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Access is a Microsoft database, porting away from it may be a nightmare.

Compare CRM Software For Mac to find the best fit for your business. Get free demos, price quotes and reviews of leading systems for Apple computers. Jan 25, 2017  Repair Outlook 2016 for Mac database It has been very frustrating working with Office 2016 for Mac. I provide support to small business users. So the best way to set up Outlook 2016 for Mac again is to create a new profile and re-add the GMAIL account that your client has. To create a new profile please follow the following steps. And we could select from a fairly wide range of database programs (many on the PC including the still formidable MS Access, a few on the Mac) that allowed us to keep track of our CDs, records.

First, tell us why you are wanting to move to a different database platform. (Need the end goal to figure out how to do it)


What compliance standards do you have to adhere to? PCI, HIPAA, etc.

What are ALL of the platforms you need the database to work on?



Best Database Software For Mac 2016

I highly recommend posting your question on the SpiceWorks forums as this is something IT specialists know what to do and how to go about it. I am a member there and will offer any guidance as well.

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Lastly, Apple owns FileMaker which is a Mac/PC-friendly database system. While waiting for the IT pros to assist with a plan, call the team at Filemaker and see what they can do for you.

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