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I don't think they are lightening fast, but they are small in fit nicely into the side pocket of my soft computer case. They slip right into the expansion slot and work like a charm. The sd card was way cheap and required no driver. I use it for my Tascam digital sound recorder. The CF reader was more expensive. Purchased both from Amazon. The Unitek USB-C Card Reader is the best SD card reader for most people because it produced reliably fast speeds during our SD, microSD, and CF tests, and it has a pocketable design (with a useful indicator light) that’s easy to use. It’s also affordable at around $20, and comes with a two-year warranty.

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Charles Thompson writes of another USB device problem 'solved' by the often recommended work-around: disconnecting and reconnecting the device: 'The SanDisk ImageMate CompactFlash card reader has two indicator lights, one of which blinks to indicate proper USB connection. Every time I use the reader with my G4/450 (running Mac OS 9), that light is on solid (unblinking) and the card will not mount on the desktop. Disconnecting and reconnecting the USB connector clears the problem long enough to get the FlashCard mounted.'

He contacted SanDisk about this. This was their reply (it does not directly address the reported bug, but may be relevant):

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We are currently working on an updated driver for use with OS 9. In the meantime, we have a work around that should allow you to use the USB ImageMate CompactFlash drive until the new driver comes out.

Plug the ImageMate into the Mac. Boot the machine. Insert the CompactFlash card into the ImageMate.


2. Boot the Mac. Plug the CF card into the ImageMate. Plug the ImageMate with CF card into the Mac.

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Explanation: The SanDisk ImageMate uses its own Mass Storage Driver for the ImageMate. Mac OS 9 uses a native Mass Storage Driver. By using the ImageMate and CF as mentioned above, the Mac OS native Mass Storage Driver with not enumerate when the ImageMate is used.