Best Bitcoin Mining Software For Mac

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There’s no denying that Bitcoin is the King of Cryptocurrency. Being the world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has become the most widely used & valuable digital coin at the moment.

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They act as cash but mined as Gold! So how to move parallelly with the current bitcoin rush? The answer is through Bitcoin Mining!

If you are new in the crypto space, you should definitely have a brief idea about what is bitcoin mining? & how to mine them? So, before we proceed with our list of Best Mining Software, here’s a gist for you:

BFGMiner is a mining software that is based on a multi-threaded blockchain technology which offers the miner a great deal of versatility. A few included features: dynamic clocking; fan control; crypt mining for CPU an d GPU; CGMiner. CGMiner is one of the most used bitcoin mining softwares for GPU, ASIC and FPGA. The program is coded in C language based on the original CPU Miner.

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  1. 11 Best Bitcoin Mining Software for Mac, Windows, Linux. Bitcoin Mining hardware handles majorly the bitcoin mining process. The bitcoin mining software is also quite important if you operate solo, cloud mine and mine with a pool. The purpose of software is to deliver the job done by the mining hardware to the rest of Bitcoin network and also to accept finished work from other miners.
  2. RPC Miner is one of the best bitcoin mining software for Mac operating system 10.6 and higher. It supports pool mining. It supports pool mining. The main features of RPC miner are multi GPU support, OpenCL miner for ATI GPU.
  3. The MultiMiner software is a graphical user interface (GUI) based piece of mining software that has been developed as a piece of Windows 10 Bitcoin mining software. It’s possible to use it with Linux or MacOS but this will require additional software.
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What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is a decentralized computational process through which transactions are verified & added on the public ledger (Blockchain). You are required to have a good bitcoin mining hardware & software to conduct bitcoin mining.

The miner works on a specialized program (mining software) & lot of computer resources to create or mine new Bitcoins, they have to solve certain computational algorithms (math problems) to compete with other miners on the network. The first one to crack the problem gets a block reward (a set number of bitcoins plus transaction fees).

The more you solve the problems, the more you earn the bitcoins!

What is Bitcoin Mining Software?

You won’t be able to begin with Mining, without a Bitcoin Mining Hardware. There are plenty of Bitcoin Hardware available. But we suggest using ASIC Miner (Application Specific Integrated Circuit Chips) a specialized computer specifically meant to solve Bitcoin blocks. This powerful hardware uses minimal energy during the process!

Now a need of the right mining software comes, which works in collaboration with hardware to solve mathematical algorithms on the network & execute transactions.

Best Bitcoin Mining Software

Choose the Bitcoin Mining Software according to your requirements. Here we are breaking down the list!

  • Bitcoin Miner

Available for Windows 10 & 8.1. Bitcoin Miner has pretty intuitive interface which performs complex calculation (hashes) in just few seconds. The software proffers several functionalities such as: mining pool support, displays hash rate, detects all available mining hardware and coins that you can mine.

Track your mining progress by going through regular performance graphs! Quite helpful right? The only downside with the software is, it only runs on an open window even if you minimize or lock screen the mining process will stop.

Get Bitcoin Miner here!

  • CGMiner

One of the most popular mining software, CGMiner is a multi-threaded ASIC, GPU and FPGA Miners. The software has been around for like six years and its developed on ‘C’ language.

The software features: logging, config files, API monitoring and overclocking capabilities.

At CGMiner you can mine using a pool or solo mine as well. Apart from this, the software also gives some control over the hardware also, you can change voltages so that it doesn’t consume much electricity when mining.

Supports major Operating systems such as Windows, Mac & Linux. Get CGMiner here!

  • BTCMiner

Arguably the most famous & commonly used software among others at present. An open-source mining software works with ZTEX USB-FPGA Modules 1.5. BTC Miner has Bitstream, therefore no license required.

This cryptocurrency mining software is well-known for preventing overheating, stale reduction and its dynamic power saving mode. The software seeks out high hash rate frequencies & select them for your mining process.

Supports Mac & Linux. But those who want to run the software on Windows, they have to download libusb driver before! Get BTCMiner right here!

Best Litecoin Mining Software

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  • MultiMiner

Best known for both beginners & pros, MultiMiner has GUI (Graphical User Interface), user-friendly design for smooth & seamless in usage. Additionally, if you use multiple ASIC hardware then this is the place where you get single platform to manage all.

Bitcoin Mining Software For Pc

MultiMiner allows you to switch to individual devices between cryptocurrencies, means no compatibility issues with other cryptocurrencies as well. Not only this the software also illustrates users with various mining strategies & tactics to earn maximum profit.

Primarily Windows based, if in case you are a Mac or Linux user, you need to have few add-ons. Download MultiMiner!

  • EasyMiner

As the name suggests, EasyMiner makes mining simple & effortless. When you first time set it up, the default mode shows ‘Money Maker’ mode, which helps user to create wallet for storing digital coins.

The dashboard is simple & easy to understand & gives easy to navigate, switch mining pools, & alter network settings options. And has strong capabilities to use ASIC, CPU & GPU simultaneously.

No compatibility issues with Windows, Android & Linux. Get this Bitcoin Mining Software windows here.

  • BFGMiner

Last on our list, BFGMiner is another great option, which is a cross-platform miner that is available for Windows, Mac & Linux. The software easily integrates with FPGA & ASIC Miners, but it’s not compatible with GPU.

