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FreeSpace displays the true free space in your drives as a menubar app. It shows the true free space in the drive with regard to the presence of the hidden local Time Machine snapshots in your drive. See Apple's own knowledge base:
Recent releases of macOS on AFPS have local Time Machine snapshots enabled by Apple. That means some space would have been taken and hidden as local backup. This backup space is called purgeable space. It will automatically be reclaimed by macOS when the drive is running low on space. FreeSpace displays the true unused space with regard to the presence of the snapshots. But Finder does not. The two different interpretations of free space can also be seen in Disk Utility. Generally the difference can be safety ignored.
**** MacWorld Favorite Mac Gems 2012
'FreeSpace’s systemwide menu shows all mounted volumes along with the available free space on each; if you want to monitor a particular volume, you can choose to have that volume’s free space displayed right in the menu bar.'
***** Softpedia
'FreeSpace is one of the best free space monitors available out there. It's fast, reliable, low on resource consumption (during the testing process it constantly occupied 10 MB of RAM) and stable (it never crashed).'
'FreeSpace is a tiny menubar utility that can show you how much space is available on all local, connected, and network drives with a single click.'
'I do recommend it. This is a cool little app that is very useful, easy to use'
'A very useful and simple application that once you start to use, you can never do without.'
> FreeSpace is the most full-featured free space monitor! It leads over the other similar mac app!
- Categorised menu showing free spaces of all local, external, network drives, Superdrive, and disk images
- Eject all by 1-click. Eject single partition by option-click.
- Fully-customized number format on the menubar
- Low free space highlight and notification
- Mount and Eject notification on the menubar or through the Notification Center.
> Works best with Time Machine backup!
- Pin the Time Machine drive on the menu bar
- After the backup is finished, FreeSpace will notify you when the drive is ejected
- FreeSpace will remember the Time Machine drive and will show the drive in the menubar again in the next backup.
> Auto-launch every time when computer starts up
- After downloading FreeSpace from the AppStore, go to the Application folder
- Double-click FreeSpace to launch the first time
- Select 'Launch at Login' from the Preference menu. FreeSpace will auto-launch itself every time when the computer starts up
> Rich features leading over the other similar mac app!
- Eject all connected drives and disk images by 1-click or Cmd-E
- Eject the whole drive by clicking the eject button
- Eject single partition by option-clicking the the eject button
- Eject all drives in the same category by 1-click
- Open the drive in Finder by clicking the name
- Drives are grouped and displayed in logical categories
- Highlight and notify you when drive is low in space when under certain percentage
- Any drive can be pinned on the menu bar. If the drive is disconnected, FreeSpace remembers it and will re-pin it once it becomes online again
- Custom number format on the menu bar
- Show read-only drive in gray color (OSX 10.7 and onward)
- Sort volumes by ascending or descending order by name or free space
- Retina display support
- Ultra-low CPU and memory consumption
- Ultra-fast auto-launch at computer startup
> Language Support
- English, Français, Deutsch, 日本語, 正體中文, 廣東話, 簡體中文
> Mac Requirement
- OSX 10.6.8 or above

What’s New

- Send notification when free space is below a percentage

39 Ratings

Handy, but a few bugs

This is a great app! It has proven to be very handy for ejecting drives/memory cards, etc. I am a photographer and am always hunting around trying to see what is mounted (and what isn't) by opening new folders, or searching around the desktop. This app has made seeing what is mounted, how much room it has, and easly ejecting devices much, much easier. It never has the correct amount of free space for the internal ssd on my MBP, however. It is always wrong and is frequently wrong on external devices, too. Wish that bug could be squished.

Developer Response,

Thanks for your concern. Your Mac and external drives are probably in APFS, which always hides away hidden local snapshots. FreeSpace takes the backup into consideration.

Best app for managing multiple email accounts

Two great features

The notifications when a disk/thumbstick is mounted or unmounted are great. MacOS can have a notable lag between when you physically initiate an action (plug something in, or press 'eject') and when the device becomes available (to work with, or to physically remove); this app's notifications tells you when something has actually happened so that you can actually proceed. Extremely useful.
On my space-starved laptop, it's very useful to always see the amount of fee disk presented in the menubar.
5 stars for usefulness.

