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I cannot endorse this product.In full-screen mode on my Mac the application crops my iPad screen on all four edges. This feature is essentially is NOT full-screen mode. We call this zooming in.When contacting the company about purchasing their product, they were quick to reply.Upon contacting them with troubleshooting issues they were very slow to reply, and they responded with incorrect instructions. Their techs have never used their product!Once I insisted on a refund, the company was even slower to reply (reply pending days now.)This feature is effortless and straightforward. Apple should put such a feature right into the operating systems. They have air streaming from device to Apple TV. There's no reason why they should not be able to do the same device to device. For the cost, this should work better, much better. If Apple includes this feature in their next updates, this company (along with a few others) will lose their products entirely and be out of business.The next question is: If Apple were to include this feature, what will this company do? They have do not have a future. I don't see a reason to support a company without a future. For your benefit as a customer, move along.

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  1. Airplay Receivers for PC: AirPlay is the streaming technology used by apple, a wireless streaming feature that can be found in your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or mac or windows or any device running iTunes.
  2. Our media server is a secondary Mac that runs 24/7 for the express purpose of serving media throughout the house. This is a headless machine that does not ever output any audio of its own, and in fact could have all audio drivers disabled and it would be perfectly fine with me.

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Apr 21, 2017  X-Mirage can turn your PC/Mac into an AirPlay Receiver and mirror your iPhone/iPad screen to computer with ease. As long as you install this great AirPlay Receiver software on your PC/Mac, you can handily stream videos, audios, slideshows, or any airplay-enabled app from iPad/iPhone to computer screen. Jun 23, 2015  This has recently been discussed here Can you AirPlay to a Mac Mini and several suggested pieces of software are listed in that thread. Some of the software is free, some is not, it is getting to the point that an AppleTV does not cost much more than software solutions.