition, all folders and files under the home folder are listed out by size. As for some system-required critical files, deleting them would provide a prompt that those are important and are not allowed to be removed. With the Disk Map feature you can also find out when a file or folder was created, modified or last opened. Furthermore, hovering your mouse on one folder then clicking the magnifier icon will direct you to the file location.

Best Hard Disk Cleaner For Mac


Is Dr. Cleaner worth trying? Absolutely, yes! Don’t hesitate. It not only cleans up your disk space but also solves other Mac issues you might have. In addition, we are also the least expensive cleaning app on macOS. If you still cannot afford it, you can call your friends or family to share the cost. Thanks Apple for letting us share wonderful applications together via family sharing. Regardless if you are new to the Mac or an advanced user, Dr. Cleaner will be a good choice for you. While Dr. Cleaner can help you free up a lot of space, please don’t forget to back up your important files, in case an unfortunate event happens like your hard disk malfunctions. We regard customers’ data security as the most important thing. I hope you will have fun with Dr. Cleaner in the future!

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Thanks for taking the time to read my article. How do you like Dr. Cleaner? Do you have any other questions or suggestions? We are trying our best to meet more needs of our users. Leave your comments here. We are always happy to hear from you.

Best Cleaning App For Mac

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