Developer Response,

Best app for managing bank account

Thanks for writing for FreeSpace. It is an indispensable app written for myself and I use it everyday in every of my Mac. I am so happy that many users like it as much as I do!

Speedy access to open eject drives. HIghly recommended!

Indispensable. Lists all drives, DMGs or external; eject individual drives with a single click each or all drives with one click. Or, you can easily open the drive from the Freespace list. Gone are the days I needed to move app windows to find a drive on the desktop or to open a folder window to get to the drive list on the sidebar. You can set up Notifications to show each ejection.

Developer Response,

FreeSpace comes in handy when you have a list of drives. They are all click-away under your menubar!


1.6 MB

OS X 10.6 or later, 64-bit processor


English, Cantonese, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

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You can also read this guide in Français.

It is a known fact that manage storage on iPad is very important. Managing your iPad space is the only way to ensure efficient and smooth operation of your iPad. In the course of using your iPad, junk files, app caches, photos, apps and videos uses big space of your iPad making it to become slow. There are many ways to remove these unwanted files but most are manual.

When Should You Manage iPad Storage

When your storage is full and can not contain any update or new app, you need to clear up your iPad storage. You will know when your storage is full when:

  • Your iPad can not update iOS 13
  • It is too slow
  • It crashes without notice.
  • It can not delete useless or unwanted apps/files completely.
  • Method 1: Automatical Storage Management for iPad - iMyFone Umate iPhone Cleaner
  • Method 2: How to Manually Manage Your iPad Storage

Automatical Storage Management for iPad (iOS 13 Included)

The best way to enjoy your iPad with enough space all the time is by using iMyFone Umate or iMyFone Umate for Mac. This is a cleaner that you can use to wipe off unwanted apps or junks files from your iPad with a click. It is also compatible with the newest version of iOS 13. Let us elaborate on what you can do with iMyFone umate iphone cleaner.

Steps to manage iPad storage with iMyFone Umate

Step 1: After you download iMyFone umate iphone cleaner , install it on your pc.

Step 2: Connect your iPad to your pc and click on “Quick Scan” to analyse your iPad.

Step 3: After the scan is finished, it will show you how much space can be saved. You have 5 options to manage your iPad storage there. Hit each 'Clean' button and you will know the details.

With the use of iMyFone umate cleaner you can manage your device storage. On the interface, you can delete junk files, remove temporay files and cache, compress photos and any other unwanted apps or files.

1. You can start from cleaning up junk files. Click on junk files and the software will list all the junk files on your iPad. Thereafter, click on clean in the lower right corner to start cleaning. After cleaning, the software will inform you how much space have been released and how much more can be released by other functions.

2. Temporary files clearance. Click on temporary files on the home interface and then click on clean. All temporary files on your device will be wiped out.

3. Compress photos. Click start on the interface and it will back up your photos on your pc and compress them. You will not lose your photos nor the quality and you will gain more storage for your iPad.

4. To gain more storage, you can delete large files, unwanted apps and cache files with iMyFone umate cleaner. Just click clean on the interface. More storage will be created for your iPad.

How to Manually Manage Your iPad Storage

To check the state of your storage in order to know which file or app is using much of space, on your iPad and delete them accordingly. You do the following:

Best App For Managing Storage On Macros

1. Select settings>General>Usage. You see here which app/file is using up space. You can easily pick the app you want to do away with and delete.

Best App For Managing Multiple Email Accounts

2. You can also use itunes if it is installed on your iPad. Under summary within iPad, you will see a chart showing you the usage level of your apps, photos and videos.

3. You can delete apps from the home screen. Tap and hold down on the app icon you want to delete until it starts to wiggle. Afterwards, you will a small “X” in the upper left corner. Tap on this and the app will be deleted.

Best App For Managing Passwords

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