It’s a super versatile program and proffers features such as: integrated overclocking, fan control, vector support, monitoring and remote interface abilities. The software is quite similar to CGMiner, so we recommend using both and then decide what is better for you.

Get BFGMiner here!

Ending Note:

Best Bitcoin Mining Software Download

Don’t forget that your computer may sometime heats up while running aforementioned cryptocurrency mining software. So, make sure you install cooling software before you begin with some serious bitcoin mining.

Now, get the appropriate Bitcoin Mining Hardware, choose any of the best Bitcoin Mining Software mentioned above, set up your Bitcoin Wallet and begin with Bitcoin Mining!

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Ready to jump on the bitcoin mining wagon? This famous cryptocurrency is now in the mainstream, and though you won’t see the major returns that early investors enjoyed, the volatile nature of this digital currency means there’s still room for growth.

Before You Begin: What Are Bitcoins?

If you’re totally new to bitcoin mining, take a step back before you dive into software options to learn what bitcoins are, how you can use them, and why you want to mine them. Bitcoins are a virtual currency and can be used for a variety of purchases. If you want them, you can either accept bitcoin payment, purchase them using fiat currency or another type of cryptocurrency, or mine them.

Bitcoin mining is a process in which a computer is used to solve a complex math problem. The person who finds the answer first is awarded bitcoins. There’s a limited number of bitcoins that can be mined. If the maximum 21 million of these digital coins are mined — which will take decades — bitcoins will no longer be produced.

What Do You Need to Start Mining?

You can mine bitcoin with your own hardware or sign up for a cloud mining service. Though it was once possible to mine bitcoin with a personal computer, the process has become much more complex. People went from personal computers to dedicated GPU-based rigs. However, these systems use lots of electricity and are no longer the best option.

The best practice now is to use ASIC systems, which people make specifically for fast and efficient bitcoin mining. You can start bitcoin mining software with a CPU, GPU, or ASIC system plus one of the software options listed below.

1. BTCMiner

BTCMiner is an open source bitcoin mining software, meaning the community can access the source code and make changes to help improve the program. With this software, you can use bitstream — a system that transfers binary information from one source to another — without needing additional software or a license. BTCMiner also automatically chooses the frequency with the highest rate of valid hash functions, which is key to returning output data as quickly as possible.

BTCMiner runs on Linux and Windows. The software supports the following Spartan 6 USB-FPGA Boards: Module 1.15b, Module 1.15d, Module 1.15x, and Module 1.15y.

2. MinePeon

MinePeon is a top-rated bitcoin mining software built on Arch Linux ARM, which is an extension of the Arch Linux operating system. Any programmers with experience in Unix or Linux will have no problem modifying the software. MinePeon is open-source and free to use.

This mining system is built to run on a Raspberry PI. Though this isn’t like running a system on a desktop operating system, it’s backed by an active community that can help you put your system together. Plus, MinePeon is streamlined for mining. With a Raspberry PI, a 2GB SD Card, and about five minutes (even for a beginner), you can put together a lean, stable, and fast mining system.

3. CGMiner

CGMiner runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems and is one of the most popular options for bitcoin mining software. It’s free to download via GitHub.

CGMiner is recommended for its numerous customizable features, including overclocking, monitoring, fan speed control, and remote interface capabilities. If you plan to build a system just for bitcoin mining, CGMiner can help you unlock its full potential. This software also includes support for multiple GPUs and CPU mining.

4. BFGMiner

BFGMiner is a derivative of CGMiner, and it offers many of the same perks, such as overclocking and cross-platform functionality for Linux, Mac, and Windows. The major difference is that BFGMiner is made for ASICs, which you can customize specifically for bitcoin mining, instead of GPUs.

5. Easyminer

This easy-to-use software can be used to mine bitcoin, Litecoin, and other common cryptocurrencies. Easyminer is GUI-based instead of command-line-based software, such as CGMiner, BFGMiner, and BTCMiner. Once you download the free open-source program, you can start mining in just a few minutes. The program runs on Windows, Linux, and Android, and it can be used for solo and pooled mining.

Usability is a huge bonus of working with Easyminer. The interface is simple to navigate, and the clear visualization of your system will help you understand exactly what’s going on with your mining activity. You can use it in conjunction with CGMiner, BFGMiner, and other bitcoin software to configure and monitor your system. It also supports ASIC mining via CGMiner.

6. RPC Miner

If you want software made specifically for Mac, RPC Miner is one of your best choices. However, this bitcoin mining software only offers pooled mining. This means you’ll be working with other users to mine bitcoins and will split the rewards.

RPC Miner and other pooled solutions are great for individuals with lower mining speeds, as working solo without a high-end system can take years before you earn any bitcoins. RPC Miner allows you to work with one of four client binaries: a CPU miner, a four-way CPU miner, an OpenCL miner for ATI GPUs, and a CUDA miner for NVIDIA GPUs.

Bottom Line

Bitcoin Mining Software For Free

Bitcoins are grown in popularity; from an investment opportunity to a method of payment for eCommerce businesses. Bitcoin mining may seem overwhelming for a beginner, but with so many programs geared toward total newbies, you can get started with this growing activity if you’re willing to learn. Try out the software and hardware listed above to get started on what hopefully is a lucrative venture.