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After much research and literally years of testing different productivity apps, the best GTD and productivity app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad is Things. It is powerful, well-designed, and delightful to use for just about everyone.

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Productivity apps are beneficial in working on projects, developing new information and managing already existing ones. It's getting the right tasks done at the very right time. But what is the best free productivity apps for macOS 10.14? Now this article will introduce 10 best free productivity apps for your macOS 10.14 are carefully listed and detailed in this article to lead you through the highway of efficiency and effectiveness.

Top 10 Free macos 10.14 Productivity Apps

1. PDFelement for Mac

PDFelement for Mac is one of the best productivity macOS 10.14 apps for various mac products to view PDF files, edit and manipulate pages, secure and store information, change text and fill out PDF forms. The PDFelement for Mac can confidently edit files with absolute ease, put your stamp on the PDF file, share your files without any difficulties, split and merge pages and a whole lot of other wonders. It has everything you need to work with PDFs, with spontaneous simple and effective solutions.

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Adavntages of PDFelement for mac:

  • PDFelement for Mac responds faster when you open a PDF file with it
  • PDFelement for Mac will not only help you fill out forms but would help you save filled out forms online for easy sharing and sending
  • It also allows you to edit text, merge and split pages, insert pictures and extract pages in just one click
  • With PDFelement for Mac, you can set a password to protect your PDF form being opened by another user
  • PDFelement for Mac has the Automatic Form Recognition technology which instantly turns non-fillable forms made in other applications into editable and fillable PDFs
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1password is another apps among the best productivity apps for your macOS 10.14 which helps you create a master password for all other passwords on you PC. This is achieved by the app through randomly creating other passwords from the master password. It implies that your other passwords are almost impossible to be hacked…and so, you do not really have to memorise and remember all your passwords as the master password gives you access to all other passwords.

1password helps you save sensitive information like credit card details, bank account information and more, securely. The “1password Families and 1password Teams” plan helps you share passwords with families and teams. You’ll be able to have “PERSONAL and SHARED” password vaults to enable you share some passwords and keep some passwords to yourself.

Adavntages of 1Password:

  • Responsive support: The quick and positive reaction from 1password’s support service is really impressive as it helps you save time and money
  • 1password is encryption-based rather than authentication-based: For example, the account administrator is able to recover accounts for other members
  • Easy sharing and syncing: With 1password, you can share and sync without the help of other syncing services
  • View, add and edit contents from any browser: With 1password’s webpage, you can always log in and manage your data from anywhere and any browser
  • Multi-device feature: With 1password, easy setups of multiple numbers of devices are available

3. CloudApp

CloudApp is an app for recording and sharing videos and visuals for efficient team conversations. It helps you capture images or videos of whatsoever and get a link without delay to enable you share the content. CloudApp is used by variety of professionals to create and store contents in the cloud. Interesting, Right? The CloudApp when installed helps you save and upload files to the web by simply dragging and dropping files.

Adavntages of CloudApp:

  • CloudApp offers complete control over access to files and even includes a self-destruct tool
  • CloudApp allows for easy personalization of contents
  • CloudApp offers the Event-Tracking feature
  • CloudApp can be effectively used for creation of GIFs

4. OmniFocus

OmniFocus is an incredible task management app for Mac with an intuitive user-interface. As one of the best productivity apps for macOS 10.14, it offers the highest level of personalization and features that a whole lot of people find vital and necessary for their workflows. OmniFocus is a GTD (Getting Things Done) app used in adding and organizing tasks. A task sheet in OmniFocus comprises of name of the task, start and due dates for the tasks and random notes.

When connected to your PC, the Forecast View which displays your tasks also highlights forthcoming events. OmniFocus helps you categorize successive tasks, where one task must be completed before the other, of which you’re able to mark tasks or projects active, hold or complete.

Adavntages of OmniFocus:

  • OmniFocus has a customizable function and ability to reconstruct core-tectonic segments
  • It gives more control over the administration of projects and tasks
  • OmniFocus offers a super-abundant number of project options for organizing tasks
  • OmniFocus offers a built-in Review prospect to enable you monitor and control all outstanding tasks and projects
  • It offers a broad-level of automation features

5. Alfred

Alfred is a time-conserving and app-launching utility that helps you open files, contacts and/or emails speedily, carry out calculations and much more. Alfred learns your preferences as you use them in order to help you work more efficiently and effectively.

Alfred's basic motive is to authorize easy and powerful keyboard shortcuts for scanning your PC and starting applications and files, effortlessly. Concisely, Alfred allows you to carry out all sorts of projects just with hotkeys.

Adavntages of Alfred:

  • You can build your own workflow or download workflows with Alfred
  • Alfred combines computer searches and web searches in one
  • Alfred learns from your patterns
  • With Alfred, you can easily launch apps
  • Alfred searches the web with speed
  • Calculations are carried out quickly Alfred

6. Wrike

Wrike is one of the best macOS 10.14 apps for developers that is developed to enhance and improve working operation, carry out composite tasks and provide efficiency regardless of your position and location. Wrike is widely used by individuals and organizations to manage and prioritize tasks and workflows, track time, view workloads and spreadsheets, search filters, share files, integrate emails and lots more.

Adavntages of wrike:

  • Wrike is flexible and allows fragmented teams to work together
  • Wrike is applicable in various environments and this defines its multifunction
  • Wrike helps reduce costly errors with audit reports
Best apps for productivity macroeconomics

7. Quip

Quip is an app space where teams come together to create documents, chat and collaborate. It is an electronic replacement for meetings and endless emails. Quip is basically used for accessing and sharing document files including spreadsheets, sending messages and lots more.

Adavntages of Quip:

  • Quip is extremely fast
  • You can work with Quip online or offline
  • Quip works with all your devices
  • Quip provides a personalized experience

8. Apptivate

As one of the best free macOS 10.14 productivity apps, Apptivate is basically used to switch through various tabs more often. You’d agree with me that it is somewhat tedious to open several applications while clicking on and off them. Apptivate helps make search for tabs easier by simply assigning a particular key to the tab you choose and subsequently hitting the key to open the tab.

Adavntages of Aptivate:

  • Aptivate is a free macOS 10.14 productivity app
  • Aptivate saves time while working on different tabs

9. Fantastical

Fantastical works like the calendar app, but is better and more diverse. It has voice input features which allows you to input voice commands on events and have the app remind you as well as fill in other information that would have the event running smoothly. The fantastical app uses natural language to create and edit events, set reminders, use multiple calendars at once.

Adavntages of Fantastical:

  • Fantastical is easily convenient
  • It works with various cloud apps to give a satisfying experience
  • It is interestingly convenient

10. Ulysses

Ulysses is a carefully developed text-editor that helps you create and edit texts and effortlessly export them without losing its original form or format. Ulysses is effective in management of documents and syncing. With the Ulysses Unified Library, you can manage different forms of tasks, save and sync them.

Adavntages of Ulysses:

  • Ulysses has a user-friendly interface
  • It exports PDFs swiftly

Best Free Productivity App for macOS 10.14

PDFelement for Mac is can be regarded as the best free productivity app for Mac considering:

  • Its response to tasks
  • Affordability
  • Multi-task operation(versatility)
  • User-friendly environment
  • Multi-tiled screen display
  • Ability to add sticky notes
  • Supports comments and stamps
  • Offers easy memorization and collaboration
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Best Mac Apps For Productivity

PDFelement for Mac has more chances to have been used or be used by a good number of people following the fact that it’s free and its features comprise of basic and regular tools for regular tasks of daily activities.

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