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Chess Software for Mac. ChessCentral's online chess store has grouped together chess software programs designed for your Mac computer. Please note that if a product is not listed in this category then it will not run on Mac, but is designed only to run with Windows operating system or PCs.

From Kenpota:

Chess Master 2018 is the best designed chess game for all users, and it's totally FREE!

Chess 2018 game is build by chess players and enthusiasts who really love chess!

Game Chess Master 2018 supports 1 player, 2 player play chess offline and waiting chess online in next version near future, so you can play against friends or test your skills against a challenging AI opponent.

Chess software for mac

Game Features of Chess Master 2018 :

- Chess in your Android

- Perfect for 1- or 2-player games

- Beautiful graphics and fantastic sound effects

- Hint, Edit positions

- Save / Load games are played, can be exported to PGN format.

- Auto-save game when exit and automatically load into the next time.

- Outstanding AI engine of 100 different difficulty levels

- This game is perfectly supported tablet device.

- Undo/Redo function

Play Chess for free on your phone.

Hope you enjoy this game.

How can you tell if an Android app is safe?

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.


ChessGenius, award winning chess program. Superb playing strength. The author's chess programs have won ten World Championships. Packed with features for beginners and experts:
* Simple, elegant user interface
* Powerful, compact and fast
* Hundreds of playing levels including easy, blitz and tournament levels. Network connection not required
* Displays thinking. Who is winning, by how much and the moves that ChessGenius is planning. Also Chess clocks, Captured pieces and Opening name. e.g. B12 Caro-Kann
* Save/load games in PGN format. Send games by email. Set-up position
* Easy import / export of PGN database files with iTunes file sharing
* Hint, Show legal moves and Tutor. ChessGenius can warn if a blunder/weak move is played and give the option of take back
* Unlimited take back and step forward
* Play against ChessGenius. Also 2 player, self play and analysis mode
* Optional display of captured pieces and count of positions searched
* Game is restored after exit and restart
* All functions work in Portrait and Landscape

What’s New

Bigger, deeper opening book. Bigger by a factor of 2.5
New adjustable playing levels with Fischer clock

5 Ratings

A portable Full-Strength chess engine

Best Chess Database Software For Mac

Hands down the best chess related thing you can have on your phone. When used thoughtfully this is a powerful learning tool that world champions would kill for back in the day. A must purchase for chess enthusiasts.

Pluses and minuses on interface

There are a lot of options for chess engines. The icons for the pieces need an upgrade here. I found only one of six appealing.
Two have lo res graphics, which is unacceptable for a premium priced app. One set is ugly, and the Russian set is two shades of grey, without enough contrast.
The list of captured pieces is nice, and surprisingly missing from a lot of other apps.

This is the one!

I love chess programs on my Mac and Palm and even did on my older Windows Mobile phone. Now that my contract ended with my old carrier I immediately bought my iPhone and started to look foir a chess game. What a disappointing assortment of the usual suspects. Interface problems, poor play, 3D graphics that might look good but during play the pieces would hide each other or become hard to see, not many options to adjust play or display -- I downloaded a few and regretted it and finally decided to just wait. Wow, am I glad I did because CHESS GENIUS is the best chess program ever on the Palm and Windows Smartphone. Now that it is on the iPhone everyone here can enjoy its crisp graphics, easily and widely-adjustable features and, of course, game play unmatched by any other chess-playing engine on a mobile device. This is it, this is the one. If you're a patzer happy with just looking at 'somethin' cool' on your screen go get a program with candy-floss graphics. But if you are a Player, if you love chess, if you like a display designed not to distract but to involve -- download this soon. Heck, download it today.


1.8 MB

Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


Chess For Mac Free

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Chess Software For Mac

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